IPhone 7 "bokah"


Le DSLR Killer.
Now Galaxy S7.

>phone cameras

iphone one looks better desu

Bokeh you fucking retard. Also, the fake software bokeh filter that's supposed to be possible because of the dual cameras with the 7 Plus isn't available on launch.

So not sure what you're comparing here other than shitty phone cameras.


Colors looked blown out on the s7
IPhone looks much more natural

The point was also a real-time bokeh effect.

This just looks processed, like someone added a blur filter over the back.

>>phone cameras
this desu senpai

overexposed af, keep your tamtung housefire

When can we buy phones without the cameras so I can buy a phone that has much better specs in my price range?

>When can we buy phones without the cameras
Such a phone would be ridiculed out of the market.
Missing a basic feature? Ridiculous!
Frankly, I'm surprised more phones don't have a LCD clock on the outside.

iphone was better exposed

real question though, can either shoot in RAW formats?

Nexus 5.

Ciao Guido

Oneplus 3 can

Unnecessary with OLED always on displays

LG V10.
You guys are literally plebs and can't take a decent photo.


Anybody here still using a HTC One M7?

I run a business, I take photos of my items, using JUST THIS PHONE.

Somehow I am reasonably successful.

Will upgrading my phone increase sales?


S7 without filter and reasonably exposed

pig disgusting