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Is it any good? Reviews say its its meh/ok.

Need an ATX board.

Consider this one


Is the an ITX board with more than two fan headers and a non-retarded layout?

Muh build so far. Been saving up for my dream rig for some time now.......so close now

Anything I should change? It's just going to be my gaming/browsing machine, maybe some video editing later on. Trying to "future proof" as much as possible and trying to stay sub 4k dollarydoos


you need to actually link the build

Just get fan splitters and control multiple fans with 1 fan header.

Pardon me if I'm retarded. But does the link at the bottom of my post not work?

I bought this, any thoughts?
Would you add anything yourself? I'm able to get an extra hard drive as soon as I buy a cheapo to swap into my laptop
Only a few days till it all gets here

Just look at the list senpai

user do you know how websites work? pcpartpicker.com/list/ takes me to my list, not yours. I'm not logged in to your account.


but with this hdd


how do I look? literally hovering over the purchase button RIGHT now

Fuck, here is the right link......I hope


Personally I'd go with another CPU cooler like a Noctua or similar.

Also, no case fans?

Looks good otherwise.

Got a MSI z170a krait 3x mb and an i5 6600k for 50$~ cheaper than normal. Did I do good?


Heres windows 7 for 20 bucks (or just buy 10 from this website): kinguin.net/category/15083/windows-7-home-premium-oem-key/


>That expensive keyboard
>expensive monitor for muh 165 hertz
>that mouse


which cooler outperforms the thermalright? the case comes with two fans which I thought would be enough. am i wrong?

Arguably the D15, but it's mostly a matter of preference.

Personally I always replace case fans since they're rarely high quality, but I cannot speak for the Fractal Designs as I've never had one.

How much money should I be expecting to spend if I want a decent PC that can run games smoothly? The most intense game I'm running is Overwatch really. I'm looking to build something I can upgrade later. I'm just looking to get an estimate for a cheap decent PC.

Logical increments is a good reference.


650 - Any more than this is usually for longevity, or the luxury of running almost every game at max/60fps for a while.

Should I wait for a cyber Monday rx 480 sale? You fellow friends and neighbors think there even will be discounts on those GPU's? If so which one(s) would you recommend?

Thanks for the numbers, maybe I can build a decentish PC sooner than I had hoped

I do recomend digging for more opinions other then mine, as should be for most of what we do in life.

because build quality (aluminum) and pretty lights ( I have a fetish for LEDs)

Same thing as keyboard

I like it because 27", IPS, and I thought the higher the refresh rate the better/smoother things get?

What's the best refresh rate for gaming in general?


>because build quality (aluminum) and pretty lights (I have a fetish for LEDs)

Entirely reasonable, but I still consider it a jarring price. There are other mechanical keyboards out there that are cheaper, but I am not sure about the build quality. (Albiet, they should last long either way)

>Same thing as keyboard
Logitech makes reliable mice as well. But otherwise a good choice for a mouse.

>I like it because 27", IPS, and I thought the higher the refresh rate the better/smoother things get?

Yes, but at 1440p/144 Hz monitor, you can get one cheaper, that 800 dollar wallet killer seems over priced to me (by a lot)

>What's the best refresh rate for gaming in general?

60 is the standard, 120 is luxury, and 144 would be great for you.

(Take a note here, all of my complaints are of budget, Im assuming you have a disposable income, in which case, all that you bought was pretty good, but the prices are jarring.

Looking for R9 290 replacement, current one is kill due to bent PCI-E slot. I want to be able to comfortably game at over 100+ fps on 1080p.

FX-8350 4.6 OC
650W Corsair Gold ratings

I live in the UK btw.


Of course. I have some buddies that know plenty and are gonna help me put it together, I just wanted an idea of when I should think about starting to put one together.

Should save up a little to get that 6600k, you'll regret the lack of OC support

Shit nigga what are you doing.
If you buy a non k cpu a H170 mobo will save you money and don't buy that gaymur hardware. They take a standard mobo, slap "lol muh gaymur so 1337" sticker on it and sell it for 20% more.
Just curious, but what will you do with one 140mm case fan? Does Fractal Design jew on you with too few fans in the Define S?

I'm interested in OCing my RAM. Seems to be the only reason for my getting the z170. It might be negligible but whatever.

