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>MOM LOOK AT muh autistic sickrit klubs!!!
>Dad?DAAAAAAD?? Are you proud? Look at my ratio!!DAAAAAAD??!

Old thread: >New to /ptg/? Have an inquiry? Consult the wiki or the PDF before asking redundant questions

>If you have a question check Google and if you can't find an adequate answer, ask here.

>What.CD interview info:
whatinterviewprep.com/ and the wiki

>Various tracker IRCs and sites open for signup:

Use as a link to find the /ptg/ thread.

Remember the following:
>staff occasionally read these generals and have posted here before
>staff may pretend to be normal users asking for invites and when you invite them, they ban you for inviting strangers
>sneaky bastards will try to convince you into believing that cheating can be evaded, it can't and you will be banned with those bastards laughing at you
>people may report emails and other personal info posted here to staff to get you banned
>most of the invite offers here are people trolling you with false hope - begging for invites is a waste of time and you should just interview at What.cd

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First for Desi.CD

First for Cameo

>tfw no gf

Why should i give a fuck about hdbits? There is PTP and AHD. Whats the purpose of hdbits?

I am on bB and there's definitely no HDB in the forums

Just reminding everybody that Bigboyz got me into HDBits and that anybody who thinks otherwise is deluded.

Can you hurry up and say where exactly you got the HDB invite (tracker and userclass)

Not anymore. Now you have to go from Bigboyz to PTP and then HDBits. Which is not really that much harder.


Which user class?

Bigboyz Elite.

I got it from Bigboyz last year but you have to go to PTP TM these days.

Post a screenshot of that, I don't meet the requirements for Elite yet.

>Whats the purpose of hdbits?
providing encodes for PTP :^)

>200 uploads
>on a fucking movie tracker
That's impossible user

There's no thread anymore. Nothing to screenshot. That's how we got into HDB last year. HDB wipes their threads if enough people know about where they currently recruit.

Movies are easy to upload, user. With public trackers as a source alone you could upload 5 movies a day.

Alright so just maximize your rank on a lot of trackers.
PTP, AHD, bB, WCD, BTN, are these good to aim for a good rank on?

Quit fucking lying, name 5 movies that are on public trackers and not on PTP.


> breaking copyright laws
> having rules and a hierarchy of leeches

wew lads

Also what about maximizing rank on SDB

>PTP, AHD, bB, WCD, BTN, are these good to aim for a good rank on?

PTP and BIB are the only trackers HDB currently recruits on. AHD sometimes. BTN rarely. Bigboyz used to but maybe never again.

>tfw on OT
>tfw /setforlife/

We don't break copywrite laws for the love of breaking rules. We break copywrite laws for the vastly improved access to digital media. Websites with rules end up being better quality so we follow those rules.

PU or Elite on Bib?

Do you only need porn?

Is there anything at all in the invite forums on OT?

what else would I need?

HDB (but don't tell anyone)

Are you even on Bib?

No but I'll apply as soon as I get this fucking online library thing sorted

I'm highly ranked on a team-specific college football private tracker

They don't check. Just lie and tell them you have it.

Just lie about it like everybody else.

The recruiter says he will check your uploads for retails ebooks though (on bB). Also I do have it so it wouldn't be a lie, I just need to upload a few books from the library onto bB or he won't accept.

Oh, fair enough.
I got in through what.cd where they don't check anything.

Haha I'm so glad I got in before they had to weed you guys out with that new shit.

Invite me user :^) just post it in hd-space hehehe

edit: or pornbay
edit: thanks for the gold!

Okay should I include cover.jpg and metadata.opf in my epub upload?

This seriously boggles my mind. People are treating torrents like a competition now? What's the point? Who in fuck's name does this?

I'll never really understand people.

The point is to get to a rank so you can join a good tracker where there are no normies who will dilute the quality of the tracker and content.

In short, autism.

That doesn't exist you complete autist loser.

those saying you cant cheat on a private tracker, they are wrong. a big community are hard to keep track on. so you can quietly rake the terabytes. keep that 1000000000/1 asymmetric with your isp


Does SIG recruit anywhere?

yeah here

Can I join your secret club?

Does BTN recruitment on PTP have any requirements besides being Power User?

you need to send the recruiter a pic of your penis with time stamp, she only invites +7 inchers

Does Feral really rat out their customers?

Okay, that's no problem.


Only if you're on the Argon plan or lower.

>Sent ;)

I know you're here


No seedbox does this.

Not with a picture like that, no.

