Play RPG

>play RPG
>whenever there are dialogue choices, keep reloading and check all of the outcomes

This stuff doesn't add very much to my experience in these games

>im autistic
yeah we know OP, you're also a faggot

>choose dialog option
>he says something completely different
>fail mission

It just feels like I'm missing out on content. They write all these different paths but then you only see one of them unless you play the game multiple times, or wiki them

[G L A S S H I M]

you ARE meant to play it again, asshole

This really grinds my gears in Witcher 3 for instance. The choices are vague phrases, and then he starts rambling about all kinds of stuff you didn't want to say

Even one playthrough takes like 100 hours, I'm never going to play all these quests again just to see different dialogue

Yeah I noticed too that on several occasions I clicked an option and Geralt said something completely different than what I expected.

That's not how to play rpgs. You're supposed to role play and choose what you think your character would do, and deal with the consequences of your decision; not fucking spam save and do every dialogue option. That's why Fallout 4 is so great, because your decisions really make a difference.


>choose "Very Funny"
>"Fuck you"


I just can't get into that mindset. It's a game, and I like to experience all available content in games

>That's why Fallout 4 is so great
you were actually onto something before you said that

>play morrowind
>it takes you 54 years to finish

I was being sarcastic.

You're actually fucking autistic.

I never finished the main quest in that game. Always just dicked around with the other things. But in general I don't remember it having that many dialogue choices. Occasionally, yes, but not that often

Fucking L.A. Noire

>game has dialogue choices
>most choices obviously lead to a bad end
>choose bad ends anyway to see how far it goes

i do it too although peak gameage exists outside of this tactic

It doesn't really feel like oh man my choice caused this dramatic thing, I just keep thinking I'm missing out on a potentially well written and entertaining story path. It's kind of like not doing a fun gameplay thing just because

Just play the fucking game and stop thinking you MUST SEE the two lines of dialog you "missed out on."

The only thing you're actually missing out on is fun.

will you help save the worlddd?
Come on, please?

Well yeah that's another thing. In Witcher 3 for instance there was that one ghost in the tree, and it felt like all the dialogue just kept pushing you toward killing it. So it just made me want to pick the option where I let it out, to see where it goes

iirc in the ps4 port they changed it to good cop, bad cop, and accuse which I think makes a lot more sense.

>mfw it gives you a good accessory in FF6
Didn't expect that.

Fucking Witcher 3.
>option to tell someone off
>end up breaking several of their bones

It just made me not enjoy the choices at all and instead be really paranoid about every choice because it will lead into something totally different from what I intended

Glass Him

>play RPG
>you are given choices but they don't matter at all

Because W3 is a shitty RPG

Yeah a lot of the outcomes are kinda frustrating. There was one quest where I needed to go check on Keira Metz at that wizard tower. Then suddenly Geralt starts a fight and I have to slaughter her with no option to back out. Turns out she would have had more stuff in the game but after that fight I had just removed her from my playthrough, and it wasn't even satisfying since I had no intention to kill her in the first place