It's really a crime against humanity that more people haven't played this game

It's really a crime against humanity that more people haven't played this game.

I don't think anyone can play this and honestly tell me that it's not in their Top 10 of all time.

no one had a saturn

I got a Saturn last year and I'm trying to grow my collection. Holy shit is this game pricey though, like goddamn.

Yep, that's the problem.

If this came out on the PS1 it would be up there with FF7 and Metal Gear Solid.

Zwei was better, it had actual game play that kept you wanting to play the fucking thing. Saga is an overrated awkward mess.

I liked it
The ending was kinda a bummer

I didn't finish it. It wasn't bad but it wan't particularly good.

I only played Orta. It seemed like a cool series and made me realize that Sega is sitting on alot of properties that could rival Nintendo's. They just have to do something with them.

Played Orta recently and it makes me wonder why Sega abandoned the franchise.

Also the Imperial Boy scenario fucking sucks. Who thought that was a good idea?

>mfw the original code is lost so an HD version is entirely impossible

I know I'll never play it or any Saturn game because it's impossible to emulate.

Panzer Dragoon is kino.

>the original code is lost
Why not just rebuild it from the ground up? Isn't that what they're doing with FF7?

Just imagine how awesome this game would look and play on today's technology.

when did this meme start and how do we stop it?

That would require Sega to not be retarded.

it's 20 years dead. why revive the dead when you can create something brand new?

Why reinvent the wheel?

Companies are usually happier to publish titles from established franchises rather than take a risk on something new.

What innovative titles have SEGA been producing lately?

probably the same people who think n64 emulation is bad because they never changed a plugin.
just let it go

>I don't think anyone can play this and honestly tell me that it's not in their Top 10 of all time.
It's a very average game. Maybe even below average. Very short for a JRPG (I think I beat it in 12 hours), combat is easy and VERY slow due to long unskippable attack animations, essentially no characters, essentially no story outside of "bad guy wants ancient super weapon so he can conquer the world". The only thing that saves it from being a completely crap game is that the art is good and the setting is pretty cool and has a good atmosphere. It would be a fun world to explore in some other, better game, but this isn't the game it deserved.
I'd accuse people of only shilling this game to drive up its price on eBay, but I remember as far back as 2002 or so there were video game magazines claiming this was one of the best games of all time. I just don't see in it what others see.


Just buy your own copy.

why are some of them long and others just like regular cd cases?

The big ones are American. The smaller ones are Japanese.

>tfw just started playing this a couple hours ago
weird coincidence

it's pretty unique at least, good setting too
made sure to play the first two to get hyped up for it of course

i need to keep adding sega saturn games
the emulation is great now

Sure senpai let me drop 500€.

Was there ever a translation for the Sakura Taisen games?

fuck yeah America

And it only took two decades.

What emulator is that btw?

>he's never seen a Japanese Saturn game before
Neo-Cred Forums was a mistake.

see here

Can't blame him. The retro gaming bubble hit Saturn collecting hard and that made physical Saturn games a luxury product.

>tfw european saturn
Man finding games was a pain


don't use this for panzer dragoon saga

I got a Saturn in 1997, before I owned a N64 or PS1. Seemed like the natural next step after owning a Genesis. I know I was one of the few though.

thats just a frontend called launchbox

Only the Wii/PS2 game was translated.

>got a second copy of Burning Rangers in a random cheap lot of a saturn and ten games on ebay
>already owned two sagas at the time

If you can’t afford a copy (like most people) you could always go the path of Pseudo Saturn.

It works pretty well for PDS, at least as far as I’ve gotten

Anyone here played the other two scenarios to shining force 3? Holy moly the graphics are good for Saturn. The soundtrack is also done by the dark souls music guy and it's good stuff.

was the sega saturn actually good? was it better than the ps1 and n64?

Scenario 3 is perfection incarnate
Brigit best girl

looks like it's great if you know Japanese.

not much compares to the library of PS1 games, though.

Has the bubble popped yet? I gave up on collecting around 2013 or so cause it was getting so stupid expensive.

I'd agree. I fucking love PDS and especially the uniqueness of its battle system and atmosphere. Shit's fucking pure gold.

>that neck
I always used lightening level 2 with her or drain to get some mp or hp

Love it

The world building of PDS and the PD universe is tops. It's so cool how the beginning of the game sets up a simple story of revenge and by the end of disc 3, everything changes. Then the stakes get real.

Wonderfully tragic. The big battle is won, but destiny was fulfilled. Still not sure if I like what Orta did to the story.

The cool thing about her is that you actually can have her constantly fire off Spark L4 and then prance up to enemies and absorb their MP because Scenario 3 is full of spellcaster bosses, and it helps that she eats so much of it that it prevents them from casting anymore too
I'm impressed at the design in that regard, but that's something Camelot has always been pretty good about

Good taste though user

A guy I work with wants to buy a copy for $500 so I'd guess no.

Shame. I can remember buying shit like Earthbound for $80 as a young teen. Most of my N64 collection cost $15 or less, some with the boxes. I remember gagging because Conker was super expensive at $35.

PDS has meme status like Earthbound, so it will never go cheap, even with emulation. $500 seems to be the median rate, unless you get super lucky and find a sleeping auction with no bidders.

Now I feel like an idiot for selling it for $200 some years back. Oh well.

Love saturn

>see a copy of that when i was a kid
>it was expensive as fuck, like the price of 2 full priced N64 games
>parents wouldnt buy me that
>years later realize it was rare
>it got more expensive over time

Fucking hell. Need to pirate that shit one day, unless Sega hires a wizard to release it digitally

Damn Saturn and their exclusive games and lost sources. Shining Force 3 is another one.

Eh, if you paid list price for it, you still made a nice profit.

True, and I probably replayed it like 10 times. I loved it, and I do regret selling it a lot of times. It's not the same playing it on an emulator

Cool shit. I have the JP version myself.

It's not like Sega doesn't know it exists, the PD level in Transformed had tons of references like Shellcoof and stuff...I guess my issue is the story was so finely crafted, anything new would feel like the new Star Wars trilogy, I would prefer they just do a HD remaster of sorts. And there's no demand for that.

It was a huge shock seeing this get listed.

I have that game on my shelf right here. It's a masterpiece.

>Sega used to port their own games to PC on a somewhat consistent basis
>now they're a glorified Sony second party

Literally what did they mean by this?

Prices haven't really gone up in a significant manner for pretty much all of last year, and are even starting to trend downward. I wouldn't call it a bubble popping more so than just a slight deflation.

PD2 > PDS > PD1 > PDO