I use my college's wifi on a regular basis

I use my college's wifi on a regular basis.

How long until I get electronically raped?

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Don't forget to sage for niggers.

You've already been electronically raped. Enjoy your rape.

who is this semen demon

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They're spying on you

So if the grill in OP pic went up to you naked with those tits and grabbed your dick and balls and said "You're a big boy!" Would you fuck?

Virgins have no idea how pussy feels. That or he's a massive faggot.

Would literally never happen so its a stupid question

I'm a virgin. If she did I would stick my dick in like there's no tomorrow.

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I would let her electronically rape me desu

Why do you guys bring your racism bullshit to the technology board

>Install openVPN on your home PC
>Tunnel into it whenever you use wifi

so hard, so wow

Because they're virgins. Niggers and latinas are the best fucks, whites just lay there like a dead fish usually.

Latina isn't a race, moron.

what? are you some kind of nigger lover?

What exactly do you mean by 'electronically raped'? Your college wifi most likely keeps logs of the sites you visit and your device, if that's what you're implying.

Neither is white and nigger.

Who gives a shit anyway, an attractive chick's attractive regardless of what background she's from.

Being a virgin is no excuse to be a racist piece of shit tho

epic meme my man xD
omg you said nigger you must be so cool irl, I bet you could slay 1000 of those subhumans with your katana amirite

>getting this mad over banter on Cred Forums

How new are you?

Yikes, he does like niggers. You'll learn someday, boy.

He's a virgin because he's so racist.

That's true.

>Cred Forumslacks on Cred Forums

whats the point of the containment board?

Cancer spreads user. It never stays in one place.

It's like Cred Forums, it keeps most of the Cred Forumstards on there but it still leaks a lot and they keep making cp and porn threads on here. Ignore them, just a bunch of edgy 12 year olds who feel all high and mighty by breaking the rules.

It's time the mods enforced the containment

People should have to choose - if they post on Cred Forums their IP should be blacklisted from posting on any other board.

this enforced containment, or quarantine, is the best compromise between the free speech Cred Forumstards complain about so often and the quality we want to preserve on the rest of the site

I'll make a thread about it on /q/... Maybe hiro and co. will think about it at least

dem dubs tho

>an hiro
>doing anything

He's even more useless then moot.

>wah wah people with political views I don't like also share an interest in my favorite hobbies

Grow up, kiddos.

Jesus Christ, what's with the antiracist Cred Forums cross posters shitting up threads lately? They're a fucking plague.

It's not that we don't agree with you, it's just that you're all fucking everywhere. This is Cred Forums, a tech board. Talk about fucking tech or fuck off back to Cred Forums, there's already an entire board dedicated to your bullshit.

>an hiro
This is some next level meming.

containment boards don't exist in Cred Forums. This is why you see anime outside the so called "containment anime boards".

Two things user -

Discussing your political views is fine IN THE POLITICS BOARD
This is the TECHNOLOGY board
If you want to discuss politics go to Second, hating and insulting black people isn't a "political view"... you do realize that right
racism is literally explicitly against the global rules
and yes it's not enforced but that doesn't make it right

I base all of my morals and opinions off of the rules on Cred Forums, which you clearly are breaking - you aren't acting the way moot would want you to act user

depends, guest wifi or student
how do you log on to said wifi
mostly, just read the agreements. as fairly legitimate institutions, they're pretty upfront about what spying they do.

You can thank the wonderful mods for that.

Literally who?

It's incredibly racist for you to assume that niggers = black people.

I'm seriously shaking right now. How do people like you even exist?

anime is allowed on all boards, m8

The difference is anime reaction images are just reaction images user

Posts just about anime and akari / maki posts are semi quickly removed

not only that but this site kinda exists because of anime, have some respect

The great creator

The original architect of the boards and writer of the rules which still exist today

he banned racism, and although sometimes it may be hard to decipher the meaning behind his Scripture, it was very clear how he wanted us to act and post

He left this site for us to watch over, we have to make him proud

I mainly use the guest wifi.
The worst sites I visit are Cred Forums (worst board is probably Cred Forums) and my seedbox provider. I also visit torrent sites, and use the guest wifi to download from my seedbox through an encrypted FTP. How fucked am I?

