/csg/ Chink Shit General - Emergency Edition

Yes, we know everything already is from China but in here we discuss the no/low-name cheap shit you see on Gearbest, AliExpress, eBay and similar sites.

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>Discord channel

>Chink Shit Randomiser

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I would like to open a dispute as this is not the thread I ordered and it arrived late.

Dear Friend, we verry sorry. We offer you best service real good! Please close dispute and we will refund you.

Dear friend,
please we are sorry to hear you are not satisfaction with your order. Your thread in in the sorry.
Please kind accept refund of 0.001 GB point and close dispute please.

Permanently add this to the OP pls.

>Check out what the girls are buying here

whew lad

They're also talking about chokers like we did a couple of threads ago.
We're so much alike.

It's like I'm on /csg/

Is the blender user still here? reading up on blenders it seems like the ali thing is not that overpriced. Still I wonder if you can get it cheaper, also what exactly do I need a drive socket for? Is the bundle an replacement part or does the regular blender come without one?


That's adorable. Somebody found less useful chink shit than we have.

Which Hakko clone to buy?

Can't go wrong with a 936 clone really. Simple, robust, easy and super cheap to fix if you get a chinked component.

Their mistake is not looking at the Xiaomi Storage Box®

Which ocarina to buy that doesn't have a triforce on it?

Do you have a link perhaps?

Bought a redmi note 3 32 gb
How bad did I do?

It's like everytime a trap posts here

Only less slutty, so far I mean

Don't be mean to the girls on cgl lads.

Yes or yes?

>The lasses don't even have a shark meme

>They're experts at TaoBao chinkery and agents

They've got us there user

Wow it's magnetic AND has infrared ray balls


Anyone with a recommendation for a DMM?
Also looking for beginner Arduino Kits for fucking around with.

you got the PRO version I hope ?

>every time you got something from Ali you could've gotten it cheaper from taobao
Chinked at least 100 times

>spend 99$ to get 1$ off!

God these coupons are pathetic

Anyone have recommendations for micro servos? Need to be continuous rotation.

They're anti-chinkery methods are better too, we still have faggot asking if they should extend the time or dispute

>Asuka titty mouse mats
>Asuka swimsuits

My opinion of /cgl/ has gone up

got a refund on gearbest so i have 20€ to spend.
rec me some stuff for my new setup. lamps, microphones, etc.
there is so much more on ali.

gearbest.com/indoor-lights/pp_314925.html looking at this right now

How much would you guys pay a TaoBao agent?

Two of my friends moved out to China last year to start up a company, I'd be willing to ask them to set up something for us all, if it's reasonably viable, without too much work.

>tfw no cute chink shit buying gf

Would also be interested in this + a bench top power supply.


Helps to know if you want 120V or 240V mind.

Around 20% of the product price i guess

Do you want them to stay friends? Because that's not going to happen if they're carting Santa-sized sacks of rubber duckies to the post office every day.

If you don't need a proper suply,
I got this little thing hooked to an old power brick for a simple adjustable power supply:

>no feedback

Well yeah, people buy the one appropriate to their domestic voltage because they're not spastics.

My T420 is pretty much beyond repair at this point

Get the xiaomi air 12 at gearbest for $595?


Just get a t430? or a t460?

>Get the xiaomi air 12 at gearbest for $595?
how botnetted would it be?

He could just install loonix on it

Where's the news?

Didn't. What do I lose?
I won't use this phone much so no problems I guess...

but the hardware botnet?

linux has no drivers to run the botnet.

I'm loving their threads.
They're buying lewd and cute and they aren't using any racial slurs like chink, not even once.

I pretty much only go on /cgl/ for the taobao/aliexpress threads.

I'm in.



Anyone got any promo codes??

So have the chinks gotten into e readers yet?
I want something like the kobo or kindle but I can't really justify spending 150 bucks on one.

Get a used one locally.

