Hard drive size fraud

>buy 2 tb hard drive
>it's only 1.81 tb

why is this allowed?

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muh tib vs tb

>what is power of 1000
>what is power of 1024


literally what

Why do companies say 2tb if they mean 2tib?

are you literally an illiterate?
do you even binary calculus?

First result on Google

Use Linux and you'll regain the lost gigabytes.

Kindly stop existing. I implore you.

I know that
What I'm asking is why they do that
Why not put 1tib instead of 1tb on the box

It is in TiB-s on your screenshot not in TB. Microsoft lied to you.

Because 2TB sells better than 1.81TB...

Because that drive is 1 TB, the problem here is that Windows is showing you that same space in Tebibytes (TiB).

2 TB*

TB =/= TiB

So do linux users get a true 2tb drive when they put it on their computer?

The Ubuntu guys have a written guideline.

If they configure their stuff to display TB instead of TiB, yes.

You paid for two trillion bytes and you got two trillion bytes.

How much porn do you plan storing?

This is Microsoft's fault.

The TB vs TiB thing only makes for a 2~3% difference, the real reason there's a such a big difference is that the partition table takes up space.

>partition table takes up space.
if we're talking about overhead, filesystem structures and metadata are far more significant

Harddrives are advertised with the scale as 1 KB = 1000 bytes, 1 MB = 1000000 bytes etc.
2 "TB" are advertised as

Windows showsa as 1 KB = 1024 bytes, 1 MB = 1024*1024 bytes.

Thus = 1,81 TB

>buy 1TB seagate , 1TB wd black, 3TB seagate
>all of them dead in 5 years max

>settle to 100gb 2.5" hitachi for data

It's TB, but windows is retarded and measures it in TiB but labeled as TB

>true 2tb
Just stop posting holy shit you're retarded.


>Why do companies say 2tb if they mean 2tib?

Companies never mean 2tib. They have always meant 2tb, and they have always written it as "2tb".

If anyone thinks it means 2tib, it's out of ignorance. (Or possibly because some piece of software is erroneously reporting it as "2tib" instead of "2tb" -- in which case it's the software developer who's ignorant.)

Now I'm scared of buying a bigger hard drive (currently 500GB x1), thank you.

Because that's not 1TiB