Bravely Second: End Layer

What did Cred Forums think of Bravely Second?
Should I get it if I liked the first one? I've heard mixed opinions about it

I'm currently playing through it and enjoying it. My main gripe so far is the first BD jobs are locked behind sidequests and each require you to pick between specific jobs meaning you can't get them all without going through a time loop.

Bravely Second is better than the first in almost every way. Cut scenes are faster, the plot is better, classes are great and new, and you don't have to repeat the end game five times to get to the real ending. The idle game to earn extra money is stupid and pointless.

Honestly I think its worse than the first one. The new jobs are kinda interesting but it takes off a lot of the amazing ones from Default.

The story and characters is so fucking bad I cringe just playing it which is surprising for me.

But music is shitter. And that's a huge drawback.

fuck you, is fucking shit, nothing of what the sercret movie suggested happens, is censored out of the ass, has stupid changes because they "assume indians would be offended without actually asking them first".

What didn't you like about the plot? The ba'al buster puns are awful but the characters are good.
The biggest problem the game has is the repeated dungeons, towns, and map of the first game.

What’s the secret word anyway? Given was the first was Fairy Flies to Airy Lies

Same gameplay as the first.

New jobs are fun and interesting, however it takes away some of the good jobs from Default like Salve Maker.

More quality of life shit which is nice.

You don't repeat the game 4 times like before, however I do not even know how this is an issue for people in Default considering you can pretty much just skip the pointless boss rushes and go straight for the crystal, making it really painless.

The story is actually okay, but it is completely destroyed and ruined by the awful characters and their awful dialogue. The only tolerable character is Tiz. Yew and Magnolia felt like they had potential as fun characters from the demo but the illusion was completely crushed for me the more I continued playing the game. Magnolia is an awful awful as fuck character, Edea hasn't gotten any better, Tiz is just fucking there, Yew has awful corny lines and terrible synergy with the party. The NPCs also have cringeworthy dialogue and almost every conversation is about food. The new villains are saturday morning cartoon tier.

The quests that involve tough decisions are less about you making a tough decision that is actually kind of interesting and more about choosing what job you want.

Grinding is far to easy and you can easily overlevel accidentally, taking any sort of challenge away from the game.

To be honest thats it, thats really the only really bad Con the game has, the awful storytelling, dialogue and shitty characters. If you can tolerate that I'd say this game is completely worth a shot. I was having fun with it...kind of, but I could not stomach the horrible story for very long and stopped playing about halfway through.

Ok, child, censorship is what the government does. A company changing a costume or dialogue for another audience is not censorship.The Indian change is fine. Guess what? Cowboys fit the same role and save them the headache of a serious culture group giving them actual legal trouble.

Also, secret movies are teasers. They are usually made before the sequel is started in any serious way. And it wasn't terribly inaccurate.

Not as good as the first one, but not as bad as people say

On the plus side, there is no bullshit "repeat the same section 8 times in a row" that ruins the game

The characters. The characters where so fucking godawful. The story itself is fine but the characters and dialogue completely ruin it. Sorry but I cannot stomach Edea, Yew, or Magnolia and their terrible interactions for an entire RPG game.

This game series makes me wish they re-made FFD, FF3 and FF5 with its assets.

Wanna know how I know you were born and raised in the USA?

cowboys using rifles instead of revolvers is fucking wrong, fuck you.

the movies suggested a lot that magnolia was the new MC, instead she is just yew's cocksucker.

do they just have a title randomizer?

I just love games like this one. So much potential and it delivers perfectly. Buy it on Amazon.

Fuck you shill Vocaloid Dude did an amazing job. KISEKI!!!!

It was okay, but it basically killed the franchise.

Send Player

I can't fathom how anybody can think any of the characters in Second were good.

The only characters I thought were good were SOME of the villains.

Also, the demo HIGHLY makes me wish Nikolai and Janne were part of the main party. Their synergy with Yew is great and makes him an actually endearing character.

Send Player.
You fail to stop the bad guy the first time
So they ask you to go back, by starting a new game, and then using the Bravely Second ability during the first boss fight, that used to be a scripted loss
At the real God is bad boss, they break into the title screen and take the SP off of Send Player, since by storing SP you gain access to bravely second. He takes it to give everyone an extra charge of power for the boss.

Any other RPGs like BD on the 3DS?
As in classic JRPGs that don't look like they were made by an amateur team for the appstore?

The villains win at the end of the first cycle and create the End Layer, a world invaded by the Ba'al where time stands still. You as the player are begged by the characters to help them out and told by the game to start anew (as a form of New Game Plus) and this time you're allowed to use the Bravely Second hourglass in the opening battle against the villain (which you had to lose the first time through) to foil him and create a new timeline. At that point, the End Layer on the title screen becomes Send Player, referring to your intervention. Moreover, during the final battle later on, the final boss screws with the Celestial Realm (i.e. the real world) and exits the game to the title screen, trying to force you to delete the save file by taking control of your cursor. Yew, the protagonist, appears and helps you fend off the control, then he says he needs SP (Sleep Points) to activate Bravely Second since the final boss drained the hourglass earlier; he noticed the S and P added to the title screen and literally takes the "SP" off of Send Player, turning it back into End Layer and refilling the hourglass to finish the battle.

Yeah, it's fucking ridiculous.

I honestly really like how meta the game is, but thats really all I like.

I was surprised to see my 3ds camera was turned on the first time I did BD's final boss, then I realized why it was turned on and got spooked.

pic related is literally the one good thing that came out of bravely second.

I went full asshat during the final battle in Default and grimaced whenever the party got hit by a nasty attack and cheered them on whenever they were wailing on the boss, it was pretty fun.

Does Amazon price match if I'm not an Amazon Prime subscriber?

Worse story, flanderized the cast

Just pirate it.

whats your favorite rpg on the 3ds Cred Forums, heard mixed things about a lot of them besides SMT

Do srpgs count? I don't think this is as good as the Shin Megami Tensei or Etrian Odyssey games on the system, but when talking about more niche recommendations, I'll always have a soft spot for it.

Dragon Quest 7

I liked the first the repeat 8 times hit did get annoying but I still beat it. 2nd game gets rid of the one entertaining character Ringabell and were left with two Tiz's which isn't fun to watch and play I stopped playing because the characters were just kind of shit Magnolia and 2nd Tiz are boring. If you like generic anime dialogue you might like it.

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>a uropeein’ criticizing anyone about censorship

That's the one I actually picked to play, haven't got too far, but so far I'm liking it.

It went from a 10/10 ost to a 9/10. The music in BS is still fantastic

It triples down on interesting jobs and completely fucks up with the writing in nearly every aspect. It's all just an excuse to kill things in fun ways.

I was able to pull off a level twenty run of the game on hard on a NG+ without carrying over gear. It was the most fun I had in a JRPG in a long fucking while.

Probably 7th Dragon III
No you don't need to play the first 3 games(yes the 3 is the 4th)

Good. They can try something else like Octopath and not get bogged down making endless, increasingly more retarded Final Fantasies like the rest of Square.