Best mobile browser Cred Forums?

Best mobile browser Cred Forums?


Chrome, assuming you use host blocking like you should be anyway

I use Firefox on android, it's far from perfect but definitely better than the competition.

I feel as if chrome isn't as fast as other mobile browsers could be just me.

Firefox if you aren't rooted with proper adblock

Chrome otherwise

Chrome runs fine if you have a decent phone. If you don't, then use Firefox or Naked Browser or something.

I have the samsung galaxy s6 edge which is a decent phone.

Chrome on a windows tablet. You aren't seriously using the web on a smartphone, are you?

Well I am hosting this thread on a computer, but just curious.

Naked Browser if you don't need fancy shit.

Naked Browser,man. If you want more features than use Polarity browser.

>s6 edge
Typo or did they make an edge version of the s6?

Was 200 dollars cheaper than the regular s6 where I bought it and I was desperate to leave ios after 6 months with an iphone

woo almost fell for this meme. Thankfully the shit icon tipped me off.

I downloaded it after reading this and it looks horrible.

Chrome runs ok on my third world class phone, while Firefox runs like shit.

The absolute best is speed browser.

It's a for of lightning made by an xda nig

*a fork

Are you an idiot

The "edge" thing started with the S6

UC browser is really good
>inb4 chink apps muh privacy


Lightning, if you need a lighter one then Opera mini.

Firefox if you're afraid of botnet.
Opera if you're afraid of Google botnet.
Chrome otherwise.
Orbot if you want to order drugs.

Firefox, with uBlock

Yeah, but it does screw some sites.

this senpai

Just researched this, looks very interesting.

>This item cannot be installed in your device's country.
The fuck?

chrome is good in everything except browsing.

its laggy AF compared to samsungs own browser.

only reason i use it is because its synced with my other pcs

Installed it, looks good and is speedy with out visual lag like chrome. Seems good so far.