What does Cred Forums think of Sam "Serious" Stone?

What does Cred Forums think of Sam "Serious" Stone?

Hell, I'd go so far as to say that, not counting 3, this is easily the greatest FPS series of all time.

I'm still waiting for Serious Sam 4.

play more fps.

these games are fun but they are barebone when it comes to level design.
Even Painkiller was better, imo

Is 3 really that bad?

Cool, but could you answer my question.

It's pretty good but it's literally the same shit every time. Every level, every room, every enemy, every game.

How would you change things?

Half the enemies in the OP pic alone are exclusive to a single title.

I don't think you can. At least not without fundamentally changing the game for the worse. To their credit the games are just long enough that they don't become extremely tedious.

>shoot at it until it dies
>circle strafe
That doesn't matter because the method of dispatching enemies doesn't non-trivially change between individual encounters.

Eh, I think it was a game of its time, pretty boring to replay nowadays. Also Doom 1 is still the best fps in my book.

Stop shilling this garbage game series. It makes me feel embarrassed.

Well its a good thing there are no individual encounters in Sam then

>individual arenas don't count as "individual encounters"
My little user can't possibly be this dense.


These games are bad, Sorry.

The first 90 minutes of SS3 is COD-lite and the rest of the game has some of the worst level design in the series.

It's supposed to be ironic

>Mediocrity is part of the joke!
As if that's a reasonable excuse.The real knee-slapper is that I paid $60 for this shit and now have to be wary of any future entries.

I payed 3 euro for it and it was barely ok.
I cannot imagine the rage of people who payed full price

What indicates that the first part of the game is ironic?
Even if that is true, it was a terrible thing to do.

fun but too repetitive

Joke is on you if your game plays like shit anyway. I know the logic is really hard for you to follow.

What do you mean what indicates the first part of the game is ironic? It's kind of obvious.

definitely designed with a lot of care and thought even if they can get a bit tiresome they can also be very thrilling and fulfilling gameplay wise