How this is even acceptable

How this is even acceptable

nordics are too retarded for functioning address system

How is this even acceptable?

It's a fucking phone

So don't fucking complain when you can't see shit for lack of screen state.

only like 300 people live there lols

It's a very low res for a phone.

4" is enough for a phone, you fucking autist

It's an old S3 mini

I'm not saying it is not, but you started a thread complaining about lack of screen space (at least I think is about that).

And how this relate to resolution? Pic related, same page on my 5s

Social media is fucking cancer.

>posing from a phone
>screenshotting from a phone

How is this even acceptable

>not shitposting on your phone

Just neckbeards take their chinkpads for a walk.

Change your dpi

A fucking tablet


>S3 mini
>not changing dpi
kill yourself lad
>looks shit as S3 mini
what's your dpi jesus christ

>tablet dpi on a phone



How is this acceptable.

Lookup "spokane County fair" and check out that abortion of a website. They recieve hundreds of thousands of hits this time of year and it's hilariously bad, like an intro to html final.

Is this a Grand Prime?

S4 mini, mate

Jesus Christ, is that page infinite?

Oh wow you found a different yet equally shitty one, I was speaking for the spokane, WA site. God that one you posted is ugly though.

How did you changed the DPI? adb?

cyanogenmod has settings for that, also texdroider dpi changer works too (from play store) but you gonna need root for that, if you're OP, you can give custom roms a try, touchwiz must be pain in the ass with that specs

What's the point of the mobile version tho

Why are mobile sites so shit

Kek, wrong pic

Even if he had a 4k display, the text would just be bigger.

Wtf I increased the DPI and now text appears bigger, not smaller

For some reason web designers think that web sites have to look (and work) like an app.

You're supposed to decrease the Dpi not increase.

Is this sorcery? I now see more information, like on higher resolution screens

Pretty cool right? But make sure it's at a normal standard or some apps may not work properly. 300,340, and 400 work normally for me.

Ok, 240 to 220 and the interface looks pretty good, but some system apps are fucked, any thoughts?

just use a custom rom, there's no solution, once you drop touchjizz you'll thank me this site seems to be porting ressurection remix and cyanogenmod, you might wanna check it out

I'll check it out, thanks

Tfw 1440p phone

>4" is enough for a phone
Which has absolutely nothing to do with the resolution.

As a QA person, I hate you

Why thou?
I have 1k at 5" and I can no longer see the individual pixel with the native eye. Extra pixels at this level is just a waste of battery life.
They better spend their money on OLED or something rather than more pixels.

It has. Resolution and screen size are proportional.

No they aren't you drooling retard. You can have a 1K resolution the size of a 32" TV and you can have 1K resolution for 4" phone.