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4 > 3 > 5

I'm emulating FES right now, and I have a question. I'm playing an undub, mostly because of Fuuka, and I just got to the first full moon. But I think I want to go back to the dub. Is there a way to transfer my save, or would I need to start over?


Why do you want to go back to the dub?

You could probably just do the normal version because the undub is the same thing except some sound files replaced. It's worth a try anyways.

5 > 4 > 3

Battle banter, among other things. I played for the first time a few years ago with the dub, and I got used to the english voice actors. Now that I'm coming back and trying to finish, I wanted to give the undub a shot, but I can't unhear the english voices.

3>5>4 you plebs


As if asking /vg/ wasnt enough. Though, you should easily be able to go back

jokes on you, I actually asked in here first

Not until it 3 gets a proper remake



This is the correct opinion if you played them in release order.


If you were blinded by nostalgia, yes that probably would be correct.

>blinded by nostalgia


Why would you do dub the Persona dubs are great

3 > 5 > 4

That being said, upon reflection 3 is a lot edgier than I remember.

Do you mean why would I do undub? I just wanted to try it out. Also, I'm not a fan of Fuuka's english VA, and you have to listen to the navigator more than anyone else.

On the whole, I agree with you though.

For once OP is right

This. Why people prefer 4 over any of the other games is beyond me.

Gameplay: 5>4>3
Story: 3>4>5
Cast: 4>5>3

Posting best Protag.

>Better characters
>Better setting
>Better villain
>Better social links
>Better music
>Better dungeon aesthetic
gee I wonder


>>Better setting
>>Better villain
>>Better social links
>>Better music

You could argue the other ones but these are just not true.

P2 has the best characters, setting and villain. P5 has the best social links and dungeon aesthetic, P3/P5 has the best music.

3 is outright obsolete in everything but tone and soundtrack.
Even anything plot wise in 4 and 5 you can complain about has an equal or worse problem in 3.

2 > 5 > 1 > 4 > 3

5 > 3 > 4
I played them in release order. Innocent Sin a best though.

I just finished P5 and was going to play P3 next. What's obsolete about it? Would it prevent a P5-initiate from enjoying the game?

I like 5 most, but I think each game brings something to the table.


You can't be fucking serious, P1 aged like milk

3 still has the best character writing

It's not obsolete, they've just improved on many things by 5, naturally. You could still enjoy it, I think the biggest things that would prevent you from enjoying it are the things you'd have to deal with whether you played 5 beforehand or not, like the pacing.

>ever the best

Wow. It's like you hate the series.

What's wrong? Is it too hard for you, user?