The Define S comes with 2 140mm fans. That's just a third to install.

Question: I have one of those Asetek Water Cooling things for my CPU. (It's also one of those that come with the pump, resivoir built in. Unfortunately, I also took the fan from it and put it to good use)

How much could I sell it for?

I was thinking 50 bucks

>i want to OC the RAM
>but not the CPU
Listen. If you want to OC, then get a decent non-gamer shit Z170 mobo, good RAM and a 6600k.
Otherwise get the non k 6600, 2133 RAM and a H170. Buying a Z170 mobo solely for the RAM is not worth it.

Google it or look at newegg, this is not your personal Ebay support page you lazy fuck.

Thanks for the advice.

>good RAM

That's not good RAM? From what I've read the Viper Elites are fine.

Your RAM is fine, but i'd get probably 3000, you can OC that, too.

Thanks for the feedback senpai. yeah I took a look at some other keyboard alternatives but the K70 RGB seems to be the best for what I'm looking for. also, I still need to track down the best prices. Example. PCPartpicker had a k70 RGB listed on Amazon for like $230 but Corsair themselves had it listed for $159. So yeah i need to keep searching for best prices. Also, it looks like the Asus MG279Q would be a nice alternative to the previous wallet killer monitor

I have nearly the exact same build, only difference is the storage. That and the case, though I previously had the same case you are considering. Ended up switching from it since while it's fairly good feature wise at the price point it has issues with noise. It has a tendency to pick up vibrations and amplify them, which was driving me crazy. Overall build quality is rather poor, consider paying a little extra for a better case.

please ignore, was meant for a post in last thread

You guys desktoponlyfags or can we talk laptop parts too?
I'm trying to find a 1080p 12.5" panel with decent gamut. seems like there's few laptops at that size these days.

I haven't heard of any laptops that small with a resolution that large. You building your own laptop or something?

the X260 has that resolution, but with crap gamut.
there are also macbooks, and a jap-only panasonic thing, but those are both at under 12".

cyber monday deals are shit. black friday and around christmas are when you should buy things.

Be cautious of some "sales" though. Monintor the price before the sale times to see if they increase them and then put them "on sale" for the original price.

Huh. My only other thought would be a tablet screen you could somehow cannibalize, assuming you really are assembling something yourself.

there are sites like camelcamelcamel.com that keeps track of prices.

I'm just thinking I'm buying an X260 and replacing the screen. it's as good as you can get for everything I want.

anything new/worthwhile coming out in the next 6-8 months in the gpu/cpu arena?

Thoughts and suggestions thus far?
This is gonna be my first rig
Mostly want to use it for Gaymn and a little bit of 3D modeling with programs like Blender
I want to keep under 1000 for now

There's Zen and KabyLake, neither of which I care about because AMD will never be as good as Intel and I don't want Windows 10.

looking good
get high memory gpu though, i think theres a 6 or and 8 gb 1060 you should probably consider if you have a little extra dough

Since you have the wiggle room in your budget, I'd add another 8GB stick of RAM and opt for a 1070 instead of a 1060.

why will amd never be as good as intel?
i'm asking because i don't know

Anyone saved any good 1080+6700k builds?

they split their focus
it means they make good deals with console manufacturers, and they're good for budget, but perf per watt competition is too much.

heres mine senpai

Don't fall for the low RAM cards. Get a 6G 1060 or 1070 or maybe a RX480 8G.
Get 16GB of RAM if you want to edit/render/whatever.
Get a better SSD, idk about Corsair SSDs..
And.. you have a case, right?

> wait for 490? or get 480

get a 1060

It's actually
/pcag/ - PC Assembly General

Yea Ill probably be adding ram to 16 eventually, if not now depending on what the final price is

Case is also the last thing im considering once everything else is picked.

For GPU what about these two?

or is there something better in that price range?


either will do

Either is fine. If you can afford it, go for the 1070.
Regarding the case, don't be a cheapskate. 50$ cases are trash, get at least something like a Corsair R200, preferrebly a R5 or Enthroo Pro, depending on what you need.


>those cards
The difference in performance between them is likely so minimal you won't even notice it, so get the one that's $50 cheaper if you can't find anything else. MSI dressed up that card to look "gaymer"-y hence the pricetag.

Also, you can probably find some 2x8 stick combos for relatively cheap.

