>GTX 1060 (performance identical to Desktop GTX 970)
>VR Ready
>MUX Graphics (can switch between optimus and dGPU only)

Is this Cred Forums approved?

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>RGB bacclight gamer shit

>"vr ready"
Fuck off with this bullshit, faggot. A fucking phone is 'vr ready'

As for the laptop, needs less bezel around the screen, normal white backlighting for the keyboard and an i5 quad for $1099

>am i allowed to buy this piece of consumer electronics

Kill yourself.

But you can't do AAA gayming with a phone user.

Good luck doing AAA VR gaming with a 192 bit card, nigger.
No, 60fps is not acceptable.

What? The human eye can't eye see the difference past 360p 22fps


Uhhh did you just get of console bro ,beacuse there is a huge difference sight wise between 22 fps and 60 fps

what's wrong with a 192bit card?
It's satisfies the requirements for the Rift
It can perform well over 60fps on AAA titles


maybe when it doesn't count twice it's production cost

Your delusion is strong.

it probably doesn't cost 'twice' its manufacturing cost
this is the cheapest 1060 laptop available

It is isn't it

>GTX 1060 (performance identical to Desktop GTX 970)
When will idiots stop falling for marketing?

>Le bezel mayme

It's true though

marketing? no, its a fact
>mobile GTX 1060 Fire Strike Score :
>GTX 970 Fire Strike Score :

Gaming Laptops have no battery life. So you always need to have them connected with a power socket and at the point you could just get small form factor desktop PC instead.


He's right you know

battery life isn't non-existent but it's quite bad.
this particular model runs about 4h when web browsing over wifi

thrice then xd

The only Cred Forums approved laptops are a Thinkpad T420.

>first generation i5
>integrated graphics
>Cred Forums ready

Is this Cred Forums approved?

The XPS 15 with the GTX 960M has an 84whr battery and will last almost 10 hours doing casual shit.

Meanwhile the Blade has a 1060 and a 70whr battery meaning 5 hours+

it's so obvious that a more powerful card will consume more power, why even compare?

enjoy your 5 year old chinkpad will inferior CPU&GPU

I will. I'll use the difference in cost to buy porn memberships to exotic sites with content not found on pirate boards. And then I will never share it except for a low-res sample here and there on Cred Forums while anons call for more

Do you have any link for this ? I don't know that brand

Because the 960M makes the XPS 15 a gaming laptop when it can do 1920x1080 @ 60 in every modern game and has a massive battery life, respectable even when using the 960M.

The blade has a good battery life and the same specs as OPs random laptop.

Not my fault retards make blanket statements about all gaming laptops having bad battery life. I'm sure there's some beast with a 90whr battery and a 980M i'm missing somwhere

It's a Clevo P651RP6-G
sold by different resellers around the world (i.e. Sager, Eurocom)



>Standard one color RGB
>Back-lighting color vomit

>4.5 hours battery life
And once again fuckface up above gets proven wrong.

Even this extremely cheap gaming laptop manages to have a half decent battery life.

Junkpads are always Cred Forums approved

Have fun with your bonfire.

VR ready means it can use a vive and play games with the desktop VR min spec (i5+970). That means 1080p90fps (times two) which is a lot of fucking GPU power.

Trust me, the performance isn't as good. Im a total nvidiot with a 970m in my machine and I'd wager its 80% of the desktop when the heat isn't throttling it, which isn't that often. That is my laptop right there, just a year newer and from a different manufacturer with a gayer keyboard.

There's your problem famalam. Do more research next time.

>Is this Cred Forums approved?

here is the only Cred Forums approved gaymen laptop. go away with your cheap trash kid

>SLI 1080's in a laptop

Why do you guys have such a problem with "gamer" looking laptops when half the discussion on here is about the latest GPU anyway?

The ten series marks the beginning of a negligible gap between desktop and laptop gpu's performance user.

Because, in most cases, gpus aren't marked up with no power increase just because they slapped a glowing light on it or labled it "xtreme" or "gamr" or some shit.
It's about being an informed and smart consumer, spending your money on what you want and not what they want you to want.
I don't believe a majority of Cred Forums who posts about gpus really need their amount of power, but their wasting their money for different reasons then a "gaming" laptop are wasting their money

the 960m is not going to get 1920x1080 60fps in every modern game

you're high if you actually believe this.

why would you need an overpriced portable gaming computer? do you plan do play video games in public? no? then get a fucking desktop

Where do you find this for $1299?

Yeah, I could usually get 4 hours on my old Clevo P150EM, switchable graphics are a godsend for high performance laptop. And I liked that it had pretty fucking understated looks, save for the multicolor keyboard like in op (but I always kept it in solid white anyway).
Honestly, if it wasn't for me not needing portability anymore, and getting a nice trade offer for a desktop, I would have still kept it.

>first generation i5
get botnetted lad