Hello Cred Forums, I was hoping you might help me in solving a problem. I don't want to waste your time...

Hello Cred Forums, I was hoping you might help me in solving a problem. I don't want to waste your time, so I'll be brief:

I love the ability to just sit in my recliner with my laptop desk with my laptop. The keyboard is in the perfect position for me, and I don't feel disconnected from the games I play the way I do with a TV.

My current living arrangement means that there's no way I can have a desk whatsoever. It's just not possible. I'm living on a cot in my sister's living room until I graduate college in April. There's simply no room at all for a desk.

I am using a very old laptop right now, but I've been wanting to upgrade for a while, and I really want to make a gaming desktop.

What I'd like is to find some kind of monitor...that you can put in your lap. I've tried thinking of what this device would be called, but "lap top monitor" doesn't show me what I'm looking for.

So basically some way to use a desktop without a desk. I've considered those VR goggles as well, but I'm not sure those would work as a complete monitor replacement.

Does anyone have any input on this? I just want to use a desktop...without a TV and without a desk. So some kind of laptop-shaped monitor + keyboard would be ideal, but any other compromises and options would be welcomed.

Thanks so much for reading

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Don't want to waste my time huh? TLDR


However not sure if sold in your region.

Just go sit at the kitchen table.


I'm looking for a way to use a desktop without a TV and without a desk. Ideally a laptop-shaped computer monitor that can be put in my lap. But I am open to other options and ideas as well.

You can buy a laptop monitor and also those control boards for them(on ebay)

That PRO1301WE should be small enough imo

There's no room there at all, its a very small table and very uncomfortable to sit at.

It just looks like a flat screen, and its very small, I don't think it would work, thanks though

I'm not sure what you mean but I'll google it, thank you

You mean this thing?(ignore the pi 0 talk if you wish)

I think this may be a good solution! Since I already have a laptop and its very comfortable and of a perfect size! Converting my laptop into a monitor may be perfect, but is there a way to use the laptop keyboard as the keyboard to operate the other computer?

Your old laptop will not work unless it is have the HDMI/(other video port) IN port. The Motorola 'dock' in the video is basically a laptop screen with a suitable controller and a mini usb keyboard put together.The keyboard in your laptop however uses a custom ribbon cable that is not standardized across the different brands.

If your laptop is damaged or broken(except screen), you could gut the motherboard, and insert a controller suitable for the laptop screen in the base compartment the mobo once lies, and purchase a mini keyboard to replace the laptop keyboard.

I found this microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35460 would this work to control a desktop from a laptop?

Well then you need an additional screen for the desktop. Maybe you can do this+the prolink monitor in front, but the desktop's desktop will not be projected onto your laptop screen.

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Would it be possible to use the secondary monitor (the laptop monitor) to play games on? I wouldn't have a problem with it if that were the case, I could just put the "primary" screen somewhere where I can see it from a distance

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Well the only way I can think of(for using the laptop screen itself w/out removing mobo) would be remote desktop applications, but many solutions out there are very laggy from my experience such as splashtop/teamviewer.

Otherwise just get the one shown in the video.^^

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I'm thinking now that I should just look at head mounted displays instead, not necessarily VR

Are there any HMDs that are known to be good replacements for monitors? Or gaming HMDs? I'm doing google searches right now but if anyone knows anything from experience or has heard anything I'd appreciate the help

If I did use an HMD I guess the final problem would be the keyboard. I could use a USB keyboard easily enough, but I think the only problem would be how much I'd accidentally move it while trying to just type/relax

I wonder if weighted keyboards exist, or if I should get some kind of TV tray or something

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I have this mms.businesswire.com/bwapps/mediaserver/ViewMedia?mgid=209933&vid=5

haha its so old and busted but it still works great, I love it, its too bad they don't carry it at best buy anymore

I think I'm going to change my strategy, I'm going to go with VR goggles and a laptop desk for my keyboard/mouse, and I can just entirely skip the complicated issues of connecting two computers, I've budgeted about $2,000 towards this project so I think I'll be able to build a decent computer and the rest of the setup with that

Thanks guys :)