Seconding this, get a 1070.

I was too interested in oc'ing the ram so thanks for the serious reply. But one more question: is overclocking even worth it? In my case i'm not interested im modern games absolutely but can be in the mood to re-run some old stuff and emulate ps2. I'm using DAWs with many vst instruments too. Will i regret in losing performance with h170 chipset?

what do you lads think of this mobo + ram combo



>is overclocking even worth it?
Yes it is. Especially if you want to keep your hardware for longer than 4 years.
I don't know about the requirements for emulating PS2 games, so no idea.
Will you lose performance with a H170 chipset? Yes you will, you won't be able to OC . Will it matter much? That i don't know, for raw computing power, yes of course, but for your purposed, no idea.
H110/H170/B150 are options for budget or non-k builds. If you want to OC or purchase a k CPU, get a Z170 mobo, there is no way around it.

buy $1000 setup I can afford right now. Be happy I'm not on a phenom anymore

get ssd
get another 8gb stick of ram
swap the i3 for a 6600 later
sell the 470 and buy a 490

Why are you buying a cooler if you're trying to save money?

It's GB (JEDEC standard)
or GiB (ISO, IEC, NIST, SI standard)
not gb.

Curb your fucking autism, dude.

current PC is ~5.5 years old, on its verge
planning to buy a new one, that will last at least ~6 years again, might get a new gpu in 3 years

on the verge of its death*

I gave a video card on newegg a bad review a few month ago and it's been removed. I'm guessing either newegg or the manufacturer had it removed to help with sales.

If you're looking to futureproof why not get a 1080? That'd probably last you well over 3 years.

5% performance increase isn't going to keep your hardware relevant. o/c is useless. gaymers just do it because they are autstic enough to think 3fps matters

because it's absurdly overpriced and no matter what, you can't futureproof a gpu in today's world, so why not save a lot of money by going for a slightly worse model?
also this is the max amount of money I can spend on this computer

I wanted to get your opinion on my next purchase. I'm an American but live in Europe, and taxes here are high on everything. Electronics are much more expensive. I travel a lot and have never needed anything more than a 10-year-old thinkpad. However, now I need a computer that's capable of handling video editing programs and engineering programs (autocad + solidworks). I'm coming back to America for Christmas. Do I 1) build a fixed computer and lug it around when traveling or 2) buy an xbox hueg laptop that can handle my needs?

>i5-6600K stock @3.50GHz
>i5-6600K OC @4.50GHz
>5% performance increase
Please go and be autistic somewhere else.

get a laptop
what are you going to do? put your desktop in a suitcase?

please respond

it's only $20, I don't want the oem jet turbine they come with. Might end up replacing the 200mm fan in the case, it will be a desktop unit. I could ditch it and perform the same though, I just hope it's quieter

Fair enough. I imagine it'll go down with the release of the ti, but yeah, I can understand your reasoning.

If you're only gonna move it once (US to EU) then a desktop doesn't seem like too much of a hassle, but if you're traveling around a lot, a laptop's probably more convenient.

He'd have to dissassemble it and likely ship the parts there.

it's worse than I thought.

Thanks for the suggestions guys

This is where I'm at now

Depending on how the rest of this month goes I might get it then, other wise should I just wait for BlackFriday and hope to fit in a 1070

I've never had any complaints about the stock fans that come with Intel or AMD CPUs. If I were you, I'd buy a SSD instead of a CPU cooler and case fans.

Looks good, should serve you well as is, but yeah, if you can snag a 1070, you'd probably be better off.

There is where you can shtipost all day long with your fellow aspies

even if you could do your makeup that well you'd still be too ugly too attract straight men.

needy fgt.

>Using the correct terms

fuck off mate.

Looks good, bud get a 1070 if you can afford it, you'll notice the difference.
Friend of mine got a new Skylake build with a 1070 and he told me his machine fliesy you won't regret the 1070.

Did I do ok? Selling my old rig to a friend so I'll save 500$ in that regard, figured I'd go nuts this time around. God damn red ram ruined the white black and brass colors though.

>people on the internet care about capitalization
>arguing over semantics
Autism levels off the charts.

What's the proper limit you should go for with an i5-6600K when it comes to RAM tact?
Is 3200 overdoing it or is 2800 enough?