if your college isn't a piece of shit they won't track you or do anything suspicious

but use a VPN if you are scared

words have meanings
...why do Cred Forumstards always play semantics like this

So just because someone is black that makes them a nigger?

ok that id fuck but no niggers pls

Not him but in my opinion there's black people who are productive and/or civilised, and then there's niggers. Same with whites, either productive white people or dumb crackers

>use a VPN if you are scared
Not too worried, honestly. I've been doing it for 4 years now, and I've probably torrent a terabyte or three of stuff and I haven't even received so much as a warning.
Plus the most radical of my posts on Cred Forums have been somewhere in the area of "well you're partially right Cred Forums but you're also partially wrong." and spook-posting, so I doubt I'll be crucified any time soon.

nigger is a derogatory term for black people user
you have no real argument

>inb4 b-b-but I don't mean that I'm not a racist u are


Niggers exist among every race, but you have racists like saying that black people are niggers.

It's offensive frankly and we shouldn't allow people like that on this board.

wow this thread is so good classic Cred Forums classic web chan

I thought that was the point you sjw nigger lover.

>original architect
this is how I can tell you're new
sage the monkey posts

No. They don't exist among every race. Words have meanings, they mean specific things, regardless of what you think. nigger is an ethic slur towards black people.

and along your logic user, some black people aren't niggers, yes? But apparently OPs image is a nigger?
what makes her a nigger? Can you name some black people you respect?

>Cred Forumstard
>frog poster
why is it always choose three every time?

getting triggered by black people bumps 100x harder than saging ever would

if you truly want to sage I reccomend you don't post in the first place

ignore and move on

Cred Forums - another containment board for Cred Forums


Words can change. Deal with it, bigot. Stop being racist.

>what makes her a nigger?

You can just tell

>Can you name some black people you respect?

Muhammad Ali

It's not about social justice you overweight socially inept neckbeard. It's about them being human beings with feelings just like everyone else. There's no reason to call anyone a nigger and people just hide behind the fact it's Cred Forums, but it shows a deep seated issue that isn't going to go away unless you address it. There's a reason you say it.

Or you might not mean anything by it and it might just be that you're immature which in that case, assuming you're above 18, you're a manchild that has to grow up.

Have some respect for people. Or say that to someone in person if you think you're so edgy. Feel safe online?

HabeshaQueens is the source for that image, but it's a compilation. Not sure who the individual woman is.

>inb4 edgy reply that ignores my valid points

Why do you bring your politically correct bleeding heart liberal social justice Tumblr bullshit to my site?

What is it with black people and them thinking of their women like it's some kind of object that they're proud of? Whenever I go, I always see black people talk shit about white guys dating black girls, saying "they taking our girls, gods". Why are black people so fucking full of themselves? That's my only real complaint about black people, they keep treating every other race like they're below them then they're the first ones to cry about inequality.

>Can't tolerate racism
>Goes on Cred Forums.

never understand this shit. 9/10 posts on Cred Forums are scroll past trash and 8/10 are HitlerWasRIGHT scroll past trash.

Might as well complain about the sky being blue.

Spics are cockroaches.

But Hitler was right.
Racism is still bad though.

SJW/weeb detected.

It's not like people with social anxiety and severe mental problems use Cred Forums as their safe haven or anything.


You're triggering me, OP! Pleasure use "sexually abused" instead!

>severe mental problems

Most people here are depressed and/or have deep seated hatred from being bullied. Yeah they're issues, but they're not 'severe mental problems'. When you see people who are actually too mentally ill to be able to even function properly in society then you wouldn't throw this around lightly.

Fuck, that's one hell of a freudian slip.

i kno..
>tfw u will never be reared and trained to fight in a war for world conquest.

I didn't realize not being racist was such a liberal social justice opinion

I am handling racism just fine user

I'm not the one throwing a fit and whining because a non white woman was posted

Why don't you respond to my postsinstead of cherrypicking whatever you want? Black people are some of the most racist people I ever met, whenever I hung out with a black chick I'd always get looks and rude comments. My latino friends were perfectly fine with white people 'taking their women', and they also don't refer to themselves as gods like black people do. We get it, you're proud of your heritage or whatever, but you're not the only culture on the planet.

You don't find that as a severe mental issue? You don't think the way people act here is evidence of a problem? I think in this context it is severe, but compared to people who actually have a disability then they're just neckbeards.

