Seriously Cred Forums, why isn't this a thing?

Seriously Cred Forums, why isn't this a thing?

Too heavy
And yes, it's too thick for most people. Time to move on grandpa

That is a sexy fucking laptop.

4:3 is in no way ideal for serious work.

Because I want a fast processor, I want a reliable keyboard, reliable build-quality that doesn't break immediately if it's dropped or spilled on,, I want to be able to add more RAM or change the hdd if it fails, and honestly, if it weighs 2.5 pounds, sounds a little when it's turned on and lasts 5 hours instead of 10 I think it's worth it.

>Relatively big laptop filled with just batteries
No. Or they'd be dummy batteries, in which case 36 hours is also bullshit.

except it's not, remember that you don't need to carry a charger and you don't need put it inside a neoprene sleeve since it's plastic and not glossy aluminium

Not OP, but how?

its not too heavy and thick you fucking faggot, things only started taking this turn from 2010 and up

for the all the years prior to that, they were just the right size.

read my poast again nigger, i said that since you don't need to carry a charger and a neopreme sleve with a thinkpad with 36 hour battery, it becomes just as thin and just as heavy as a macbook pro

almost every laptop were like that nowadays, gazillion 13337mah battery in front and put fan on back with soldered cpu gpu and ram.

Because nobody needs 36 hours of battery life
Because yes, it is too heavy and thick to comfortably carry around for by far most people.

Remember, what a company produces is not determined by the obscure needs of some sweaty neckbeard, but by reasonable people who try to figure out what people actually want.

What mobo is the one on the one on the right?

>aspect ratio for serious work
Wtf is that supposed to mean?

Because normalfaggots have totally relevant use cases for laptops in the first place


because it would be underpowered as all hell

Neither do you in your basement.

Samsung tier explosions

it would have been more than enough power for everybody, if you need more power just get a linux box and ssh into it

>Too heavy
5-10lbs is too heavy? Little guy detected.

>4:3 is in no way ideal for serious work.
Pajeet, enough of the horse shit. Everyone knows 4:3 is much better than any short screen you're selling.

Because the research departments of companies don't believe it will sell well.

Most people use cheap and bulky 15.6" 2.5kg laptops

you need to kys

i dont work in it and even i know that i work better with 4:3

>watching movies and playing video games
>serious work

Mainly that you can't get a 4:3 monitor with a resolution even remotely acceptable for modern work
I'm not selling shit, shill
>I don't even work in it
>I work better in it
great job convincing me, asshat

Could you give out any examples of "modern" work?

EOMA-68 Laptop Housing

Posting pepes

>le modern work XDDD

>serious (((work))) on a laptop


A 1600x1200 resolution is greatly superior to a 1920x1080 resolution for modern work.

>don't work in IT
>therefore you don't use 4:3 monitors
are you thick?

15.6” 1366 x 768 LCD
10 Ah battery (approximately 6-8 hours running time)
Hang yourself, cuck.

best for shitposting

>Relatively big laptop
it weighs 1.4kg stock with 2007-era parts

I was talking about size, not weight, in that specific part of the sentence.

I think the best way to handle battery life on a laptop is having a battery you can just detach. You could give the laptop a small internal battery so you could change batteries while the laptop is turned on. Just carry as many batteries as you think you will need. Makes more sense to me than always having extra weight you may not utilize. Or like Thinkpads you can just have huge attachable batteries for people who don't mind the bulk. Modularity is the way to go.

This is literally what every thinkpad has since (and including) x240 and T440.

>Mainly that you can't get a 4:3 monitor with a resolution even remotely acceptable for modern work
That has nothing to do with 4:3 you fucking nigger

12 inches isnt 'relatively big'

Are you talking about the screen size? Because I wasn't.

Those have an internal battery for hotswapping?

>I wasn't talking about external physical dimensions

External physical dimensions =/= screen size. That Macbook has a bigger screen, but takes up less space.


Ever had to carry 3 large books up 200 stairs?

Thickness and weight make a huge difference

Where is the hard drive? Are there USB ports? Where is the battery management circuitry? Is there a DVD drive?

Overall it would be the perfect computer for me but I think it's misrepresenting how much free space there would be in the case.

Batteries are heavy

What are you some fat neckbeard? get a fucking backpack if its so heavy for you

because microsoft

>no number pad

it's shit

Big batteries are a huge safety risk.

wtf I hate lithium ion now

Lithium polymer is superior