>tfw only up to animebytes

its kind of hard to sit here in comfort and safety while the owner of kat is sitting in jail.

feel bad for the guy.

Don't feel bad for ukrainian mob boss


[spoiler]anime girls will get you in[/spoiler]


Can I upload let's play videos to ptp?


Does neo /ptg/ have a comfy IRC channel?


Yes, link it here then.

Who /blacklistedbyautosnatchers/ here?

Probably not the right place for this but is there anything like a private tracker for live sports? I'm so sick of watching horrible non-acestream streams with ads everywhere and low quality.

Any ideas?

BTN is the number one TV tracker.
While you climb the pyramid any decent scene tracker will do for you.

I'm looking for private streaming communities, not recorded stuff.

Out of curiosity though, does BTN have all EPL matches?

Give me something to do, /ptg/.
I have Tekhnolyze all encoded, but putting it together isn't really striking my fancy right now. Fixing the signs for episode 8 of Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei was such a pain that it's put me off that for a day or so. After finding that Nirvana concert in 60fps, I was hoping to find more, but this Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii was just field blended 24fps shit. There's now something better than that TBB crap but this DVD was nowhere near worth the effort.

I like doing 60fps content since so often people ruin interlaced by decimating it down to 30, but finding it is kinda hard, since you don't know if 30i is telecined 24, hybrid, some blended monstrosity, or 60fps.

Fucking hell, I can't wait for Cinemageddon to come back. I need my 70s and 80s horror fix, bad. PTP has a good selection of that kind of stuff, but it can't touch CG's library.

Well shit, this Alice in Chains DVD is borked.

can anyone look for me if there is football manager for linux in any tracker

>not anymore
>implying there ever was HDB recruitment in BullshitBits
why would anyone waste time to join that shit. Just get into PTP from AB or WCD like any other normal person.
The few who are worthy will get into HDB... eventually :)

Is rutracker a good alternative for plebs used to KAT and piratebay?

How likely is it that it'll get removed? Also how likely is it that the torrents there will have trojans and coin miners.

Damn, I had to break out DVD Decrypter on that. I haven't had to do that in a loooong time.

I want to upload few [ASL] (anime sharing) torrents to what.cd, should i attach release.nfo?

rutracker is generally much better than ptb
can't speak for KAT, haven't used

MTV is really shit for packs, even freshon is way better

Isn't Freshon just generally better than MTV? Of course BTN is the best but other than that.

It's only better for packs. MTV mirrors BTN episodes but not packs.

Problem with MTV is that nobody uploads packs at all

So MTV is even worse than your average scene tracker. topkek

This has got to be some low-level bait. MTV is much better than freshon and has packs for most shows.

Is it possible to find movies or formats on AHD that aren't on PTP yet?

There's an invite thread on wcd for a tracker called extreme bits. Which sounds like some hardcore porn but is apparently about extreme sports. If that's your thing.

Why is freshon red in the tracker chart?

You realise how idiot you are, no?
MTV has even his own internal release which it's aswell uploaded both on HDB/BTN.

If all private trackers would get rid of idiots like this one, we would have only nice things.

>and has packs for most shows
most dead

account disabled

>calls me an idiot
>can't even come up with an argument

I know it hurts so much that you're not part of the THE TV archive known as BTN, but you might want to lower that edge a bit still.

Did you even read his response? lol

>MTV has even his own internal release

What the fuck does this even mean you retard?

If you can't figure that out I'm sorry but your problems are much worse.

That your mom it's not home right now.
Im on BTN for 4 years when you idiot/idiots didn't even know what's PT .
Fuck you.
Fuck your mother.
Fuck BTN.
Fuck MTV.
Fuck Freshon aka " I have database at the cops "

I just show you and that other idiot that you are just a simple muslim or dafuq do you are with no clue about this world.
Go the fuck back to public.

At least I don't type like a third world autismo. So I'll try and decipher your awful wording and guess that you're talking about an internal release group. What does this group release? Has anyone besides you even heard about it? Mind comparing some screenshots showing their godlike encoding skills? I'm waiting pajeet.

nice English you got there pajeet.

No it doesn't have packs for a lot of the new/current shows, old maybe but not seeded well.

It does after the seasons have ended.

Not at all, nobody uploads them other than staff. There's always only SD/HD HDTV and sometimes WEB-DL

Does the PTP elite forum section have any recruitment threads the PU section doesn't have?

