Tells sjws to fuck off

>Tells sjws to fuck off
>Tells shareholders & jews to fuck off
>Tells journalists to fuck off

Is Nintendo the most untouchable corporation in history?

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It's kind of cheating since it's private, but Valve is more untouchable. Nintendo is up there for publicly traded ones.


No Jews in Japan to thought police them and subvert their culture. There is no ADL or SPLC or other Jewish Stasi groups in Nippon to destroy the careers of bad goys.

>>Tells sjws to fuck off

They will do whatever their shareholders tell them to do


>>Tells sjws to fuck off
What is the Nintendo Treehouse?
What is adding gay romance options to Fire Emblem? Crossdressoing options to Animal Crossing? Removal of sexual features from Xenoblade and TMS?

>>Tells shareholders & jews to fuck off
What is completely dropping wii u support since it wasn't making any money? What is developing mobile games and a mobile app for the Switch?

>>Tells journalists to fuck off
What are the numerous paid reviews for BotW, Super Mario Odyssey, and Bayo 2?

More like telling retards to fuck off, anyone who thinks a physical wall will do anything but cost us lots of money is retarded, regardless of affiliation.

>We wanted to buy Nintendo
Somehow equals
>We almost bought Nintendo
Holy fuck the clickbait is real.

It's true though. During the gamecube era Microsoft tried to make a deal with Nintendo.

>let Treehouse/SJW fuck everything up in the WiiU and 3DS Era.
nah but they are on the path to redemption though

You have to have SJWs you can tell to fuck off in the first place though. People didn't like their meddling, the games sold poorly, so they got told to fuck off.

>Mobile games met with tepid response when shareholders insisted they'd be huge
>they made another console instead of just making mobile games like shareholders wanted
Seemed like they just gave in so they could finally put it to rest and exemplify why relying on mobile was was a terrible idea with little/no foresight. Now retarded shareholders will stop asking about it.

>HURR paid reviews
See, this works when we KNOW the publisher actively does this. We KNOW guys like Rockstar and Activision use their influence over media outlets to push for higher scores, because we've had ex-employees straight-up say so while saying the opposite of Nintendo. We know they employee agencies to shill their products.

The individual journalist doesn't just get a check from the publisher, its not a literal, factual bribe to an individual.

The publisher implies they will pull ad contracts, stop granting pre-release info/interviews, stop sending review copies of their games, etc. if the site doesn't produce a score they like, which will result in less viewership for the site and therefore may result in people losing jobs. Ad revenue is how they stay online. That incentive isn't there for Nintendo, the success of their games doesn't hinge on the perception of their games by the audience that reads IGN and primarily buys western games.

> anyone who thinks a physical wall will do anything

Heres what a wall did

so you agree they obey their to SJW and shareholder overlords?

But that's not "almost buying" that's just Microsoft wanting to buy them and trying with no acknowledgment from the other party.

I didn't almost buy my neighbors car because I decided I wanted it and asked him to sell it to me.

This implies cooperation between both parties at the very least and that there was a proposed deal that almost actually happened at the most, which was not the case. Microsoft can't almost buy Nintendo if Nintendo wasn't willing to ever sell in the first place.

No, and you clearly didn't even read the post

Xenoblade 2 didn't censor any character designs.

They did change names.

why are you obsessed with sjws

>Numerous paid reviews for Odyssey, BOTW
Goddamn you are still this mad? Don't they make therapy for people like you? Invest some money into it.

so far ITT, "SJW's" = gay and cross dressing options,
which not only should be allowed for gameplay reasons
>FE now allows you to blend two male characters you'd otherwise not be able to because of outdated hetro-only marriage ideals
But for fun
>i can make my characters in AC wear 2 times the clothing now in logic since they aren't gender restricted

And that's besides the whole cringy assumption that SJW = gays.
So yea, I guess you're against fun for really edgy standards, OP.

>some guy mentions to another guy "you know, buying nintendo is an option if they'd actually sell... probably a real long shot though...."
Fuck do I hate "journalists".

Oh come on, it's just a cute topical joke. It's not like they're literally saying FUCK DRUMLF or some dumb tranny shit.
Also it's (((NOA)))'s translation so it doesn't count either.

>mongolians still this assmad over the wall

>some dumb tranny shit.

Inb4 but its a joke haha

It is. It's a fucking joke. It's not some dumb bitching whining shit about misgendering or anything like that. You Cred Forumsfags are such brainlets it's unbelievable.

>Crossdressing is suddenly bad
You're a cum dumpster of the highest order.

Wasn't Tumblr pissed over this?

Of course.

Ask Israel how ineffective their wall is.


>Falling for a photoshop

>Liberals want gun control.

>But also don't care about borders so guns can be trafficked in, regardless of laws.

I It's these inconsistencies that make me not take the arguments seriously.

Also the Illegal in SF that got deported several times, finally shoots some young girl in public and got off free. It's just to inconsistent.

Its not exactly a new phenomenon in Japan.

It always was, degenerate

Japan has had a thing for crossdressing for a while.

Remember when Gene had to dress up as a woman and sneak into a woman's only fighting tournament to try to prevent some steroid woman from winning so she wouldn't marry the gay guy?

Nintendo was one of the first gaming companies to have trans characters though.

He was a good friend.

You know trump didn’t invent walls, right?

To be fair, he was doing it mainly for the money they needed to fix up the XGP and move on.

Nah, he's responsible for the great wall of china of course.

Crossdressing and genderbending are common in Japanese arts/media. They have nothing to do with current American politics.