University laptop

I need a new laptop for my compsci university.

Due to various circumstances, I'll be forced to live in the dorms for a couple of months too, and I'll have to move around pretty often. I've never owned a laptop in my life, nor do I keep track of the laptops that come out or the manufacturers.

Are there any good laptops that provide both good portability and good graphics?

Please give me some adequate suggestions, but not used thinkpads.

>Please give me some suggestions other than the one that meets this specific criteria

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Thinkpads have neither portability nor good graphics.
Apple wouldn't really be a good choice since their 2016 model won't be out for a while. And when it does, it most likely won't have a kaby lake cpu.

Look for thinking form factor gaming laptops. They usually don't look all gamerey and still have decent specs (6700hq and 960m)

get the 2013 mac book pro it has an 17 processor, or get the surface pro 2016

If it's just for notepad++ and Microsoft Office (which is all you actually need for compsci), a chinkpad or even a chromebook will do.

What do you think you actually need "good graphics" for? If it's gaming, build a desktop, because you're not getting respectable gaming performance out a laptop unless you spend $1000+, and that will be an overheating underperforming shitbrick that's too heavy to be practical as a uni work machine.

Fkin thinkpad

>install gentoo

Just use a W500 like the one I am using in that picture right now.
You can't go wrong.
Also in that picture is a Docking station wich allows the thinkpad to use a PCIx16 port.

>Thinkpads have neither portability nor good graphics.
How the fuck are you going to deal with a 4 kg laptop if you can't handle a 2.5 kg laptop?
Honestly just get a used thinkpad and spend the rest on a desktop.

Xps 13. I got mine for this purpose and it's sexy. Only good dell product I've owned.
Decent linux support, super portable, actually looks nice.

People at my work have them as their work pcs and I'm jealous.

I've been thinking of getting one myself, but there's so many issues with them that I cant justify it

>coil whine
>shitty wifi
>shitty keyboard/trackpad
>automatic brightness that cant be turned off
>battery capacity dropping quickly

get a thinkpad and give up games

Thinkpad T60 is good and you can get one for about $50.

Listen to this user. Don't make the same mistake I made and get a shit "gaming" laptop that becomes obsolete after 2 years.

I've been using a w540 for compsci for a couple years now. Works great with Linux and has an ultra bay

Thinkpad 13


kill yourself and get a thinkpad
if you want gaymen just get an egpu

It's not even for games, it's for my anime autism.

Do you lug that thing around with you on a daily basis?

the fuck
get a x220 if you want something that looks nice then, or a T420 if you want a nicer screen

anything with integrated graphics will run shitty vn's and play anime at 1080p

>nicer screen
That thing has one of the shittiest screens ever

can you stop fucking making a thread for your shit.

Use the general or you cunt.

My hd5870 can barely run with my madvr settings though and I sure as fuck ain't gonna use mpv

not him, but i used to carry my w530 around all the time (1.5 school years) until i eventually got an x201t to take around and turned my w530 into my main desktop.

it was fine. i didnt mind the weight (smaller than the average textbook) and i prefer large screens. the only *real* problem was that it had less than 5 hours battery life.

>17 processor
>mac book
B a i t