Vidya OST that makes you PUMP BUCKETS OF CUM (not Metal Squad this time you fucks)

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How did we go from this

Vocal tracks a best

This entire OST is super underrated


Thunder Force IV might have the greatest video game soundtrack I've ever heard.

Shadow of the Colossus
In The Land of Happiness

This whole game had some pretty amazing tracks but this one I feel was one of it's best

Also gotta love the first Soul's game music

Demon souls also had some

>Demon souls also had some
Man I really got to get around playing Pyre. How does it stands compared with the other 2 Supergiant games?

that fucking medley

most fighting games generally have solid osts

Let the memories wash over you Cred Forums

Transistor has the best combat system. Pyre's is second.

But overall package wise Pyre is the best Supergiant game imo. The way they mix the story and gameplay is masterful

Makes me wanna commit a crime every time, definitely love the synthetic vibe in this song.
Always gonna be one I turn to time after time after time.

I'm guessing something from Payday 2

Come on, give me something memorable.
Something to learn from, that will make me better.

Woops forgot my goddamn song.

Anyway here's another that I enjoy.

You will never convince me that this isn't Shoji Meguro's magnum opus.

nigga I aint playing all of that


We advanced

Civ 6's OST is a fucking work of art

I ended up getting rid of BD because I never really got too into it, but damn is its soundtrack amazing.
One of the greatest boss themes ever imo

>not the final boss theme

Muh man
These are the best Dragonball FighterZ themes

Wicked Flight and the Ba'al theme are both better honestly.
Also, for once the live version is better than the OST one.

Posting Sound Team JDK stuff is pretty much cheating.

Good shit, and while I know it's uncool to like Persona now and days, let alone 4, the first time the battle theme kicks in always gets me.

Shame the rest of the game had a less superior version of the song starting with the vocalist and being halfway done with the battle by the time the guitar finally kicks on


>not the superior battle theme

Superior taste bro

>Burning Depths
Any of these really

Bomberman Hero's ost is ecstasy

>8 fucking hours of PURE KINO

Debatable, but still good nonetheless.

Anyway getting this outta the way

HiT music at least was top tier

>Vocal tracks a best

You know it. Personal favorite from Sonic is but I'll admit grew on me the longer the game went on.

>knocked it out of the park with the final boss theme not once, not twice but three fucking times back to back
HOW DO THEY DO IT? Do remakes in other sound engines count?

Excellent tastes, my brother


How cheesy we talkin'?

nothing better

my nigerian

Is that a fucking Flintstones game based on the live-action movie?

Hearing this, combined with how fucking stylish the game looked when I saw my friend playing it, is probably the sole reason why I decided to give the Persona series a go.

Ironically though 5 wasn't my go to game as I had a minor interest with 4 years ago so I went into that first.

My brother.


fuck yes

Orchestral music during intense fights gets me rock hard.