How many times did you see this victory screen?

How many times did you see this victory screen?

Zero, i never play ice climbers

Only whenever I used them because my friends were shit at the game.

not many times considering I rarely see IC's and I quit smash to play games that I find more joy in exploring

It's such a great retro game, you know? Few can match it. It's available for purchase on Walmart, Amazon and GOG.

>when your friendsphysically start hitting you when you Wobble them

How do I beat ICs without getting good? I can't pull off any fancy tech stuff and inevitably I'll slip up and get shieldgrabbed or whatever which equals death. Very frustrating at a low level of play.

>how do i get better at the game without getting better

Play peach learn how to neutral game. There you beat ICs until high level play for free. You won't get good this way but you never lose to them.

>wobbling your friends

>going easy on your """"""""""friends""""""""""

I mean if you play IC as your main and want to get good yeah go for it.

>not wobbling everyone out of a desire to make people feel bad

>TFW you stop giving a fuck about improving at this shitty 15 year old autism simulator.

I realized I will never be good and it felt liberating after grinding on and off for 3 years. I feel like you have to have natural talent or an insane amount of free time to make a dent in the modern melee scene.

More like "how do I cheese out one specific character without improving my overall gameplay"

What do you mean by 'how to neutral game'? Is it a matter of throwing out lots of attacks with few frames of vulnerability where I can be grabbed? I know peach has some float cancel stuff, is that important?

Oh just float cancel spaced nair and fairs with some down smash mixups.
There you beat most shitty ICs.

2D fighters have never been so refreshing for me since I stopped.


I have a friend who just got into competitive melee a little over a year ago. He says he wants to be the best, which is impossible unless you're autistic and/or unemployed. I don't have the heart to tell him

I dunno, I only remember using them for 4 man ice climber battles

Literally only girls played young link because he's a shota

I mean he can get stupid good in a year and probably top 10 in his local PR. If he's in a good region(FL,Tristate,Cali) he's gonna find out the hard way going 0-2 for probably 6 months unless he goes super autismo neet mode on melee and grinds tournaments with netplay after.

God I wish my parents were white and rich so I can get good at this shitty game.

I miss the Ice Climbers so much.

Luckily both you and all your circle of friends are autistic and unemployed.

>God I wish my parents were white and rich so I can get good at this shitty game.

Yeah if my parents were filthy rich I'd want to use it to become the best at a children's party game.

Most people who attend locals need jobs. Melee for a living is the ultimate meme unless you are top 50 in the world. Even then GL making good money off of it unless you are top 20.

I know it sounds dumb but nothing compares to causing an upset in Melee. Its stupidly hard to beat better players and to even reach thier skill level. it feels amazing when you take them down a peg and for once all that hard work pays off. Too bad its too time consuming and I need to get a real life now. Not to mention I'm fucking awful save the one tournament in a blue moon where I don't choke on a massive dick.

Saw this all the time. Young Link and Mewtwo were my boys.

Note: the Ice Climbers have no canon relationship and were thought of as lovers when they were designed.

They fuck to stay warm.