Debian Coding

Installed Debian. Cannot seem to get any form of desktop to show. Every command I have used has failed. Any ideas?


Install Gentoo, you deplorable faggot.
>debian coding
>post isn't about coding

That woukd be great...if the commands worked and I was able to install a new OS lol

The command to open a browser, install packages, etc. Nothing works.

I don't get what you're talking about, do you need to install a DE?

Yes. Every attempt to install one has failed. I get a root user error even though I'm the only damn user.

>using lol unironically

Are you root though? Type su

Install Temple OS

shell commands aren't coding/programming fag.

I have heard of Temple. Never used it. And yes, I heard you the first time. Fag.

Debian gives you the option of installing GNOME or KDE during installation so why/how'd you skip? You've done apt-get, checked sources list right.


su and login gives me authentication error

by 'authentication error' do you mean 'I typed the password wrong/typed the wrong password and it didnt let me in'?
it seems like you, at least, should probably just reinstall it at this point and pay more attention during installation.
If it still doesnt work install ubuntu instead.

You fucked up the installation somehow. Reinstall.

Anyway so you certainly did something wrong.

It's an old version of debian for i686 cpu. Used to run 32bit XP

Okay I got the root to work.

Currently installing iceweasel to gain web access.

>posting on Cred Forums via bash cli
Anyways if you have root you should be able to install whatever. Just make sure the name of the package is correct, maybe thats why you couldnt install a desktop.
But reinstalling would be easier for a noob, apart from the time.