>any racial slurs like chink

The chinks call us lowai all the time

It'll be covered in disgusting hipster semen though.
These faggots jerk off to their gay erotica and social justice books all the time.

gwailo cunt

lowai isn't negative afaik, gwailo means white ghost or some shit.

I haven't found anything objectively wrong with TP-LINK products for the price point.

Obviously if I need some high-performing or secure appliance I'd go with another company, but for basic switching, routing, and wireless - TP link does the job really well.

What am I missing?

did staranon die? I neet my fix of 3ct lingerie

Chinks cannot into e reader user. Get a Kindle.

Nothing, TP-LINK is mainstream.

Why not just get a xiaomi?
Can a kindle read my pirated ebooks, pdf and manga .zips?

I'm so sorry to ask this over here, but I want to buy 5V to 12V step up modules, but I'm not really experienced in this electronics stuff, I'm just a hobbies with not much technical knowledge.

So, the board statesDC In 2-6V to DC Out 5-16V but how the fuck do I control how much voltage is output with this kind of circuits? I see no potentiometer to adjust the output, so how can I can control the output if I input 5v and I want 12V+?

If I input 2V I will get 5V? and if I input 6V I will get 16V? is that how it works?

i ordered a kindle 5 with some chink loader instaled
if you wait a couple of weeks i could give you some impressions

Yes, you use Calibre for that. Get a blacklisted one off eBay (usually in spares or repair), they're cheaper because normies need to register with Amazon services. You don't.

Looks like the board is generic and the voltage is set with fixed resistors.

I have the Kindle 5 for years by now. I tried the chink rom once, it's decent but so is the stock rom + calibre

why not buy something with fixed 12v output?
plenty of modules like that

That said I much prefer these ones

I ordered this cased one recently: aliexpress.com/item/USB-DC-5V-to-DC-12V-Step-up-Module-Converter-2-1x5-5mm-Male-Connector/32638868143.html

Got something better for you today;

Honey, all buyers , I hope you can understand me ,
This pair of shoes, we do not have any profits
All of our products to buyers will receive a gift
$ 1 is brought to our small shop
In return we will give you a variety of gifts. If you like
Or I can make business reports to you.
The Chinese variety of products available to you the purchase price .
For example : one day most of the Chinese people , income $ 10 .
Chinese people 0.4-2 dollars can buy a breakfast food , very full, and tasty .
I can even teach you how to do Chinese food , only need to pay $ 1 . Please sponsor me thank you.
Because I was only 5-10 dollars a day income . I was an ordinary laborer .
If you have Facebook I can add you to become friends. I love being with your friends.
Thank you see my message , I wish everyone have a better life. Thank you

You can buy a gift for $1.00.

so for $1 I can get a chinese friend? sweet

Any good budget MP3?
I'd like something that has.
>Small screen
>SD Card Slot
That's pretty much it.

Sign me the FUCK up

Sunglasses anyone?


The blenders themselves are usually good and powerful, but the containers usually fail. They start to leak at the bottom.

Save your coins for the AE coupons.

for what? I do not understand, the guy says 1 dollar is a lot and if you give him 1 dollar you will receive some random shit?

He'll send you a little trinket if you really want it, but what's more important, he'll be your friend forever

can someone translate to english?

RuiZu X08 m8

Thanks, this looks pretty good.

these chink images are pretty cute


What's with all this fucking packaging for a Shark? It's paper inside a wrapper inside a different wrapper inside a box

Also X02 if you want maximum cheapness & battery life, X06 if you want bluetooth and OK battery, X09 if you want really small but a crappy battery. They're all pretty good.
There's also the XDuoo X2 if you want to go slightly more upmarket on the build, but you pay for it.


This is an amazing gift. It actually lights up the swords! I didn't expect that it will work but when you pour some hot water it changes the image!! Excellent!


If left alone, sharks will try to eat itself out of its package. You have to add multiple layers to deter it.

Ivan you are doing it wrong.
Is of OK, all were new some time.

cgl any ali really makes you want to be a girl, this thing is just pure cuteness

Some Yihua or unnamed device should be okay.

