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>he doesn't like free games

I can't. I pay it but I can't justify it. Strictly because the service you pay for is not up all of the time. What's the point in paying them if they don't use that money to keep their infrastructure stable?



>Free!* **

>*after 5 small payments of $11.99
>**also you can't keep them if you stop paying.

>come here at noon to get a brand new car for free!
>in order to get the free car you need to buy this $30,000 pencil

>even though you're paying for them
>and you can't play them if you let the service expire

>pay money for a monthly subscription
>they send me free stuff every month

Nintendo's doing it soon, Nintendofag

I work at a game store and steal the unused 7 days free trials from every case I can. I haven't payed for membership in 2 years

I can't and it's Microsoft's fault for starting it.

And I'll boycott it there too, retard.

You can just keep creating new psn accounts and have free unlimited ps plus by using the free trial

I love customers like you, you guys are keeping the buisness alive

Can one person here explain how they would run a network that connects millions of people simultaneously all over the planet for free? Do you fucking retards realize that the playstation network isn't just a box with an on and off switch?

Enjoy being restricted to physical copies and never having any friends.

they did it with the PS3

Wouldn't it be smarter and safer to just steal one 12-month subscription than constantly steal 7-day ones?
I feel like you have less of a chance of getting caught if you only take one a year than constantly steal them, then again I've never worked in a game store so I have no idea.

That's like saying Netflix has free tv shows.

Imagine that i'm also using the thinking emoji

free games work for me.
>hurrdurr not free
I'm not paying the price the games are asking for, what are they if not free?

I know this is bait but it's not very high quality bait...
Oh wait it fucking worked.

>not wanting to pay for P2P connections

ps3 was also shut down for months at a time numerous times throughout the ps3's life, and was the subject of extremely frequent criticism. I don't think there's been a shutdown longer than a day or two on ps4 yet, and I haven't seen a single global shutdown of the service at all.

blame the 360 retards

you need to purchase it to actually use the code, otherwise it's worthless. i don't know the exact process but during the transaction process the cashier has to confirm something. when the purchase is complete you get a separate receipt confirming the activation of the card

>retards took this bait even though it's posted every time

Are you retarded? If you set the account with a ps + as your main all your other accounts on the same console will be able to use its functions

Nigger I said the free trials that come in the game box, I'm not actually stealing anything of value.


So how does PC do it? How did the PS3 do it?

Pretty sure you're exaggerating. The longest I remember it being down was about a month, once, and they gave people a free game because of it. Either Wipeout HD or Infamous, iirc.

>free games

I dont

You know, free doesn't exist, if you're getting them from the boxes that means the trial is included in the box price, which means you're still stealing

That was the 2011 shutdown. It was down for 2 months, globally. It also went down for a month in 2009 when a similar hacking/ddos hit them hard. That's when they gave out that "christmas gift".

Nigger, that's pretty cool. Couldn't they ban your console, though?

I cant and I wont. Infact I'm still disgusted to this very day that this is industry standard. Question is how do we get rid of it?

i pay 40 buks when the year goes on sale, reap the benefits and flash sales and not worry about it auto charging 15 bucks a month , get nifty titles for free once a momth i neber would've played anyway

Well fuck me. Still not that big a deal unless you're a CoD babby.

>mfw got a 12 month subscription for only about 5 bucks

>americans complain about paying for online games, want free shit all the fucking time
>cant imagine a country with universal healthcare, basic universal income

Why did you specifically single out Sony? Is it OK when Microsoft and soon to be Nintendo does it?

stop paying. you're telling them it's okay. you're a rape victim that won't seek help

Ive literally never been held back from playing because servers were down. In fact xbox live seems to fuck up on the regular

It being down for a month was a pretty fucking big deal because it wasn't just games, it was all network connectivity to the psn, meaning if you hadn't, say, updated your netflix app? You couldn't use it for a month. You couldn't buy games digitally for a month, or download them. And that it goes down for a day or two is a significant improvement that everyone who goes "HURR DURR PAYING FOR THE SAME SHIT" conveniently ignores.

wow, it really is this easy to get (you)'s huh?

