Why is the story so reatarded?

Why is the story so reatarded?

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Etna is a miracle of the universe

Doesn't matter, I wanna fuck every character in that image.

Look at that character design. Be honest OP, did you really expect a great story in a game with this?

Why does Etna have such a bad case of boy chest?

the first game had one you fag.

Laharl's redesign was a mistake. The skinny pants and fingerless gloves just don't look as the shorts and golden bangles.

>Unironically wanting to fuck anyone in that image but Flonne or Laharl

fingerless gloves are retarded in general.

chest size = brain size

I want to fuck Laharl and Etna at the same time. No shame. Just lust.

nuh uh, I'm wearing mine right now. They're tight (slang for cool)

your ass is tight too i guess

>laharl and etna
>not laharl and sicily

It's a disgaea game after the first one, why would the story not be retarded?

It's not like they couldn't make compelling stuff, since the non disgaea SRPGS they put out all tend to be pretty good, disgaea just got a bit too big for its own good and thus had to play it safer

yeah, but 4 and d2 were plain bad tho, at least in story.

Because it isn't pic related

All of the new characters introduced were terrible, with pic related being the worst. The characters that did return regressed from their first appearance.


I want to say because it wasn't written by Sohei Niikawa (because it wasn't) but D5 had an awful story as well and he wrote it, so I don't know what to tell you.
At least the D1 remake will sweep DD2 under the rug.


let's hope so.

female laharl is literally the most retarded thing ever.

>playing shoota crap

are you ok user?

>D1 remake

Because new writer is shit.
The original writer just asked for the female laharl segment, and it happens to be the best of the game.

no. pic related.
Who makes a GIRL look like a boy?

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MK had a shit story, but was genuinely laugh out loud and Zetta's is such a BADASS FREAKING OVERLORD! XD

>what is google
But I love Disgaea, so I'll spoonfeed, open wide!

Makai kingdom is the definition of LOL meme.

is that a fucking gamecube controller?

2 was a shitty secuel in general, but not as bad as d2.

That chapter wind up being the worst in the game, it wasn't even resolved correctly like some of the others. It just fixed itself.
He's awful, should have not been a thing.

Soul Nomad hd remake when?

I guess. Well it still happened and I didn't mind

That's lame, man. I don't want ports or remakes, I want remasters. Give Clerics/the male equivalent, the ability to get EXP from healing. Let me turn off animations for attacks. Those are the two biggest things I want when starting a new game of Disgaea, Disgaea 2 gave us both, why the fuck are we 7 games later and Disgaea 1 hasn't retroactively added them

never ever, it's a shit game

I thought the twist at the end that zetta was actually full of shit and it was salome who is the strongest overlord that was transferring her power was pretty cool

Unironically she is the best part of D2

soul nomad will never get any kind of re-release because that game is way too fucked up and it clashes too much with the general image NIS puts forth in their games

the best you're getting is that lazy port of the PS2 version on ps3

sure, but that's literally the only thing that happens in that game the res is meems

>Makai Wars teased for years
>Finally becomes a real game
>It's a mobage
I feel really sad for Asagi because NISA never localizes mobile stuff so her game will only be in Japan

the worst thing is that im a spic and can't even play the fukcing game

Girl Laharl is the best thing ever, they should just retcon the guy version out of existence.

Does it have to do with your phone model? Cause you should be able to get the game either from an apk or using a VPN to go into Google Play and grab it that way

Have you not played a Disgaea 1 port? D1PC lets you turn of animations. There's no exp from healing but a healer can learn magic easily and Star was broken in D1.

It does a good job of making him look older, since he'd need another seven hundred years to show age the old-fashioned way. I like both designs, though.

and here people, we have an actually retarded person

I tried using a VPN but it didn't work, not that I care that much about a gatcha game.

Disgaea on PC? I don't believe it. going to go to yahoo it now

There were some great moments, and I still appreciate the game not treating you like an idiot and expecting you to figure out some of the plot twists for yourself. But half of the story didn't really need to be there, and some of the characters were a real pain in the ass to tolerate. Even Etna. I'm still pissed at how badly D2 ruined her personality.

I very highly doubt that the Disgaea 1 remake will change all that much more than a remaster would. I'm kinda just expecting it to be Disgaea 5 with a re-skin.

just use qooapp

>mfw really like Asagi and have been excited to play a proper Makai Wars game for years
I guess at least I won't have to see Asagi whore herself out even more than usual since it's JP only.

Disgaea 1 and 2 are both on steam.
Too bad you missed the sale.

*blocks your grindan*

D2 or DD2?

Disgaea 2. With Adell. And Etna never shutting the fuck up about her levels or pudding.

The best thing about la pucelle is that you have to recruit him lots of times in order to grind

I dunno about the plot twist, La pucelle did it in the exact same way but better

I mean it hasn't been too bad for me. The tutorial roll is inifinitely rerollable from within the game for one, and there's no mechanics that force you to get dupes of characters. 3* is the highest rollable rarity and has a rate of 8%, everyone can become 5* through a really simple system compared to most mobages too.
Personally what I decided to do is make Asagi 5* as quick as I can, she's getting close I just need to make her hit level 80 and pay the HL needed for the ascension

>had to spoonfeed the D1 remake
>have to spoonfeed D1PC
>had to spoonfeed Makai Wars even existing a few threads ago
Do Disgaea fans make any effort to keep up with this series?

Disgaea 5's production was such a mess that I think everyone just kind of assumed that that would be it for the series and stopped paying attention to it.

I guess that doesn't sound too bad but fuck man I really wanted a "real" Makai Wars game, especially now that they've shown the original Asagi in D5. Is the Asagi in the mobage another clone too?

pretty sure since it's a prequel sh isn't crazy yet

As far as I know it's the original Asagi, maybe her being a clone would be a lategame plot twist but I don't read moon so I wouldn't know either way

I stopped at 4

Disgaea 5 takes place thousands of years before the rest of the series, and Asagi is a normal human. She's fucking dead.

Why are gacha games so tempting? Have you ever caved in and spent money?

they are made that way

Woops i was trying to make a thread