I'd say an A-BF GS90D (not a hakko "clone" as a whole, but you use hakko tips for that) or Aoyue is better though.

Nice referral faggot

I don't like the pen type myself, having a box makes it much easier to open up and check over/repair.

whos the autist that keeps posting on /cgl/?

i just want the fucking attention whores buying underwear to leave for the proper board instead of shitting up /csg/ here

Does Doctor grandpa Huang have a chink magic plaster for effective raise male hormone level or for cure high grade autismal disorder?

/cgl/ here. we don't want you either. no men allowed here

You can repair the tip and ceramic heating element easily.

But I guess the electronics in the back are just gonna have to work.


What is /cgl/?

>What am I missing?
OpenWRT and these:

xduoo m8, the coupon still works on gearbest


The ZSUN isn't doing much switching and routing unless you invest WAY too much effort.

NEXX works but it's relatively shit as compared to a TP-Link, Tenda, Xiaomeme and so on. You quite possibly do want 802.11ac and GbE now.

Micro SD and a beast cpu.

Unfortunately that's the part that might need a bit of attention if Chang was having a bad day in the sweatshop. The irons themselves, you just get a few of them because they're dirt cheap. It saves waiting for the tip to cool if you want to change it.

Anal vibrators are just about vaguely Cred Forums, but if they start buying anime panties they're going in the oven with you lot.


Leaning towards this one then.
Looks pretty damn good for its price.

What do you think about this?

I knew it

Yeah they're good. You might get one very slightly cheaper on sale but nothing major, that's a decent price.


Looks like an A-BF 60 watt rebrand. Or a clone. Not sure.

if it's a rebrand, it is definitely good.

>The ZSUN isn't doing much switching and routing unless you invest WAY too much effort.
I bought some of these. I also own a WR1043ND, and I'm pretty sure the Zsuns have a CPU that is as powerful as the one in the tp-link... I've done some tests. of course the wired network (if you do solder a network cable) will be shit...

>NEXX works but it's relatively shit as compared to a TP-Link
>You quite possibly do want 802.11ac and GbE now
and for that you pay a much higher price.
I myself don't need ac wifi/1Gb ethernet

>The ZSUN isn't doing much switching and routing unless you invest WAY too much effort.
oh, I think I misread your answer... install openwrt on it, it will be able to do anything an openwrt router can do, and that's a LOT.
of course you need to invest some time...

> and for that you pay a much higher price
Around $25-30, yes.

Unless you're absolutely certain that you're not going to need the bandwidth, it's probably not worth saving these $10-15 when you invest time and effort to set up OpenWRT and possibly even reconfigure or at least verify a household worth of devices.

Is there any chink shop selling 4.5mm lead pellets for airguns ? preferably high end stuff like QiangYuan
I cant believe noone on ali seels that, the chinks are beasts in shooting competitions

Today is the day fellow anons. Will you be that user that hooks up with a cutie from the /cgl/ threads?

All praise our chinese overlords

Replica Triwa Falken ($5), fake sub ($10), fabulous Sanrenmu ($7).

Triwa looks good and beats a Casio popequartz or F-91 Osama special in cost and looks.
Fake rolex is meh but I'll sell them to frat boys like usual.

Link to Triwa:

Who needs girls when you have chinkshit?


My memes so far.

Lead is fucking heavy user, it goes in containers.

Which Sanrenmu is that? Smooth? Sharp? Chippy?

is there any decent vacuum robot under 100 bucks? all is see in this category looks kinda useless...

i never had one i dont know what the fuck sould i look out for? any decent goto "brands"?

Can you link me to the sub, please.

is that a Mi couch? because that speaker blends in way to well

the ilife/beetles have quite some videos on youtube

yeah, shipping is way too expensive if I order from a western shop, and choice is meh in local gun shops
buying packs of 5 or less should keep weight low enough

Nope, but if they make one i buy it.

Anyone knows some good cheap foam eartips?

