How can GNU/+Linux even compete?

How can GNU/+Linux even compete?

simple, it doesn't, it's a meme

>Candy Crush is installed by default
This... is the power... of Windows 10... woh amazing!


>all those tiles

enjoy your botnet

Poo in the Loo Rajesh.

Implying tiles are bad



>actually using Gnome Maps

You don't exist.

At least post an up-to-date pic u cuck

>ads for farmville built into the OS so MS can whore you out and make money off of you

Why show this off?

Exactly, why post the best start menu at its shittiest?

>broken font rendering

>those legacy icons

Will they ever get good ones?

No, and this is why I refuse to leave Windows 7. The icons there were consistent and professionally designed to fit together, rather than the haphazard mix of new and old icons in Windows 10.

>candy crush
Wow, real professional operating system you've got there!

The days when Windows was a professional OS are long gone.

Doesn't have to....
Already superior in so many ways
Apps (that's what you call programs now, amirite?) aren't in the discussion. We're talking OS here, and its basic superiority in terms of:
Ubiquity in the real world (NTP, DNS, web services)

Keep your toy OS and keep paying for an increasingly more expensive habt.
"No man, the first one's free!!!"

This. Only shitposters and tech illiterates will disagree.

>Pajeets in charge of UI

opinion discarded

its grown on me


Kids will never understand why Win2k was the only decent version of Windows. That fucking thing was glorious and actually fucking stable.

Hell, Microsoft sent me an early version back when they still called it NT5 and it was more stable than anything Microsoft shits out these days.

Retard spotted

You should see a doctor

The only reason not to use windows is being too poor for a key or too lazy to download


with adware?

>those icons

it cannot

all I'm asking is equal battery life, not even that can they do

I am a doctor


They're not, if you're using a tablet.

Is it:
"Physician, heal thyself"
"The doctor who treats himself has a fool for a patient."

By being use full

You can make KDE look like this pretty easily, although I don't see why you'd want to do that. This just looks cluttered, messy and awful. As someone who had the displeasure to use Windows 10, the new UI is god awful, everything is all over the place, nothing's organised.

If I do who will treat you of your aids?

Same person that treats yours...

Ur a brainless basci bitch

>Ad for sugar water?
>Ads for juvenile video games
Wow Amazing Such Wow

I am a doctor..

Looks very bad. Also you can't even run shit like chrome on win 10.

>living in a meme city

Does Microsoft even hire any graphic designers? Wangblows 10 looks like programmer art, there's no way any self respecting graphics designer would come up with such a fucking ugly OS.

Even the new start menu is shit. Classic Shell is required.

>cannot uninstall contact support
>cannot uninstall cortana
>cannot uninstall windows feedback
>80% of every fucking pre-installed app is for laptops, phones and touchscreen
I have a fucking desktop, I don't need all this crap. I'm glad I got rid of ShitOS 10.

>can't even run shit like chrome on win 10

>bash on ubuntu on windows

I was gonna put debian on my laptop but I no longer have the need

Why fix what isn't broken

A crutch for a broken leg


Assuming that RAC folder is what I think it is, what bands you got in there? Do you keep them seperate from OI!?

>Ozzy Osbourne discography

My nigga.