>only 500GB storage
>212 EVO
>750W overkill PSU

You can get different RAM. It's just a lame cover. Also, get a 1 or 2TB spinny disk. 500 is gonna run out fast.

IIRC the max for it stock was 2166/2366 or something like that, but you can OC up to your mobo's max. Might be remembering wrong though.

What's wrong with the 212 EVO? Not expensive enough for you?

Why are you buying the 6700K with a budged cooler?
You have a proper overclocking board and a damn 1080.
At least buy the Noctua NH-D15 or the H100i v2 in combination with two Noctua NF-F12-PWM.
Go for black or white RAM then.
A 550W PSU is more than enough.
And since you're going overkill, grab that 950 Pro and a maybe a slightly better board.

It's an ok cooler, but i'd go for something better on a 1.5k$ i7k build.

Yeah, I know about the stock max.
It's simply that the price difference between 2800 and 3200 is hardly noticeable and I'm never seeing anyone pick the 3200.

>only 500GB storage

you're acting like he can't buy a hdd later

Maybe he didn't think of it? He asked, i responded.
Why are you acting so autistic over a simple reply some user asked for?

Oh. Yeah get the lower clock stuff and OC it yourself and save some cash.

Calm down man, I'm sure he meant no offense.

>Maybe he didn't think of it?

sure that's possible. and then he can buy it later.

I've got all my parts settled for my next setup. Rolling with an 1080 for a 1440p monitor.
How noticeable would the frame drop be if I use two 1440p monitors on that one 1080?

Ah I should have mentioned, I do have a 2tb red sitting in a server machine that I hardly use so I'll rob that from it.
>Why are you buying the 6700K with a budged cooler?
I'm not sure, I haven't built a rig in a while so I didn't know if a 212evo would be good enough or not, but everyone blows their load for it so I thought maybe it would be.
As for the psu, drop it down to a 650 then?
I'm not going for overkill so much as 'don't have to worry about it for a long time'.

dont get your bad dragon in a bunch because you got told.

3.5-4.5ghz is around 28% increase in clock speed but in most applications and games 5-10% will be the performance increase.

By the time you buy a mobo and cooler capable of supporting a healthy o/c, you would be that much closer to a better cpu or you could spend the money on better gpu or ram.

The 212 EVO is popular is because it's better than a stock cooler and it's cheap. I don't think the more expensive coolers out there are worth the price difference.

>he measures CPU performance increase in muh gaymes only

Pretty significant, probably in 4K territory, but I can't see why you'd want that bezel gap right in the fucking middle for anything where you'd get frame drops

Just get the fastest RAM there is without a significant price increase. Can't hurt, for DDR4 it's like 3000MHz I think

Computers were able to depict "4k" fifteen years ago.
>acting as if it's something new

The one I could get and is also supported by the board (also listed on the website in the supported list) is 3200. That's where my question came from it's only a difference from 10 EUR.

If you don't plan to ever get a second graphics card in that system, your consumption should never increase above 450W.
I, personally, wouldn't get a 650W and probably go for a silent 550W with single rail.

Yeah, I knew that you (he) had the Z170 chipset. Even so, the RAM will just be downclocked to 2133 by a cheaper chipset like H110

Not necessarily. There are likely to be affordable 300W cards by the end of the 14/16nm gen.. not that I'd buy one. I bet AMD's VEGA is already going to be up there at 250W, and we're only on the first lineup after the process shrink

Would it be worth getting a true spirit 140? It seems to be considered better then the 212 and it's only like 20$ more.

how did I do?

Don't need cooler (stock will be fine)
Don't need Z170 mobo if you have a locked CPU and aren't going to SLI (1060 has no official SLI capability)
Get a 250GB SSD
Unless you've got an old HDD get one

>Don't need Z170 mobo
Follow up is that a H110 or H170 mobo is what you want

ah ok traded the mobo to the Asus H170-PRO
and yeah I have a couple of spare HDDs I can use but wanted some faster speeds

what about the psu is that ok? the estimated wattage is only 260W

PSU is fine

I meant definitely get a 250GB SSD, add a HDD unless you've got some

Any not too loud fan cooler recommendations for the i5-6600K which would allow me to clock it to 4 GHz ?

ok, thanks bro

Is this fine?

