Test iphone 7 today

Test iphone 7 today
Why does the home button feel like dog shit?
Why a taptic engine and not just a regular fucking button ?

they had to "innovate" so they removed the comfy physical home button

i say this as a iphone user since the 3g, currently on the 6s+, and the iphone 7 looks like a huge fucking disappointment

waiting on oled iphone now

because "muh waterproofness" despite other manufacturers having physical buttons for 4 or 5 years that were still waterproof

who cares, phones shouldn't have home buttons anyway

ideally Sony's power button with fingerprint scanner would be standard on all phones

Still, a physical moving button would increase risk of the waterproofing failing, and Apple can't risk that considering they already stand out thanks to the removal of the headphone Jack.

Should have gone with capacitive buttons like the good HTCs had.

because that Taptic Engine is better than an audio signal
>fucking Apple fucking auto-capitalizing their fucking capitalism

But the iPhone 7 isn't waterproof more than standard phones now and it isn't advertised so clearly apple doesn't give a shit about it

The iPhone 7 is advertised as being IP67 certified which is better than most smart phones. The only current ones better are the Galaxy S7 and the Xperia XZ

My k6000 pro is only ip64 certified, but at least I can use it in the rain without worrying anymore


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Except that the iphone 7 isn't waterproof. It's just water resistant.

It's just a garbage device all around.

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Also, apple won't cover for water damage. It's on their website.

neither does Samsung or Sony (most of the time)

Does the iOS 10 update activate a sensor or some shit that turns on the screen when you pick up the phone? Shit is getting annoying

Because the regular fucking bottoms were a pain in the ass in old iPhones, they used to get damaged pretty frequently. Hardcore Apple fanboys were asking for something like this since the iPhone 4 and now they got it, Apple made it happen, and people are now happy with the decision.

Except for op.

Not sure why the hate, the taptic engine is the best thing to happen in the macbook trackpads and now the iPhone. Feels satisfying to press and is one less point of failure now that there's no actual button

They gave me a brand new phone after my Sony Xperia Z1 got fucked by water. Had it for a year, been using the replacement for two. They even gave me a new warranty which ran out in June. :)

I thought Sony told people to dunk Xperias in water when you first got it or something.

>Why does the home button feel like dog shit?

but it doesn't, it feels like a real button. some intelligent psychological science shit going on

He is just searching for something to beach about, there is literally nothing wrong with the new home button and it is definitively a step forward for the iPhone.

>mfw apple removed swipe to unlock because double tapping takes a bit longer than before and it's gunna force more people to scan their fingerprint to open their phone faster

Fuck you apple! You'll never get my fingerprints

I'm not disagreeing, it's nice if it makes the button more durable, but not everyone likes it.

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The three most common points of failure on an iPhone are water damage, screen breakage, and home button failure.

Now, the iPhone is water resistant, the home button is no longer mechanical, and the AppleCare screen repair deductible got reduced from $79 to $29.

Do you see where I'm going with this? Apple's actually trying to help you and give you a device that lasts a long time. They have been more or less since Tim Cook took over.

2 years old galaxy s5 is also IP67 certified, and it have a home button, and removable battery, and sd card, and optional wireless charging

Huh that's actually a really good point

And I don't know why so many people are complaining about the button, who the fuck cares?

Taptic feedback on the Mac books has been way better than having a physical button, and if the iPhone has a similar feeling to the trackpad click on the Mac I would like it a lot better

The only real problem with the iPhone is the lack of a headphone jack. I hope they bring it back next generation

Mechanical home buttons are shitty. It was my second least favorite design aspect of the iPhone -- the camera bulge being the first, and the antenna lines being a distant third -- and it's always one of the first things to go to shit on any iPhone. It's good that it's gone.

Wireless charging is a spec sheet feature, a gimmick that almost nobody actually uses (and those who do use it do so for the gee-whiz factor and not because it's appreciably better than just plugging the damn thing in). When you can beamform wireless power over a distance of a few feet, let me know.

I unironically hope they never bring it back. Wireless audio has been a novelty for so long because the analog jack was a readily available cop-out.

It's 2016, god damn it. We can do competent wireless audio if we want to. We just need someone to make us do it.