You still talk about MTV? Amazing lol. Most of the packs are WEB and BluRay and he says HDTV. If i search HDTV ( SD ) you will not even find them with seeder those who are. It's even a rule that WEB trumps HDTV. ( Not backhaul case ) .

there's no bluray for new shows.
the episodes pile up until the season ends and then nobody uploads a pack, especially for 1080p HDTV

for 720p what is better?
AMZN WebRip vs WEB-DL Ntb

Amazon has a better source.

Learn to search stupid indian.


>only very popular shows and small packs of Blu-ray encodes
I mentioned new/current shows and 1080p HDTV, you didn't read

720p amzn is not good

Are you able to add different sites to ruTorrent's search or am I stuck with these?


That's the first one i found. It's curent?

I go through all of the bullshit to get into trackers and then they have autistic rules like no vpns and no having fun and no lube while we fuck you

Why can't they just be cool

>all packs uploaded by staff
confirms my point user

Is IPTorrents still the best 0-day tracker?


I don't give a fuck. If you ask me everything it's automatic there. But i don't care. I have autodl on BTN and there, i get it from the first. If i need pack, i download it from there since it's non ratio, if i don't find there i go to BTN. Simple as that.

People say the owners are really shady

idk why


quick someone post the infographic

What's the best tracker for technical training material (e.g. CBT Nuggets, INE, Pluralsight, etc.)?

There's a lot of stuff on public trackers but it would be nice if there was a site that specialized in stuff like that.

not the point, I can't seed packs if they're not uploaded after a season is over
just too bad

Is it true they ban you if you talk about other trackers?

I just show you a pack uploaded instantly after a season finished. Why do you continue? What do you hate so much at that tracker? Did you get raped by Romanians?
I don't like them but still i'm not that autistic.

i'm not hating. it's annoying that I can't seed packs after the season is over


What happens if I don't seed on RuTracker?

[spoiler]your mother will die in your sleep tonight if you don't respond[/spoiler]

How do I start climbing the pyramid?

my mom is sick that's not cool bro

read the fucking OP you retard

i don't want my mom to die

It's completely open source, so of fucking course you can add more

this, it's completely open source
just modify the code :^)

Who /2autistic/ to join a private tracker here? Cred Forums is the only place I can formulate a proper thought and convey it like a human.

How do I do that if it's hosted on a seedbox that I only have front end access to?

Looks like you'll have to get a dedicated server for $100 a month friendo

Ask the seedbox provider

Take the What CD interview

right here bro


memes aside, i would literally suck a cock to get into what.cd

But private tracker users are even more autistic. You'll fit right in.


Age: ..

Wtf user are you serious

seriously lookin for a blowey joey :^)

How long should I expect to wait for invites from the what.cd invite forum? It's been like a week, and I haven't heard anything back.

Have they logged in since you PMed them?

If yes, no response = no.
If no, wait forever.

yes they logged in

I messages the animebytes guy, he said to just send him a pm and didn't list any requirements.

Was I supposed to write a heartfelt story about how much I love anime?

Nah. Bump the PM once, and if he still doesn't respond, consider that avenue closed.

There's a good chance he just forgot about you.

they have real lives too ya know ˙ ͜>˙

You should of said that Naruto is the best anime ever. Newfag mistake you did.

>have Cred Forums and Cred Forums private tracker accounts but no Cred Forums

Is it okay if I want to suck your cock but I'm already in pt's?

I really like animebytes man. You should get there too!

ew no what ar eyou gay? lmao

The AB legend forum is the easiest way to get to HDBits

Not ok, user. What are you, a gay?

Since when is it gay to suck a man's cock?

>AB legend forum
>not aiming for Toshin forum
So weak.

how into

Empornium is shit for Amateur and Voyeur porn.
Any other good porn trackers?

Just ask here. People will sent you invites!

If anyone is interested, the AvistaZ tracker network is open for registration

Also, I only know of

Do they have other sites?

I ask you
Send me invite

On one chart I have once seen a DJ/Music PT but I fergot the name of it, can anybody help me out?

>DJ Music
Are you 12?

That guy is impersonating me.
I'm the guy you want to send the invite to.

>tfw 46 yrs old still listening to anime intros non ironically.


I don't watch animes, i'm not a homosexual who masturbates his anus with "animus kawaiis"

I wish this anti-weeb meme spread beyond Cred Forums and drive normies away from my hobby.

weebs will literally die of cancer and suicide before it matters.

nice trackers you got there

Euro Movies
YourExotic (XXX)

I'm on the last two and they are the most curry shit websites I'm on.
When I upload something that is actually /quality/ like a BD remux, I can easily get 3TB of upload.
I don't even know why I'm still on there, EVERYTHING they have is on other websites in better quality.

