Waterloo thread

>poo in loo

Second year math getting cucked by assignments. Anyone else out there at loo?

Also fuck hack the north. Too many people on campus taking all the good study spots making their "disruptive" app

Doxxed in 3.. 2.. 1..

fuck off loser. this isn't /soc/ you no friend loser.

Couldn't think of a different word than loser? :P

poo in loofaggot

Obviously just jeakous of Mr. Goose


thats retarded kids for you

They made this long af line to suck microsofts dick as well

thats kids for ya, give their life to big corp because its prestigious

Op, you're a faggot, but you'd be much more of a faggot if you were an engineer. Fuck UW.

On the flip side atleast its not UofT

You can get one of the best paying jobs shilling for Facebook, Microsoft, or Google the moment you graduate. Life is comfy when you graduate UW and shill for Google m8.


Thank Mr. Goose

You are knocking hackathons but I bet you don't actually have a job. Companies frequently hire from hackathons.
I got my first "real" job in second year uni after a UofT startup liked my hack and hired me after a couple interviews. Whether or not your "disruptive" app is adopted or not isn't the complete value of hackathons. You meet people that will probably do very well in life, you get to work with people that help expand your programming abilities, you can even get a job, and maybe your project wins you some prize money! I've even seen a high school team have their project acquired.
Being an armchair critic is easy, but when on average the people that go to these things do better in life than you then you'll be looking back and asking yourself why you didn't at least try it.

so is this the university where you get badly defeated and your big dreams are put to a halt?

Anyone else uoit
It's not a meme university i swear the cs profs are ballers. The SE program though...

>inb4 brad the accordion god

>living in Waterwoo

Get out while you can. Seriously.

Thinking about going to uni next year. What's the best uni for puss?

The entire eng department at UW is full of pussies. They smell fucking awful though

Poo in loo.

They're ALL Indians?

No, but I have a friend who went there for software engineering

Eyyy uoit link up. Auto eng here

Western or queens


Why Queens?


Have you seen the male/female ratio there?

No I have not.
I knew about Western because there's a ton of hot girls there, but not Queens.

Well queens is western just with alot of hot rich blondes

Rich hot girls go to Queens.

How is Waterloo for CE/EE?

Where should I go for CE/EE?

>Rich girls

Welp, I'm off.

The only girl I know that goes to Queens is exactly this. She is the blonde daughter of a super gigga ultra rich corporate exec.

One of the best schools in canada

Waterloo is your best choice.

How is Uoit. Dont they share campus with a college?

I heard its filled with pajeets and they share campus with durham college.

Autistic people have no trouble getting into that college (I know first hand). The people that go there are literally the stupidest scum of the earth. You are better off not going to school than going to uoit or Durham.

Uoit is for retards who cant get into uoft

Seriously mods, nuke this thread already. Offtopic as shit.

Don't remind me of my regrets


mathnews bestnews

>implying i can speak enough Cantonese to go to uoft

Canadian Universities. Fuck you.

It's a better second language to invest your time into learning than what our gay ass bilingual French Quebecfaggots have forced the federal government to teach in all provinces as a second language. We should all be learning Mandarin actually. It's the second largest business language in the world. It's infinitely more useful than appeasing the fucking Quebecucks.

Someone needs to stand up to those dirty frog assholes that bitch until they get what they want.

anyone here @ uni of rochester?

in SF on co-op right now. OP you need to study harder. Second year was easy.

I hate hackathons. glad they work for you but I've never found them to be useful in getting jobs. Just have good marks and a good resume.

Bit of a stretch to think that because he doesn't like hackathons he's jobless, or that he has not participated in one already and it wasn't for him.

If you're actually skilled in the field, then finding a job is not challenging as long as you know how not to sperg out in interviews. There are also plenty of ways to find a job and make connections in the field outside of going to hackathons at just about any university. I personally found just straight up networking events to be far more useful, and enjoyable than hackathons.