It's coming up to 20 years since the last proper game in the Lunar series. Will it ever see a comeback...

It's coming up to 20 years since the last proper game in the Lunar series. Will it ever see a comeback, or at least ported to modern systems?
Lucia is the best girl.

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pic related. but sadly we will never see another good game in the series.

Some things are better left dead I suppose. At least the originals and 32 bit remakes are easily emulated.

i want to go back

I own SSSC and EBC and I know they're not rare or too expensive but I love them.

Sometimes I wonder how a bunch of redneck weebs living in the boonies of northern california were able to produce something this good. It's honestly better than most localizations these days if you ignore the dated references

I remember seeing ads for silver star story and wanting to play it but I never did. Was it fun?

It's a very old school style JRPG. If you like those, you'll like it. There's nothing quite like it out there. Play the Sega CD versions first, then the remakes.

Hopefully not. This is one of those things where the creators have raped and beaten the corpse so many times that the only proper thing to do is pray for its final rest.

Dragon Song killed the franchise, its soul, and any kilogram of future potential it might've had (in the eyes of the business world, anyways). Who can go to the past and change its course for it? Certainly no one, since they'd sooner make themselves their own great grandparent first than focus on an objective. Starting with me...

I still want the Sega CD and Saturn/Playstation versions to be ported. Those games deserve better than they got.

Are these actually good? I got the one on DS as a gift a while back and it was legit one of the worst I've ever played.

I love this series... quite a bit. Also, if you haven't yet, play the PSP version.

I am so fucking sorry. Do you like old school JRPGs? If so, it's a must play. The Sega CD originals and Saturn/Playstation are great, but pretend everything else that came after didn't happen.


I've seen snippets of the PSP version that made me very bitter and turned me off from playing it. But time heals all wounds, and I'm considering giving it a try.

What caused the bitterness feeling? I think you should give it another shot honestly. It added just enough new content to feel fresh, but also kept it straightforward enough to feel like the original.

Fuck man. Working Designs had the best game boxes and extra stuff. I still have my Pendant from Lunar 2.

That's an understatement. I honestly miss these type of collectors editions. They felt natural somehow.

The songs made me bang my head against a wall when I first heard them. What I heard from the voice acting I felt was pretty bad too. For example...
Also, I'm not a fan of the sprites and field graphics, and that they took out the overworld. I felt it was bad enough to remove battles from the overworld in SSSC, but completely removing it felt just plain wrong. But like I said, I'm not as mad anymore, so I may give it a try.

Their foil stamped manuals on Sega CD were the bomb too. I'm never giving up mine.

I see what you mean, but personally don't think it's enough to deterrent a playthrough. Who knows it may even end up surprising you once it's over.

Looks awesome user. Never owned a Sega CD, but always loved the case for the games.

I really like Shining Force and I've played a fair bit of JRPGs since then. What are the games actually like?

Check this out

It's a pretty typical turn based JRPG, closest comparison would be Grandia and Trails in the Sky, where a fair deal of your character's positioning on the battle grid matters. Battles are very challenging (since Working Designs cranked up the difficulty so people couldn't beat the games in a rental period), but the toughest bosses are immensely satisfying. The story is simple, but the execution and worldbuilding is amazing. If you're not much of a storyfag, it probably won't impress you much.

Sounds good, I've enjoyed JRPGs that were carried entirely on the story and ones that had almost no story at all, like Legend of Legacy.

Play it then. I would recommend playing the Sega CD versions first and the Playstation versions second, but just playing the Playstation versions is fine too.

Ok I'll try and get an emulator working on this shitty busted laptop. Been having a LOT of issues with Retroarch.

Use Bizhawk. Bizhawk's PS1 emulator uses Mednafen's and is a lot more user friendly for desktops.