Does anyone else find themselves bored after getting all the top trackers? Doesn't seem like much to do get excited over anymore.

What was the most disappointing tracker you joined, /ptg/?




Get into usenet. First get into the holy trinity of indexers. Or if you get really bored run your own indexer and seek out all the best deobfuscation regexes.


Of course not. I torrent.

My diary desu

I only use PTP and BTN

>on soitgoes
>10 uploads each get 150~ views
>still not enough tokens to invite more anons
Fucking a, why wouldn't I just upload a ton of tiny files like books?
Tokens barely go up at all past a few views. What a shit system.

He asked what your most disappointing tracker is

Never heard of soitgoes, what is it

for trading links

Linls? YUou mean invites?

links to download files from file hosts

What was it about those trackers that you were displeased with?


How's YourExotic?

If it's anything like the rest it'll be shit.

Why are these threads so toxic now?

edgy kids

Only 100 users

You mean edgy man children

It got flooded with a higher than normal proportion of retards like any general that exists for more than a couple weeks


Go away nigger.

What is objectively the best/most comfy WhatCD stylesheet


Is it okay to use the same email address but differnt usernames on torrent sites??


Yes. You can do whatever you want to maintain your privacy.

Whatnificent. Ignore the haters.
>but muh clean white minimalism
>but muh dark like my soul


I don't necesarily want fuck huge filesize torrents

Then both will disappoint you, stupid fucker.

PTP all the way

Whoa what the hell lol. Why the hostility?

both are gonna make you wait 6 months so both :^)

Because you're fucking dumb. If you want small files, stay off private trackers. We deal with the big stuff.

Apart from use a shared VPN

Hmmm nah. You're fucking dumb if you feel the need to watch 30GB+ rips of movies.

From my perspective, ur dumb haha!

How hard is it to rank up on Bibliotik? Is it like What.CD where everything's already been uploaded?


It's this hard

Why does everyone shit on MTV?

because (((MTV))) is shit


It's literally just a shittier BTN for people who can't get on to BTN.

What about TvT


now post ur asl

because this generation of people is shit,
media consumption shifted online and MTV just became talk shows / reality shows for teenagers.

So their content selections is shitty?



>Hmmm nah. You're fucking dumb if you feel the need to watch 30GB+ rips of movies.

No, we're just not poor like you and the limited space on your mom's laptop you dumb NEET.

user, you're projecting again.

>implying there is noticeable difference between a 10GB encode and a 30GB encode.

If you think this you are delusional.

Because MTV is really bad compared to BTN

10GB is not a small file you dumb nigger.

it is dumbass

Fuck, you're dumb. Compared to 30GB it is. Please, delete your account and never post here again.

it's harsh to compare to btn but true
>tfw >1 year until btn :^(

What artists should I grab during what's next site-wide FL?
I play on filling up a drive with 2TB of music..

He was talking about not wanting small files on PTP and AHD.

10GB is not small no matter what you say.

10GB is well above what the average downloader will get, even on a private tracker.

the average 1080p encode is bigger than 10GB
the average 720p encode is around 5-6GB, sometimes higher

unless you're in a shithole of a tracker or exclusively download SD content, it is exactly what a user on an HD tracker would download

312c acknowledges that What.CD used CSS hacks to spy on their users: reddit.com/r/trackers/comments/52rm3f/should_i_use_the_same_username_in_various_private/d7qrllx

i couldn't tell you since I haven't had MTV in over a decade.

Here is a snippet of MTV canada's programming.

it has literally become the channel you graduate to after you stop watching nickelodeon.

Most people download the SD or smallest 720p encode they can find you dumb nigger.

PTP is not an HD tracker.

What is the tracker with the biggest staff circlejerk?

i can't believe that people don't care about quality, even in PTP
720p is the strict minimum I would watch anything

Why do you even care about BTN so much? MTV and TvT are honestly more worth it considering BTN never fucking recruits.



BTN has three threads up right now, what are you doing?

I was talking about the private tracker...

>>i can't believe that people don't care about quality, even in PTP
>720p is the strict minimum I would watch anything

Have you even seen PTP's torrent pages? Even the staff will tell you that most people want the SD or the smallest 720 encode possible, and that people tend to get the WEB-DL so they don't have to download as much or have to seed it when it gets replaced by the Bluray.

PTP users mostly just want to watch the smallest movie possible.