Does it go on sale every year? I got the "12 month sub +3 months free" a while back, but I had to actually call customer service because they tried to jew me out of it.

I don't, I never paid for psplus and never will.
I miss ps3 though, paying for online is a fucking scam

They've got me by the short and curlies because they're locking features out of games I buy if I don't pay them.

Yeah every year, usually around easter or sometimes july.


i know you probably dont drive but plus is closer to leasing

It's only $59.99USD for a whole year, and if you catch it during an Amazon sale it's even less than that. Even if you don't play PS4 games online that much you can still use it for discounts on the Playstation Store and play certain games for free each month you have an active Playstation Plus Subscription registered to your Playstation Network Account.

Anyone who leases a car is a fucking moron.

You can start by telling every single human person that has to go to work every day just to keep your servers online and functioning that they aren't necessary anymore because apparently everything on earth became self sufficient and we no longer need to pay for things to run?


>game costs $30
>get game by not paying $30 for it, simply as a complement to the service i'm paying for separately
??? how is it not free. I'm not buying the game, i'm buying a service, and get the games without paying anything extra. free.

I thought it'd improve PSN, but it did fuck all for that. XBL improved over time thanks to the dosh.

That last part is fucking garbage too, on Xbox you get Games With Gold that's the same shit as PS+ "free" games but the difference is that even if you stop paying for Xbox Live Gold you get to keep the games

>mfw got a 12 month subscription for only about 0 bucks

>getting your water cut off when you're in the middle of a shower

>the service
You mean the one that was optional on the PS3?

>pushed back to 2019 when it was supposed to happen in 2017
>will be about $20 a year when it actually happens

Not when its a Used game that someone traded in. Not all of them work and we dont guarantee any DLC codes that are included with used games. I'm not opening new games and taking them out.

Microsoft did something right for once. Too bad they took two steps back with their dumbass Game Pass shit.

>gaming chair

What's wrong with gamepass?

You've been given a dozen examples why its not hard or expensive yet you insist on being retard lets recap
>Steam is free and supports 2x the amount of people on PSN and Xbone combined
>PS2 free online
>Xbox paid online because microsoft are fucking jews
>PS3 free online (and no the servers dont fucking crash because of people and stay down for a month they crash because Script kiddies and DDoSing will always be effective)
>Wii free online
>Wii U free online
>Switch paid now because its standard
There is no excuse plain cut and dry its greed.

it was like a month, and they gave out infamous and little big planet. But they only gave those games out because they had to apologize for getting everyone who had a PS3 at the time's credit card info stolen.

its basically a car chair
it's designed with lower back support in mind

look crybabies

plus is worth it because 40 dollars a year gets you more cloud storage youd ever need for game saves, a console backup, online multiplayer, six new titles a month sometimes more included in your subscription. An extra 15 percent on nearly every discounted software on the psstore.
not sure why the butthurt poor come to v to bitch, odds are you dont have plus anyway.

>ps3 was also shut down for months at a time numerous times throughout the ps3's life
Not months, the longest was a couple weeks during the big hacking incident. Even so, you act as if PS4 online has never, ever gone down or has ever had server-sided connection errors during its lifetime which is just ignoring reality.

Holy shit

At least it's not XBL

>Switch paid now because its standard
They just gave everyone another year of free online by pushing back the first billing date

buy only single player games then. GG EZ, NO RE


Sony didn't come up with it first

Steam also doesn't provide matchmaking servers for these games like Xbox does.

>Steam also doesn't provide matchmaking servers
Holy shit this guy doesn't know what he's even talking about!

>So make the cloud storage an optional feature to pay for
>I can do that already for free on external devices
>Yea because PS+ is mandatory for that faggot
>And if I dont want those 6 indie games every month?
>those discounts always existed they are now exclusive to PS+ though. in fact sales have been worst since PS+ was mandatory for PS4
>ur poor lol

Every fucking time.