What brings you to buy chink airgun pellets? I can't imagine them being better than western pellets

Does the sub dial work on the Triwa? How is the strap quality?

they seem to go around ~140 bucks, which im not sure im willing to spend on something i might not like

Can anyone recommend some super comfy chink slippers?

Here's a nice short chink shit related video to watch, pretty interesting stuff

is the aliexpress coin game rigged

Those LiitoKala's are memes? Please explain, if possible & agreeable.

Anyone know where I can get cases for old game consoles? Im looking for a SNES shell, specifically.

they have a very good reputation with these pellets
china just got 7 medals in olympic shooting that's brutal

but mainly I was hoping to find something of rather good quality, cheap with free shipping

Best smart TV box?

nvidia shield tv, not chink enough though.

You're not going to get free shipping on literal lead weights.

I would be interested in third party controllers for consoles, specifically Dreamcast. I'm not so willing to spend 15€ on an used one.

They're cheap and good, like 99% of chink shit memes.


I guess you're right, I checked dumbbells on ali even the lightests have a brutal shipping cost
I'll stick to my local shops then

It's kinda funny how there are chink memes for everything. I'd never have given a second thought about battery chargers.

probably the same (Lithuanian) autist that's been a thorn in /csg/'s side since forever

And for a more reasonable price?

m8 we're on a mission to chinkify everything

>not wanting a triforce
There's one seller without it though



I think these are Vicky's hands.

With feedback.


Is this legit ?

yes friend purchase of one today !

Good and cheap chargers. The Lii-500 can analyze NiMH and LiIons and charge 4 cells at 1 amp.

There's also the cheaper Lii-400 without the analyzing function (but same charging capability), but with a better (imo) display that shows all cells at the same time. I personally got that since I like being able to tell at a glance the status of all slots, plus I don't really analyze cells.

Gimme link pls

How are the speakers? was thinking of picking one up myself

No, they're fine.

Cheaper alternative to a (4-slot) Opus or the kinda overkill SkyRC charger with still some options and diagnostics.

Being a meme doesn't mean they're bad. Being a meme means there's something 'unique' about them. It's either good value for money, or just a must have crap item.

/CSG/ YOUTUBE - Only the best in reviews from spergs like you

Dirty Reviews - the granddaddy of them all and the man who brought us the Mixza shark meme.

Unbiased Tech Reviews - after losing his leg in an exploding chink shit accident, Unbiased dedicated his life to preventing another tragedy occurring.

Comfy Tech Reviews - bird loving Brit, most well-known for BM-800 videos and cutting peppers with chink knives.

OneBoxing Video Reviews - no narration reviews with cheesy music, pretty much a vehicle to make money off referral links

TechTablets - Still the best resource for chinky tablet and phone reviews with a ton of knowledge.

Fyodor Dostomedsky - an arthouse experiment to see how unrelated and weird video reviews can be before Gearbest rejects them. So far they've accepted them all.

Awful China Loot Reviews - famously unwatchable rambling reviews filmed by a bumbling migrant "from" Sweden

/csg/ reviews - Canadian reviewer, had to retire after his parents remortgaged their home so he could see Kanye West

SkeletonKeyStone - Set his videos to private after his girlfriend found out he had a youtube channel. Suspected to be Anthony Burch.

Being back geeeekystuff. it doesn't matter if he posts here or not.

Someone got chink'd on that thread.

I hope you didn't buy chink batteries

Always Panasonic bro.

Panasonic is the best.

I did. Nothing wrong with these, they compare well to even Eneloops.

Also no problem with muh GP ReCykos - though they're lower-end batteries and it could be better to get Ikea Ladda / Amazon Basics / Aldi NiMh or somesuch if they're available in your place.

Link to that rolex?

Fat girls cant fit in chink clothes

Anyone get chink boots? Not looking for fakes, just anything cheap and with proper foot support so it doesn't hurt ny back.

Are there any good chink android tablets?

What sort of thing are you looking for?

I wouldn't chink my boots if I were you. You looking for work steelies or something?