I went with the 3gb 1060 instead of the 6gb to save a little money since I'm willing to turn down settings to get a good framerate (also there's virtually no difference between ultra and high/medium in like 99% of console ports)

I already have a 1tb hdd that i'm going to throw in it so storage isn't a concern.

Add 250GB SSD

Saw a video earlier claiming the Intel microcode preventing the OCing of non-K chips was just a rumor and showed that they can still be OC'd. Is it worth it to save a couple hundred bucks? Benchmark performance put an i3-6100 at 4.6ghz performing near an i7 6700k at stock speeds, which sounds pretty good for literally half the price.

I'm considering that strategy if Zen disappoints and doesn't start a price war with Intel. I'd think a cheap locked i5 would be a better OC target, but I haven't really looked into it

I'm gonna keep looking into it tonight when I get back to a computer. Supposedly ASRock released non-z170 boards that can OC non-k chips without using an outdated BIOS update, but I don't know how reliable they are. But $60 for a b150 mATX mobo and $120 for an i3 6100 isn't bad at all if it can OC to 4.6ghz or higher.

Just get the 6GB

>Supposedly ASRock released non-z170 boards that can OC non-k chips without using an outdated BIOS update
Link? I would think that the power management would suck

hi Cred Forums.

my desktop croaked and I'm planning on building a desktop instead. I'm not really up to date on what's the current specs now since I really don't pay attention much to pc world but I'd like to build a desktop that can support VMs since my line of work is concentrated on firewalls routers and load balancers. My last laptop that died couldn't handle 5 checkpoint vms (it was basically an i3 lel) but it can handle router IOUs.

tldr. What specs or build would you recommend for a desktop that has to handle VMs? I really don't care much about the vc since I don't do pc gaming much (only games that I play on pc are civ 5 and most likely civ 6) so i can splurge more on the memory and processor. Budget is about $1000. preferably intel though


Why are refurbished hard drives frowned upon? If the manufacturer fixed and tested it, then what's the issue?

I just ordered a Silverstone SG13 case, which has 61mm of CPU cooler clearance. Are there any CPU coolers in that size range that are significantly better than the Intel stock cooler? Or are they a waste of money?

me on the right

Im trying to build a mid-range computer for cheap - Howd i do?


I've seen people use large amounts of RAM in VM builds. RAM is cheap anyway, so get 32GB

Anyone in here know if you can make it so your monitors turn off and on with your PC?

-Buy the cheapest optical drive.

-Is ddr3 RAM really that high? ddr4 is cheaper for higher speeds.

-If its worth the price, get the i7, or the overclockable i5

I think I'm thinking way too hard about this.

What type of fans, airflow or static pressure, do I get for a front intake with a solid front like the Define S? What type of fan should go in the back? Are these propeller-style fans actually pieces of crap that can't even penetrate dust filters? Do I get 120mm or 140mm for better airflow/static pressure?

I don't even know right now.

Gigabyte Radeon RX 480 8GB Video Card

Why are Radeon GPU's so cheap ? Apart from their high temps and watt usage, they offer more memory for less price

do they perform worse? 3gb NVIDIA cost more than a $230 8gb radeon gpu and im second guessing my build

Look up ASRock Hyper boards. Out of stock in most places, but the h170 and b150 have external clock generators and cost around $100.

8GB of VRAM is only going to be useful if you're playing games at very high resolutions. You can play 4K games on a RX 480, but it won't run well. Most people are fine with a 4GB card. Don't worry about how much VRAM a card has, just look at benchmarks.

They gave the HD 5450 1GB of VRAM, but that doesn't mean you can play any game that requires that much VRAM smoothly. Giving a card lots of VRAM is just a way of confusing ignorant consumers and tricking them into buying low end cards.

If you're gaming at 1080p then an 8GB card is essentially a waste.

a 3GB card however is equally a waste because 1080p gaming at higher settings can go beyond 3GB on modern titles.

4-6GB is the ideal positioning at the moment.

Anyone here have a build in the MasterCase 5? How good is it?

>thinking about buying a case
>it barely fits my CPU cooler with 4mm to spare
>the official specs state that it fits graphics cards up to 120mm wide (connector to edge of fan)
>measured mine and it is exactly 120mm
Should I even attempt it, Cred Forums? The case is otherwise pretty good. I could try it and return it if it doesnt fit but that is such a hassle.