Been doing it for 2 years and nothing happened

You can't play those games after your sub runs out, unlike Gold.

Holy fuck that happened in 2009. Fuck that feels like not 5 years ago.

>get a PS4
>cant play online like the PS3 for free
>have to pay a subscription
>decide not to

Yeah, is just 5 or 6 burritos a month, but forcing a service annoys the hell out of me. More when i pay for a game and then cant use part of the content due to a wall, more walls with shitty dlc policies

Fuck Microsoft to starting this trend with damn sheeps following behind. Even Nintendo will be doing the same, ffs.

You mean rental. Sure, it is neat, but there will be a point the service will go down and those games you "had"(the rentals) will also go down.

>giving your credit/debit card to a company with a history of security issues

Imagine if steam were to
suddenly ask for a subscription to play online, that'd be hilarious

it prevents a lot of kids from being able to play online because not all parents would pay for that, plus rewarded games, server maintenance, storage and VoIP services are provided for literally the price of one Starbucks coffee per month

I don't even own a PS4
but even a teamspeak server is around that price for a shitty VoIP service.

They would never get what they expect since there are millions upon millions of poorfags who use steam.

In your head maybe that sounded smarter

it would be paid mods round 2

Make it a separate fee

And I dont drink coffee so what now nigger?

>Implying companies actually use Xbox's shitty servers
>Implying companies wouldn't rather use host system's or custom high refresh rate servers
>Implying Steam doesn't offer matchmaking systems


Which is kinda insane. Even the Plus discounts arent worth compared to the PS3 time.
In fact, if you compare the sales on the PS3 with the PS4, it still is WAY worth to buy the PS3 version for sale than the PS4 version

I'm simply stating that the services are relatively cheap for consumers

Also what exactly do you mean by make it a separate fee?

Just looking at how many of my IRL friends who have Steam accounts. 90% of them actually bought like 2-3 games and only play f2p games.

>xboners have to pay for Xbox live
>PC users get the same multiplayer experience for free
>Xbox users still put up with being charged a monthly fee

You know that's the most expensive one right? Unless you're a full blown NEET you won't need online for 12 months.

>Literally have Killer Instinct and Halo 5 just for owning a shitty operating system


well, because they already have the operating system

Genuinely don't understand what you just tried to say but if I take a stab, none of it fucking made sense and you're fucking retarded.


Setup VoIP servers that can be bought and paid for monthly

Unless, you want to play online at least once a month.

1 month or 3 months is much better than buying the full 12 months.

OG Xbox was paid online because at the time all of those console networking features like unified account systems, friend invites, console-wide voice chat, parties, account messaging, etc. were brand new for consoles. Shit not even PS2 had that kind of stuff, it wasn't until PS3 that Sony made PSN to compete with Xbox Live, back then it was actually reasonable to pay for a premium service like that.
Not defending current jew tactics, just trying to put things in perspective since most of you guys either never experienced it or weren't even around during that generation.

>inb4 I was merely pretending to be retarded!

Bait or not, you are a retard.

external HDD cost money dumbass so if thats your main problem with plus youre back to square 1 here

Sony knows no bounds

wew lad

I get more than $60 worth of good free games I actually enjoyed from it.
For me its worth it.

sauce pls, reverse image search gives nothing

>playing a game online at least once every month makes you a NEET
Nigger what?

Highway robbery.

That math does not add up. If I'm already buying like 5 years, why shouldn't I just spend less overall? Do you not understand how budgets work you fucking prune.

>1 time vs a monthly/yearly fee
Wew your a fucking retard.

even at $0.01 it would be too expensive.

nintendo does it too so its ok

Consolefags love paying more for less.

>he doesn't have spare hdd

>games go away the second you stop paying
Enjoy Sony's cock in your ass

Unless you play in a boat during a storm its just RICE

Xbox and Nintendo have the same thing.

>PS4fags and switchlets lap up paid online like good little goys
fanboys were a mistake