Do you browse ethically Cred Forums?

Do you browse ethically Cred Forums?

I do not wish to waste the bandwidth that I pay for on ads. It's as simple as that.

This. Along with blocking a known attack vector, and helps put clickbait sites out of business faster.

Thanks for reminding me to update my blocklists.

yes, I block any and all physiological manipulation called "ads".

>high quality

>not having an update cronjob


it is only ethical to browse with ads blocked as theyuse nonfree javascript and that's not good if you value your freedom

Thanks for reminding me to add a cron job when i'm sober

XSS malware is not "advertising," asshats.

Any place that complains about me blocking ads gets no more of my time.
I don't want the ads. So the only reason to show them to me is to annoy me. You want to annoy me? I'll ignore you.
We'll see who rusts first.

>he unironically uses adblock plus

Are they more concerned about the ad revenue than the content delivery? I simply would never come back.

No ads for me. Sites I like can get a free pass but others will have blocked ads.

>Block the anti-adblocking script

>POO in the LOO Express
My sides LMAO

They've launched into orbit holy kek

Only websites that offer something of value will survive when people use adblockers. For example, Consumer Reports.

Yes, I browse ethically- I block arbitrary third party requests, which are not ethical.

No, I don't "browse ethically $^)." Fuck off.

No. I used to for this site until Hiro added a barrage of ads in archived threads

Hiro's ads had malware too. Kek