New, bigger model should also be fine, but I haven't ordered any of these yet.

Other model has been in operation for 2+ years.

Yea, got three. Pretty happy with the lightweight Socone running boots (they're magnets for little pebbles off concrete, though) and the hiking profile boots I got.

Sure. Various Windows and Android ones exist.

Xiaomeme Mi Pad 2, various by Teclast, Chuwi etc. ...

Looking for something cheap (somewhat), good battery life and screen, and have good enough performance for regular usage.

What size though?

I just bought the brown and black strap versions of that watch. I wanted that knife too but it didn't come up when I searched it. I ended up buying a nice looking browning one.

This is my first purchase from the /csg/ threads and I just had to try those watches at that price lol

Doesn't really matter honestly.

Ya, that's kinda the general description of Chinese tablets. They don't tend to be high-end.

But this description doesn't really help.

Well, just go have look at the tablets on geekbuying, gearbest, aliexpress, etc...

Might as well just get a honking great big chinkphone then. That's where the performance/price starts getting good, and big batteries are a thing now.

Just for hiking and such, wouldn't trust chink steel toe to not slice my feet off

I'll look into Socones, are the hiking profile boots from the same seller?

This one looked good but it's a little bit on the high side I think.

I already have a Note 5, so I don't think it would be a good idea, and the bands don't even work with T-Mobile so I can't connect them if I would ever have the need to do so.

I have a kindle I'm trying to get rid of. 2nd gen, keyboard, wifi. 2.5gB storage. I'll give it to you, if you like.

The Opus is good but not perfect. It uses PWM for current control instead of true CC/CV charging, this means that smaller cells are not charged safely in it (current pulses are too high). The Lii-500 is generally superior (except in maximum charge/discharge current).

The Mi Pad is really nice, you get your money's worth. If you want cheap but decent, look at the Teclast X80+ or Kindow.

who is reputable chink seller in aliexpress for xiaomi power banks?I refuse to pay 20 dollars for gear best shipping.

whats a good USB 3,0 card reader that's a proper speed?

Ali is really fucking hard on Xiaomi fakes, unless it's under say $11 you should be good.

$12 custom mousepad. I don't think most of you will get the reference. It's fucking huge and gorgeous. I love it. Smells a bit tough.

It'll air out (degas iirc) in a few months. I had a large mousepad come that smelled like a tire store for a good long while, but eventually it became neutral smelling.

Yodel tracking site is down

Is there anything else I can use?

A dowsing rod is an equally good substitute.

Sorry Geeeky, no free subs for you. Admit you post here or fuck off.

reminds me or wow, battle for mount hyjal. where did you get that? how wide is it? i was gonna order a black 30*80 one from ali for 8€.

Stop torturing yourself.

>halloween costumes
>no feedback pics of traps wearing them
highly disappointed

>being gay

I see untrappable CD's alot tho

Retail working here. /csg/ I'd spilling over.



It's already getting better, praise the chinks!

It's a loading screen from Guild Wars. WoW had it beat, but Guild Wars was on another level conceptually. Stats are on the link below, it's actually only $9.50 right now!


Could you fit a genuine Vitamix container onto these Chinese blenders?

Damn, you just made me really happy. Thanks senpai.

are the usb 3.0 hubs real or are they usb 2.0 with some blue plastic

Why do you want to get rid of it?


I'm looking to buy screw extractors and the best price currently is at bangood.
Should I buy it from bangood, gearbest or some other site? or rather, which site is considered to sell better quality items or ship items faster? (I don't think price is an issue since I could always just price match it, right?)

Even gearbest has skirts

No problem, friend. If you're getting a custom image, make sure the DPI is 300 or more. I'm unsure about the size requirements.

Happy chinking!


Anyone have a link to a cheap aux switch?

Is there any good chinkshop for clothes other than AliExpress?

I have two paintings on my wall so I took a third one and cropped it to 4:9 ratio - at least if I calculated correctly. Unsure how to check it. Pic related. Is that 9*4?