Regardless it needs to be fixed. Not even for the edgy "nigger" replies. They're done to get a reaction out of people to make them feel better about themselves. It's for the fact that you'll never be truly happy if you have hatred inside you. It's for your own benefit.

>You don't that as a severe mental issue?

No, there are people out there with way worse problems than depression. Not that I'm saying it's not an issue, just that it's not as big as you make it out to be.

>You don't think the way people act here is evidence of a problem?

It's called casual chat. If people wanted to have a political debate, they wouldn't have it on Cred Forums of all places. People use slang a lot in a casual chat and they don't care about being politically correct.

>Regardless it needs to be fixed

No, you need to adapt to this site. You're the one who needs to be fixed. Cred Forums has been the same since forever, just because you just migrated from Reddit 2 weeks ago doesn't mean you own the fucking place.

You're cherry picking too in order to justify your own racism. You're both racist. It's just racism. Don't group everyone together.

Racist blacks use white racism as an excuse for their racism. Racist whites use the as their excuse and it goes back and forth. Negative or out of the norm reactions stand out, but what about those people that weren't giving you looks? You didn't notice them because they were background noise.

It's hard to show you're not racist because to show it, you won't give a reaction, but just act normal to everyone. It's easy to show racism because it works when it's aggressive. Get it?

The white people I've met always gave me problems, especially while being around blacks because I'm white. Blacks never gave me issues and they were much better to be around.

So? Who's right here? Because our stories are polar opposite. Judge people by their character, not color. Racism is racism.

>to justify your own racism

Oh so I'm a racist now for calling out black people after they called a whigger and told me "why don't you fuck your own women"? This is somehow totally okay for you to go around to say to people? You're trying so hard to be neutral that it fucking hurts.

I doesn't respond because that isn't me btw

I also didn't post this thread

there's at least 3 seperate anons who you are conflating as one person I think

you got so butthurt by being bullied by a few black kids that you hang around Cred Forums now barking about how evil blacks are in unrelated technology threads?

You need to grow the fuck up. You think you're being hardcore but you're being pathetic dude.

So nice. First you play the you're racist card, and now you group me up with everybody else in the thread after posting shit like this and I'm supposed to just ignore the fact that I've been insulted multiple times for hanging out with someone of a different ethnic background? What the fuck is wrong with you, really?

I just came in here and read the trainwreck dude I'm not the guy you've been arguing with

>I'm supposed to just ignore the fact that I've been insulted multiple times for hanging out with someone of a different ethnic background

Yes you fucking self-absorbed idiot nobody on Cred Forums cares. We don't care that someone was mean to you. OP was trying to talk about college wifi.

The other guy is retarded for replying to you at all but I'm just trying to let you know that you look like a hysterical ass and are acting literally just like the "SJWs" you say you hate.

tldr get over yourself man

I never said I hated SJWs. I never said that I wanted compensation for being insulted, I can handle my own. All I wanted to say was that you put a double standard onto everything, the racism I've been subject to matters just like any other person's. If you truly cared about racial equality you'd agree, but the fact here is that you don't. Racism is just a fucking agenda for you to push your own bullshit down on people's throat and it's been like this for years. It's time something changed, it's time people stopped putting fucks like you on a pedestal just because you're a different colour.

Also stop putting words into my mouth.

Nobody is trying to push an agenda user, do you think anyone would freak the fuck out if a white woman was posted?

All anyone is asking for is equality, it's not a crazy concept

Black women are superior in the sexy time and hanky panky

To be fair, OP could have asked this in a Stupid Question thread. Therefor, he shouldn't expect anything as he wasted a thread on a stupid question, we can waste it talking about something else.

Plus, I don't even get the question. Just use a VPN. College internet is much more strict than most due to the fact they're college kids and they know what they'll use it for. And you're more likely to get in trouble. Just common sense. I know people in college who had to use a VPN just to play World of Warcraft and use TeamSpeak. VPN helps in general anyways. They used PIA and were set.

Now, when it comes to torrenting specifically, you'd probably want a Seedbox or something along those lines. I'm not sure how friendly PIA is with torrents, but it is useful for unblocking sites and things like that.

Now that's some fine milk chocolate.

Indeed. Noelle Monique is quite delicious.