Need a Racing keyboard and mouse setup

Hey Cred Forums,
Just bought Assetto Corsa and was wonder which would be the best racing keyboard and mouse setup to use with this game. I have a budget of $150 and tried playing with my Microsoft keyboard and Microsoft mouse and wasn't doing very well and I think it's because they're not made for racing. I'm thinking I should also buy a race car seat to play it in.

Any support would be appreciated.

why not a wheel?

>racing keyboard and mouse setup to use with this game

Are you literally retarded? You don't play racing games with keyboard and mouse dumbass.

1. Get a wheel
2. Get a controller
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Keyboard and mouse is superior as the keys are closer together and allows me to have faster reaction times. Plus the cheap ones are rubbish and I want a decent racing keyboard.

a controller with analog buttons will be far better than any mouse/keyboard for racing sims

but a nice wheel will be better again, be sure not to get a shitty one that can only be turned 360deg

>as the keys are closer together and allows me to have faster reaction times.

Controllers are from consoles though? Why would I use something made for a console on a PC. That's really illogical

I would recommend the razer blackwidow. I have been playing racing games with it for a few years and it is amazing! The mouse will not mater to much in racing games unless you play with mouse steering, for which I recommend a razer deathadder, because you can bind the 2 side buttons to brake and accelerate.

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do I set the keys to the directional arrows or the usual WASD configuration?


I have mine on WASD and my other hand on the numpad for gear control.

good idea thanks!
At least someone has been slightly helpful. The rest of you are just plain insulting.

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Yeah, some people here can be so critical against razer products or keyboards in racing games.

What does aids have to do with answering my genuine question?

you're a genuine idiot, that's what.

Just because he uses a mouse and keyboard for racing games doesn't make him an idiot. Lots of people do.

Razor is an extremely reliable and efficient product, I used to use it for typing documents and it was really comfy. Recently I bought microsoft and haven't done back.

No need to be like that. We're all friends here.

im no friend to an idiot who wants to play AC with a kb

"wants to"? It's the best way to play it on a low budget.
Sure I could go and spend $1000 on a wheel, or I could spend $150 on a racing keyboard or a razor keyboard and probably get the same if not better experience.

>buys racing SIMULATOR
>wants to get le gaymuuur twitch keyboard instead of a SIMULATOR racing wheel for a racing SIMULATOR
Jesus 10/10 return the game and buy call of duty you fag.

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