What's the battery life on those $70 Teclast/Chuwi/Onda tablets?

For $15 USD I could get a dreamcast and two controllers from goodwill, step it up

now i figured out how to calculate it. thanks. i think it's close enough.

Not fantastic, you're talking somewhere in the order of 4 hours with a 2hr recharge. Not a primary device basically.

Fuck, now I regret getting rid of my HP Stream 7, it got 7-9 hours with a puny 3000mAh 3.7V battery.


Can you guys recommend me a good chinky multimeter?

I've asked twice now buddy,

Not sure if anyone here really knows anything about it.

Anyone has experience with game controllers on Aliexpress? Saw a PS Move Wand and I might buy it.

Oh, I meant one with at least a 8" 1080 screen. If you're going for a small low-res screen obviously that extends the life significantly.

Fluke 17B.


If you could buy the same item for the same price from Banggood,Gearbest, or others, which one would you buy from?!

Recommendations are already in the wiki.

But it does lack the multimeter the Russians are currently raving about. Forget the name though.

gay beast for dem good boy points

Links and reviews for each, please. Especially, the knife and flashlight!

>fox patch is in randomizer
>the militaires sans frontieres patch isnt
poor taste

I guess you have a point.

But it's not a complete listing of the Lii-500's drawbacks. AFAIK it can't do LiFePo4, is kinda annoying with its one slot at a time display, and gets warm...

Buy from these or Aliexpress. It's not possible to tell you which one is faster since shipping times aren't that predictable to begin with unless you pick courier-type express shipping.

Free shipping kinda is "whenever a plane at that airport somehow heading in the general direction of your home has free capacity" or something.

Gearbest is usually faster for me.

"Dear Lovers" (westernized brand name) has what appears to be a factory store for their lingerie lineup.

wd.cm (cm, not com) can be useful if your shipping isn't insane. Plus there's only like an 90% chance that they still have in stock what they actually show on their webpage, heh.


What are you, gay?

Not him but LiFePo4 are great for electronics projects.

It's a mediocre solution to a problem already solved by NiMH. It solely exists to let queers play with lithium.

I come from a time when multimeters didn't have USB terminals. what's it for?

1000pcs/lot CLA softgel 1000mg*1000 softgel Improves insulin levels and reduces the blood glucose level and triglyceride levels
(from AliExpress Android)

cancer pills

nigga pls

you need 3 cells for a decent voltage level and even then it's not as good,
higher self-discharge,
less energy density,
and less cycles

Get yourself some modern cells bruh.

But I do.
They're called LiFePO4 cells.

The dream is over ;_;

Can't afford your MAGA hat now?

I feel you fellow beaner


go back

ya sé cabrón, pinche peña joto

>implying Mexico being a weak shit is not the fault of people like you being weak shits


Bleh. Modern IMRs are superior. Eneloops are great for lower voltages. There is no need to use them.

>and gets warm
Not any more warmer than the Lii-500.

Do they power your Anal Intruder 4000?

Yeah, you guys should all unite, join the army and kill all those druglords and all the Cartel bullshit.
I mean it's been more than ten years with the same problem, how much more time do you need?

Gwailo is Cantonese. Laowai is Mandarin. But you are right. I wonder what is a rude way of saying laowai

>Modern IMRs are superior.
Yet to see an IMR with a voltage as stable

Something something pinchy carbon penis, build a wall.

I don't know what you need such a stable voltage for. If your circuit needs such a stable voltage, put a linear regulator in it. Even with the inefficiency of a linear regulator, the runtime of an IMR will be superior.

so what is the go to chink pi knock off to go for now?

in the market for one maybe.

the mexican cartels were part of the mexican armed forces, and their leaders were trained in the US by the WHINSEC, ex "school of americas". if you know some history, you should know what that really means

Temple of Balthazar represent

What? Capacities for 14500s aren't that different with IMR and LiFePo4s.