At the moment, true. But in future the requirements will climb up and thus 8gb might be able to last a year or two longer. I bought a 2gb version over 1gb back in the day and I'm not regretting it at all.

the amd fx coolers are loud as hell, the wraith and near silent 125w are the only decent ones, intel coolers still suck but amd is picking up their game.

i don't think you understood him. I don't mess with oc either seems like a hassle and fiddly to get minor increases

Id cut the itx and everything down to the point that i could get an i5 and run it until it was no longer relevant or just save and wait for amd

Which case?

BitFenix Pandora Core. It's quite narrow but I like the looks of it and the internal design.

It's worth a shot I guess, I would order a backup as well because having your components touch the side panel is no bueno. If it fits, return the backup.

I'll just use my current one if it doesnt fit. It still works but it looks like a mess and has an integrated PSU that is about ten years old now.

My cpu fan started dying on me (GlacialTech Igloo H58 PWM), is Noctua NF-A14 FLX a good replacement?
i'm not overclocking or anything, just want a silent fan that would work for many years, .

Consider a Cougar Vortex fan instead.

I'm pretty sure you'd want a 4-pin fan for CPU cooler. Otherwise it'll spin at full speed all the time.

Your motherboard doesn't have voltage control? I have an MSI Z170-A Pro which I thought was pretty low end for a Z170 motherboard and I can get speed control for my 3 pin fans.

16G DDR4
2tb 7200 HDD
tri fan backplate 480
has a viable upgrade path and the ability to xfire in the future a pabst cheaper than your build after rebates


tfw i want to buy a new pc case because my current case is old and busted and makes my battlestation look ugly but can't really justify spending £100 on an aesthetics only upgrade

what was I thinking 6 years ago when I bought this plastic LED monstrosity

CM 690 II

Revised as I got laughed out of the last thread for thinking about 4266 RAM.

not using a custom loop at this point...
32 gigglebites ram for?
Going all out and using a mid tier matx mobo?

>buy a used hdd
>it came with window 10 pre-installed
Thanks but no thanks

Thanks man. I've always been tired when thinking about these, I'm not buying anything for another few pays so just working through it.
I really don't want to custom loop, surely the cooler would be enough for some OC'ing?

>250$ gaymin mobo
Just as retarded as 4266 RAM

G.Skill Ripjaws V or Corsair Vengeance LPX? The price for 2 x 8GB 3000mhz CL15 is identical for both. Is there a difference or should I just buy the one that looks better?

Also, is Zotac GeForce GTX 1070 AMP!(the non-extreme one) okay? I can get it for like $20 more than the cheapest 1070's on the market so it looks like great value, but is there a catch?

Fuck it I'm just going to copy another cunt's build.

Get cheaper 3000 RAM, ASUS Z170-K and cheaper Noctua NH12 cooler.

I have a 425 watt psu a old gpu and a Xeon. Currently able to play at 40-55 fps but want to upgrade to a 1440p 144hz monitor so I'll need a better gpu. Would the psu be good enough for this?

AMD's flagship graphic cards are more and more delayed and I don't want to wait.

Depends on the gpu, but i'd say yes.

The old has no 6or8 pin connector. It's one of these low power cad cards.
Thinking about a 1070/fury x.

What's a motherboard that'll let me OC a 6700k to 4.5ghz at least and supports 3000MHz+ RAM?

>G.Skill Ripjaws V or Corsair Vengeance LPX

Had to choose between these two moments ago. I chose Ripjaws V since they were a little cheaper, but otherwise identical spec-wise. Although I think the Ripjaws V has one timing that's a little smaller, so I guess it has a negligible performance boost over LPX. I'd choose whichever looks better to you.

Don't you have a 4+4 or 4+2 pin? My old Thermaltake had those.
If no, then yes, you'll need a new PSU with 6/8 pin.
>Thinking about a 1070/fury x
Dunno about the fury x, but 1070 flies.

Z170 mobos.

I'd get a ~500W PSU just to be on the safe side.

>buying used hdds
what's wrong with you

>buy a used hdd
>it came with window 10 pre-installed
Wow, what perfectr service. Now i can directly go to my online-banking without any hassle, thanks Ruski Igor!

$2K AU budget. It's a reward after getting a bonus. I never spend money on myself really.



There are obviously some choices based on aesthetics.

