Has technology actually made you happier?

Has technology actually made you happier?

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Yes. Everyday I caress my thinkpad and think of how much I love it and how much it loves me.


it's distracted me with short-term goals and mild rewards.
And that's really all you can ask for in life


Not in a healthy way at least.

porn is nice

In its infancy it did, but now that it pervades every aspect of everyone's life and demands that you're constantly plugged in and knowledgeable all so you can eek out a living for yourself, it has become immensely dissatisfying and I just want a Terminator scenario to play out really.

If my bicycle counts as technology, then yes

It fucking is.


mods are asleep! post your bikes!

>Buys Apple product
>Lasts 1 day before throwing out le window

Yeah, it's the only thing I live for. Basically. Computers make me feel emotions I've never felt before.

Kinda? I have a job in it.

wrong thread?

No. but it distracts me from death's rapid approach

>Dies from technology.


sick bike yo

nice and orange

I don't know about myself, but my penis says yes.



Not that I can talk.... All of my bikes are old Peugeots/Grandis from the 80s

What's the point of those handles?
Is it more comfortable that way?

They're for putting your body lower and more aerodynamic. And they can be pretty comfy

absolutely. wiyhout it i would have nothing, no education,, no community, no one to talk to, no waifu

d.va is mai waifu

buying technology fills the emptiness inside me, if only for a brief period of time

I love programming in C and making things happen, It gives me some self importance in my life and makes me less bored by being interested in technology

feels good doesn't it

>have the devices that allow you to meet and talk to your best friends, view art you find beautiful or otherwise nice whenever you want, and do cool hobbies actually made you happier?
yes, why the fuck would you ask?
>Has fetishistizing the latest shiniest cell phones and buying/lusting after obscenely powerful hardware made you happier?
No, but ive never indulged in either. Kind of the latter when builing a new tower for vidya, but only for the sake of running some vidya I want well.

Technology is the only reason I know happiness in my life. My life is miserable, lonely, and depressing. Technology connects me to others, gives meaning to my thoughts, and provides me an opportunity to learn and explore. It provides countless distractions and opportunities for entertainment as well as ability to grow and feel accomplished.

The internet is the only reason I haven't killed myself.

a little. consumerism is probably the only thing keeping me from blowing my brains out at this point

Saves me from being bored to death on the subway and on some family reunions, helps me easily get recipes since I dont know any, I keep in contact with friends and family, job made a hell of a lot easier, chilling wouldnt be the same without videogames on a saturday, etc.

So basically, yes

>it's distracted me with short-term goals and mild rewards.
>And that's really all you can ask for in life
True dat


No, I think I'd be happier if the things I value were physical more so than virtual.


Without technology, our species wouldn't exist. That's what I believe. Without the simplest of our technologies (the wheel, cooking, clothing, maps and so forth) humanity wouldn't have evolved. I grew out of the misanthrope edgy teenager phase (thank God), so yes, of course I love technology.

Yes. Looking at and using beautiful technology makes me euphoric. I feel sorry for people born before 1970.

Technology has both made my life bearable and at the same time impossible.

I love interacting with computers building new shit and programing stuff.

But at the same time I hate the way technology is progressing into an even more less privacy enabled state due to an enabling and idiot society allowing to be so.

And I hate having to deal with idiots who don't read instructions and literally seconds after being atributed a new piece of tecnology be it a computer or a simple hand held device saying it's broken because "It'z nut woorkin liek It shuld".

I feel like technology should have stayed hard to use and at the same time a social counterpart of simpler computer or computer electronics should have been made for the general society at large with their own private social Internet.

lol no

computers make me feel useful and smart

it's the only thing that i do that nobody can take from me

there is always one autist


you made me remember all i did for the past month was look for keyboards and buy them

Programming is a nice distraction, keeps me from thinking about stupid shit that makes me depressed

Whenever i look at my c8000 i see myself. I have neither a use for me nor for it, were both too strange to be understood by masses (autism intended). We will collect dust till a use is found or someone throws us away.

no it's made me miserable

based ted was right

Ted would of liked Buddhism if he wasn't autistic.

I think you'd be the autist if you believed anything else, user
Logic isn't autistic.


Without a computer I don't know what I would do.
But perhaps that's because I've been irreversibly changed by technology. Maybe if computers didn't exist I'd be married with kids by now.

It's hard to say but I think I'd be happier.

In the end I think tools make life easier but I wouldn't say they make people happier. The thing about the modern age is that any tool that makes life easier simply raises the bar, and people have to work smarter and harder to keep up.

technology is power
ignorance is bliss

Thanks to programming I met my cute girlfriend and we're happy together more than a year already!

If I didn't have a computer growing up, I might have ended up a TV channel surfing zombie instead. That's a scary thought

I she going to cuck you with Jamal this month or the next? What do you two have planned?

No, of course not. Especially since Westen civilisation is completely fucked. liveleak.com/view?i=d1b_1471980039


I could play games all day and be happy not seeing a person

I actually did that for 3 years.

happiness is not real

If only technology hurried the fuck up.

Happiness is a meme

Technology has made life infinitely more interesting, which is all that really matters, especially since that includes jacking off

I live like a fucking God king.

An AI?

Gimme dat

>you were born too early for Chobits age

Well if we were born later wouldn't we take it all for granted? Like we do now? People in the past would be amazed by the current technology.

yeah probably.

Also onaholes

fuck off, nihilist scum

Do you think it has an artificial vagina and can give succ?

that's the first thing they would design.

woman are kinda useless if that doesnt work

>Well if we were born later wouldn't we take it all for granted? Like we do now? People in the past would be amazed by the current technology.
>*some time ago*
>Well if we were born later , wouldn't we all take it for granted? We live in the time of the cotton gin, steam boats, and 'indentured' manual labor? People in the past medieval age would be amazed by this current technology...

You know I actually do find the thought interesting, because you have to wonder how people coped with being born in the age they lived in before, and that was probably it. If you can't make the future, you may as well think you live in it....

Honestly couldn't say, has it made it easier...? what defines 'technology'? What would be taken away if our definition of technology didn't exist?

Better question is , did any of us ever start out, thinking that it would?

n-no, it might be usefull

Some of the opinions posted here are real fun, most is people saying complete nonsense but I'll dare to say I've fallen for some of your crazy memes and my computers works fine.

is that somi?

My depression started about the time I got into computers as a kid. Instant gratification ruined me.


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Mfw I do the same to my Xperia Z2.

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Get a pet dog or cat and then you will finally learn what true happiness is.

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got me laid allot more.
yahoo local chat > Myspace > Craigslist>web apps.

Got out after CL. but yea

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