And getting regulators with very low LDO in DIP for cheap is pretty hard.

I bought this powerbank, is it any good?

Orange pi pc

Thank you.
You also.

As it says in the product description. If you feel so inclined, you may use it for real time data acquisition.

i still don't get it, real time data acquisition, so you can't acquire data in real time if you don't use the USB?

Shittiest chinese laptop I can buy?

Do you happen to have the whole article?
I really want to read it.
Like, did she mean, spanish or the manner in which he spoke?

once again: this isn't terribly bad, at least compared to similar security problems. the author implies that it's a backdoor, but shows no proof of exploitability. and of course the manufacturer is able to push updates to their system... just like any other manufacturer.
in short, scaremongering, as usual, at least in these infosec circles.
in any case, no matter the vendor, you should always try using CM... or another trusted ROM

the celeron macbook clones i guess

I'm really wondering if maybe it's me writting in a way that's not easy to understand and maybe it's lost in translation because it really shouldn't be that hard to understand.

You connect it to your computer and are able to graph what you're measuring, save the measurements you take or whatever else you might need taking real time measurrements of voltages, current, frequencies, resistance and monitor them through your computer.

It's not really complicated. Is it?...

>the mexican cartels were part of the mexican armed forces
I meant some people in the mexican cartels...

>their leaders were trained in the US
the leaders of the zetas, for example.

sorry for the off-topic

oh okay

I was just kind of wondering why you would do something like that.


the last time I used multimeters, they were just multimeters, so I don't really know any applications to plugging them into your computer. so okay.

hi gramps

Yes, what possible use could there be for things like automatically measuring voltages over time...

How pointless

That's because your people are leaving your country. Trust me the wall will make Mexico great again too

Kill one druglord and two more gangs will pop up and be more vicious than the last to try to take up the space. Most cartel members are simply too lazy to do anything else.
Similar to in the US where people live in shitholes like Newark and would rather risk their lives and jack cars for the chinks then do anything else. No matter how many carjackers get shot there will always be more kids ready to meet chink demand

>Kill one druglord and two more gangs will pop up and be more vicious than the last to try to take up the space
Just keep killing them. I mean it took decades for cartels to reach that level. It will take time weeding them out too. It's better than what the US is doing with its war with drugs.

>tfw made a headset with a superlux hd668b, a $1 lavalier mic, a chopstick and duct tape

Fuck, still some chink shit is chaeper to order we

Are sharks still good or what, I'm thinking of getting another 64GB from Gaybeast since they're still under $14

When trucknuts aren't useful enough

Buy glowing bikenuts

Should I place one order of 11 of these items and pay a little over a dollar shipping for each item.
11 orders of one of these and pay 0.05 for each order?

Do you think it'll work?

B-but it's an inverted heart, user.


Oh, you're "special". Forget I said anything and carry on.

>1 order
>arrives all in one package

>11 orders
>arrives whenever

If you say so...

whatchya buyin

>I want my batteries to be xboxhuge
What are you? Some vapefag?

It only looks like a heart to you because you can't let go of the feelings of shame about how HEARTbroken your mom is at the failure that her child has been.

Talking about failure...

Screw extractors to gift a few friends.

It's hard to beat 18650 IMRs when it comes to energy density, energy/$, absolute capacity and availability.

What're the latest csg memes?

That doesn't make LiFePO4 useless.
I think that was what the discussion was about originally.

If there's no reason to use something...

But there are reasons to use 14500s

Not true. I had usb flash drives from two aliexpress stores arrive at the same time, in the same parcel.

It happens.

Oh year certainly, but if one seller is selling the one set of unit, you can almost guarantee that they'll be sent simultaneously.

Not sure of a cheaper choice. I defaulted to this one because it seems to be a white box version of a couple of brand name ones. I got the set with an extra blade, extra drive socket, and tool. Just in case. But like the other guy said It's probably the jar that will leak. Replacements are available though.

I'm not sure, I do not own one. I can take some measurements of the socket, and if someone has a vitamix or blendtec they can compare...