What do you guys think of part picker's "Modest Build"? I know very little, but I've been looking at a lot of other builds and I don't see anyone else using the GPU recommended here, so it seems suspicious. I'm just looking for a decent machine that will last for a few years before I need to upgrade.

forgot pic

heres a list i had of a white and black build

Seems good. eBay has a 15% off coupon valid for the next 2 days. If you buy your parts on there you may save hundreds, could use the savings to upgrade to the GTX 1080.

>LED Memory
You should buy some LED fans and stripes, too.
Oh, and change the case to pic related, this rig will look like a blast!

Sounds reasonable hoped to be able to dodge the extra costs but well.
What's the worst thing that could happen with using a too weak psu? Could I fry parts?
Fury x has basically the same performance with a little bit better boost on dx12/vulkan while the 1070 ocs better.

what is the cheapest cpu that won't bottleneck a 1060 6gb? would an i3 be ok?

skylake i3 should be alright, might be kinda cpu bound in a game like ps2 or arma 3


Noob/first-time builder here. Are the ports on the motherboard supposed to clip into the I/O shield? I'm asking because although the motherboard is screwed in, the ports are closer to the shield on the left-hand side (pic related) than on the right hand side. Also, what are the thin metal "legs" on the I/O shield that touch the ports for?

Go ahead, enjoy your same-priced fury X, much better than this generation of cards without the added harm of driving prices down

If you draw too much then the PSU will shut itself down as safety measure. This means that your PC will suddendly turn off or reboot in the middle of your gayming session.

The pins are there for grounding I think, they're supposed to touch the metallic parts of the ports. Just push it deeper in, if the pins are giving you trouble then try bending them to the correct shape.

It's impressive you managed to earn so much money at the age of 14 cause that how old your build let's me believe you are. A shame really, cause if you were older and mature, you would get either stuff that is exceptional for the same money, or save close to a 1000 dollars on just about the same thing. Instead, you chose to be a dank memer, and i respect that. There need to be people that post in the "memes i fell for" threads.

Hi guys, i wanted to build a gaming pc with the money i earned this summer. Anyway i have 850€ and i'm from France so i chose this parts:

Seasonic G-550 Alimentation
HyperX FURY - 8Go Kit (2x 4Go) 2133MHz DDR4
MSI B150M Mortar Micro ATX Socket
Seagate ST1000DM003 Barracuda 3,5" SATA III 7200/min 1 To
Intel Core i5-4590 3.7 GHz 6Mo Cache Socket 1150
TP-Link TL-WDN4800 450 Mbps
MSI GTX970 1114 MHz 4096 Mo PCI-Express
Samsung EVO SSD 250 Go SATA
Fractal Design Case.

Did i make the right choice for this budget ? I mostly play games like Overwatch, Rocket League and LoL but i also play lots of solo games like Witcher, Dishonored, GTAV, Skyrim (with mods) and so on...

Thanks for your time.

Which Fractal Design case?

For the price of that i5 get instead an i5 6600/6500

If you can pick a 1060 (the Zotac one has a fair price here in EU instead of the MSI and Asus Strix ones) instead of the 970

You'll be fine with Overwatch (you have smooth 60+ fps in ultra settings with a 970) and f2p games, but don't expect outstanding results with games like TW3

Your choice of cpu is incompatible with the motherboard. What you need a socket 1151 cpu i.e skylake, a 6500 would be a good choice.

You savage.

DO NOT buy a gtx 970 unless you see it brand new for $199 or less. Otherwise buy a gtx 1060. Rx 470 from AMD is a good choice also.

sorry for the day late reply, but why would the GPU be the first to go? the 780 still plays everything just fine

Oh ok guys, thank you for your replies ! I didn't know that the cpu wasn't compatible haha... But isn't the 1060 more expensive ? And if i get to play the witcher on med-high settings at 60fps, it will be fine.
Anyway thank you again for your replies!

Why pay attention to /pcbg/? it's the most reddit thread on Cred Forums.

The 780 is pretty much the same as a 970, a capable GPU.


Don't want to upgrade for at least 2.5 years.
Don't think I will overclock.
Want to be able to run BF1 at a minimum of 144 fps 1080p (high settings). Average fps and max fps don't care.

Can I drop to a gtx 1060 if I will use a 120hz 1680x1050 monitor, high settings bf1, absolute minimum 120fps?