No shit, everyone knew that, all you had to do was look at the JS, it was a decade ago

You mean that pleb tracker known as MTTV?

I'm already everywhere, it's just not organized enough in both mtv and freshon and most users don't care about quality.
you almost never see remuxes and 1080p encodes seeded on MTV for example


>considering BTN never fucking recruits.

They are recruiting on multiple trackers right now you dumb nigger. Try opening your eyes. If you aren't on BTN you are fucking retarded.

WCD TM, AB legend, and TPS shipmate

>tracker superiority complex

You are a sad, depressing person. It's like this is all you have to live for. Sad!

it's all about ease of life. you don't want to maintain multiple tv tracker accounts every day

Thanks senpai

Well yeah, but now we have tracker staff confirming that this wasn't some wild conspiracy theory made up by trading forums.

BTN is objectively better than MTV you dumb nigger.

If you don't want the best you have low standards and it probably reflects in your everyday life. I bet you are unemployed and got mediocre grades in school.

What are the AB legend requirements? Also is it hard to upload on AB?

Hey, you're that same guy that was projecting earlier!
>If you don't want the best you have low standards and it probably reflects in your everyday life

just transcode flacs

>he's in denial about MTV being shit because he's too dumb to join BTN


Huh? What content does BTN have that MTV doesn't?

even though i'm not in BTN, a lot of 1080p encodes and BDs, remuxes, old stuff
if you remotely care about quality, MTV is shit

You must be veeeeery intelligent because you joined BTN. Please share your collective wisdom!

But MTV has lots of Romanian tv shows that BTN doesn't have

It is well known on /ptg/ that MTV is shit compared to BTN, you dumb nigger.

Pic related.

>Romanian tv shows
who the fuck wants that?

Meme show

It's quality material for the kids

Every show looks like this when you compare MTV to BTN.

Now fuck off you dumb nigger.

why are you so triggered.

Wow iPT has more selection than both, really makes ya think? I guess iPT is better than BTN

Are there any high quality general movie trackers?

I know PTP is on the lower spectrum





trolling isn't nice user :(

I wasn't trolling?

Looks like you are triggered.

I'm not the one spamming dumb nigger lol

Sorry tumblr. I know you love those people.

Who is talking about Tumblr? Where did that even come from, is that your go to insult besides "dumb nigger"?

Is GG the only active /vg/ site these days? Afaik BCG died off, and nothing else really specializes in it

Please go to /lgbt/ if you are easily triggered here.

No u

I heard about the art of misdirection tracker and it peaked my interests

Can anyone send me an invite?

You'll need to pull an invite out of a hat if you want to join

>have accumulated 5 (five) IPT invites
>barely use the fucking site
should I try selling them for shits and giggles?

They aren't worth anything

IPT itself seem to value them 10 bucks a pop, but I see what you mean. Might get a steam game or two out of it.


PTP is recruiting on WCD PU forum. Is this rare?

If by rare you mean something that has happened for years, then sure, it's rare.

Alright, I was just asking

Btw, how long does it usually take to get recruited?

Been a few weeks and haven't heard back from a recruiter? Should I bump the PM or did he just pass me over?

Sure. Just remember that at this point you are playing russian roulette.

Always PM them after 2 weeks and be polite. They will apologize and give you the invite.

You're supposed to reply after a week.


I been on tthis shit for FUCKING 8 YEARS and barely got any fuarking upload.

MTV is really shitty. I wish I didn't listen to that user in the last thread.


Too bad that's not really you

Shitty how?

Name a better TV tracker that isn't BTN

It has practically nothing on it. I can't even find shows from the 2000s

I am waiting for BTN and then I am going to dump my MTV account.

Name a better TV tracker that isn't BTN

There is nothing worth joining but BTN and I will never listen to people who say "just settle" again.

BTN > literal shit > MTV > everything else

So where do you download your TV shows in the meantime? Or do you settle by not watching them at all?

Just shut the fuck up you retard. BTN is the only good TV tracker and your shit MTV is garbage.

>he's not on BTN

I use Torrentshack. It works fine.


You got a big epeen bro xD

says the dicklet MTV shill

You must be very proud of yourself :)

Come back when your shit MTV isn't garbage you dumb nigger.

Yes I am happy with my BTN account.

What if I've PM'd a guy after 1 month and it's been another 3 weeks with no reply, and he's been last online a few hours ago?

Calm down, christ. It's just a website

PM him again. If that doesn't work, go to their IRC and ask why you haven't been recruited yet.

A site better than your site. Now deal with it in the new thread.