>2 more gangs show up

implying this is bad the real issue is you got multi state shitters instead of local controllable groups like in usa

The POTUS can easily fuck cartels up if he wanted to. As you can see Obama just pretty much did what he wanted to do albeit incompetently

gearbest, what are you doing with the camera

new hire, probably. or a disgruntled employee, or something.
hope they don't execute him/her

Much obliged. Thanks.

got pokemon 'you go girl' starter pack

Kobo mini 50 bucks

Is it worth buying a 16gb Mi Max?

I only want it for manga because my workplace doesn't allow us to bring in tablets or other "Personal Entertainment Devices". There's lots of downtime and they don't care what we do on our phones but you can't bring in other devices.

Don't intend to use it as my daily driver and I would prefer to spend less because I already have a tablet.

is priority line worth getting over registered air mail? what's the difference?

Aooko. Google his yupoo for his WhatsApp. Check out plebbit for reviews of his stuff

Is there an up to date guide to installing CM on Redmi 3 Note anywhere? Half the fucking links don't work in most of the guides. I managed to unlock loader, install TWRP and root it, but it won't get past logo after rebooting it now.

shits doing my head in, I just wanna get rid of this chink botnet

the 0.01$ one is the only worth getting.

Eh, just install CM with a dm-verify compatible method?

> my workplace doesn't allow us to bring in tablets or other "Personal Entertainment Devices". There's lots of downtime and they don't care what we do on our phones but you can't bring in other devices.
... fucking weird. Is that some thing in Asia or are you just working for some madman in Europe / the USA?

> Don't intend to use it as my daily driver and I would prefer to spend less because I already have a tablet.
Probably no then? Buy the cheapest option.

do not engage him, he is just baiting for (you)s

It depends. Some models will even say if they fit vitamix or blendtec jars. But most have their own fitting jar that cannot be swapped out with a different brand. There's a company called alterna jar that makes good quality replacement jars with warranties for most brands if your jar fails, and they're way cheaper than the official ones, but still not cheap.

16gb is the cheapest which ends up at $180.
Working for the government. I I'm just looking for the cheapest >5.9 inch phone.

Also the blender you linked is the same one that's rebranded as omniblend and JTC which are usually resold for close to 300 so yeah not a bad deal at all

It's that dude/gal working on his/her pajamas?

Does GearBest support new age slavery?

Am I asking to get my electronics owned with this thing.

I want to power some 5v shit out in the field off some extra LiPoly RC 3S batteries I have lying around. Problem is that they're variable voltage as they drain from ~14->10~. Am I looking at the right thing, a step-down?

Just bought this a minute ago but the deal is gone now.


looks like a scam.

Nevermind, it's back.

It seems like it but it's on their website.


what is the point of that???

You would want a fixed voltage step down, not adjustable step down

I've reached a new level of chinkiness.

I look for cheap items on GB that have less than five (usually zero) reviews, so that I can get double points for reviewing them.

does it really work like that?

Don't buy.

Buy this instead gaga.aliexpress.com/276713001-32732350069-detail.html

Ali Express won't let me checkout even when I disable my add-ons or use other browsers fffffffffffffffffffffuk

use the app fagit

What the fug? Did Ali got hacked? Why is this happening?

>wake up
>check phone
>Package is out for delivery

link man
I don't see any of that


I see it only if I use incognito mode, it must be for new users only
but if I try to buy them with my account it's still 1cents
fuckin' chinks

New thread needed desu


Nice, seems to work as long as you start the purchase while signed out with no cookies. It's probably terrible but for a cent who cares

Making one now, need to catch up on last thread's news too.

Can't get past the verification, how do?

Same happend with my order


I clicked buy that sent me to a login page. I logged in and got to a checkout page that looked a bunch different to normal. It had a capcha but it was easy.

Let it go

Captcha never works not in browser nor in phone

guys guys guys I got the meme hat.

same for me

New thread here

Thanks mate

China is killing us. Make America great again