>replacing a superior physical feedback faggoty vibration
>caring about some insignificant antenna lines
the biggest drawback for me is MTP support, muh iTunes and Appel Music

>wireless charging its' gimmick
wait until iPhone 8 when it will became revolutionary
lightning connector have a high failure rate after 2 years. wireless charging can solve it

>replacing a superior physical feedback

The button literally breaks, numbnuts.

And if wireless charging is "revolutionary" on the iPhone, it'll be because it charges faster, or from a greater distance, or through materials. It won't be exactly the same thing we've had since the S5.

But now I have to either use a crappy adapter or invest in wireless recievers for my three stereos, recievers which I only need for my phone.

If I were you, I'd try to find 3rd-gen Apple TVs for wireless stereo. They're dirt cheap because they suck compared to the 4th gen -- really, because they suck in general -- but they still do AirPlay.

Yes that's raise to wake

The issue isn't with audio quality user. There are plenty of very nice wireless IEMs and headphones.

But the fact of the matter is wireless audio devices aren't as good as wired ones, because the logistics of having wireless headphones alone makes them much more impractical to own, at least for the time being.

with iems, you simply need to plug them into your phone and stick them in your ears. If your phone has charge you are good to go. But wireless iems need a battery, you need to worry about their charge seperately from your phones charge, and their design needs to be different to ensure they don't fall out of your ears

That's not even talking about the audio quality

And apple is pushing change in the wrong way. People should be excited to switch and that's not happening. The time simply isn't right for the removal of the audio jack

>for the time being

Any statement containing that qualification is 100% my point. We've been lagging behind on wireless audio because everyone thinks wired is "good enough". I do not want to be using a god damn 3.5mm stereo jack in the year 2100 just because it was always "good enough". And before you say 2100 is hyperbolic, realize that this is already a 50-year-old port.

Holy shit, I just looked it up and apparently that design of analog audio jack has been in use and 1878


it was used for manual telephone exchanges back then, apparently it's the oldest electrical standard in use

Honestly the more I think about it I agree with you that it was a right decision to remove the audio jack. It's completely possible for audio to go completely wireless

And the lightening to headphone connector isn't even that big of a problem to use. It's very small.

The only real issue this phone has is one port. Many people charge while using their phones and now they can't, and many people aren't gonna switch to wireless headphones. They should have added another lightening port or something

what I'm saying is even though the decision was the right one for pushing innovation in the tech world, it's not practical for the vast majority of their customers

>We've been lagging behind on wireless audio because everyone thinks wired is "good enough".

No, that is not the reason.

The main reason is batteries are simply not good enough.
And who knows if they'll ever be good enough.

5 hours *per session* with the AirPods isn't a good start? Hell, if you use them one at a time, you can swap them out indefinitely.

Whether or not that's good enough aside, last year's wireless headphones had ~3 hour life. This year's has ~5. We're clearly getting somewhere.

because they're giving people a hint that home button will be removed in future, most probably next year on their iPhone 10th anniversary

Audio quality will always suffer unless its wired. These wireless plebs are retarded, who the fuck ever walks so far away from their phone or computer that they need wireless shit.

>Audio quality will always suffer unless its wired.

I hate wireless audio, but that's wrong.
There is no reason why you couldn't have lossless data transfer.

The problem is and will be batteries, because of recharging and because of other compromises like weight/design.

And oh yeah, there's also the problem of possible interference if the air gets too crowded, as it's happening with wifi.

Phones without physical home button are shit.

mechanical parts are the most fragile parts

is it true that the iphone 7 only has a 750p screen?

>Why a taptic engine and not just a regular fucking button?

issues with broken buttons being fixed by third party repairers and bricking the phone.

>there is literally nothing wrong with the new home button

phone can't be unlocked if wearing gloves.

Not an argument

Yeah, but now if you smash your iPhone 7 screen, you will have to replace the entire front assembly with fingerprint sensor, and you can only find it from Apple, otherwise it Error 56s.

You couldn't do Touchid with a physical button anyway.
Power button wakes the phone up as well you know?

wake isn't unlock.

You're not going to unlock your phone via passcode anyway with gloves.

some gloves have made facilities for this.

The problem is that on the trackpads it's a lot more convincing since the feedback is localised to the trackpad. This simply isn't possible with the iPhone home button due to limited space and how small the button is.