Building a budget pc, with an eye on the future. I need to replace my laptop sooner than later, and I want to go with a new desktop. I can afford to get a graphics card, but it's not necessary right now. Planning on upgrading to i5 in the future as well.

Any tips? Should I just bite the bullet and pick some better parts? Budget is under 800$ canadian,

I have a very similar build to that (i5 6500 & gtx 1070). During the BF1 beta, I was able to run it at 1440p low settings at around 50-60fps, so at 1080p you'll be able to run it somewhere between 60 and 144fps. Also it was a beta, idk how much more optimized the game will get before release.

What are you planning to do with he PC you're building? If it's gaming, I'd wait until Zen is out to do anything.

Dunno how far canuck dollaros will take you, but that build is not ideal for any upgrades whatsoever.

Near future just need for browsing, movies and excel. Gaming in future but no time for fun right now.

They don't go very far. The path is gtx1060 (it fits), then an i5-6500.
Potentially I can skip the ssd and get a better mobo. I will be harvesting my hdd from my laptop

The 970 is only cheaper if you buy refurbished. Id argue the 1060 3gb is a better purchase, because the 970 only has 500mb more usable VRAM (proven in court)

>upgrading your CPU
>actually making a plan to upgrade it
Get a medium-tier, overclockable CPU now and then you won't have to worry about it ever again until non-silicon wafers for consumers is realistic.
The upper limit of silicon CPUs was reached years ago, now Intel is just tacking features on while they work on non-silicon, giving AMD has plenty of time to catch up (maybe zen will have somewhat acceptable power at crazy low prices)((I wouldn't hold your breath personally))


Which one /pcbg/?

My brother's a cutting-edge cuck so I'm getting some parts to play around with. I want to build a compact and quiet Linux box with good multi-monitor capabilities and storage opportunities. I like the case, but I wish the top filter didn't look as ugly. Could I replace that with a solid panel and turn the PSU around so the fan is facing down or is that ill-advised?


The Apple sealed aluminum icase is the most beatific case around with some ugly, vintage, legacy parts like air vents removed

>case has square edges all around and near-symmetrical
>prominent dust filter is off-center and has curves


Personally I'd say the 60euro ASRock, more usb3 and nvme boot support. But I'd say if the asrock warranty is 1yr and the Gigabyte is 3yr then get the gigabyte

Looks good but get the 3000MHz RAM for kicks. It's like 5 bucks more

Spend 75 canadabux more for an i3 6100

Get a 250GB SSD, 120 is cramped
Don't need a Z170 mobo with a locked CPU and no SLI

Get the new platform, an Intel 6000 series with DDR4. If you're getting a 970, just buy used.

Would you guys recommend this instead?


It's about the max of what I'd like to spend now.

Ditch the AIO and get a cheaper air cooler.

Mistake. I wanted to check the power requirement of gpu and compatibility but not purchase yet.

Basically this. Looks reasonable to me for under 600

Whats the deal with a 500w psu powering an 80~ watt cpu?

Cheapest one I saw that leaves room for a 1060 or 1070

Whats the deal with a 500w psu powering an 80~ watt cpu and potentially a 150w~ watt gpu?


Do you really want that cpu cooler? After all I doubt you will be pushing that i5 to its limit that often and the stock cooler gets the job done. Intel's locked chips really don't suck all that much juice this day and age so skimping on the cooler can save more money.

Don't listen to this guy, overclocking is the least cost effective way to improve your pc. If cost is an object get the i5 6500 (non overclocking) and an H motherboard, and save the ~$100 you save on a better graphics card later on.

You can drop to 2133 ram if it's cheaper. Mobo doesn't support higher than that (2400 will work but mobo will downclock it)

first build from a recovering apple fag.


Ready to pay, just a final check. All good?

looks good but i sure hope it looks good because i'm

overclocking is free you retard
and i5 is botnet

please leave Cred Forums you consumerist filth

CPU: Intel Core i5-6600K
Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO
Motherboard: Asus MAXIMUS VIII HERO ATX LGA1151
Memory: Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000
Storage: Samsung 850 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5" SSD
Case: NZXT S340 (Black/Red) ATX Mid Tower
PSU: EVGA SuperNOVA NEX 650W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular
Total: $1074.21

>wants 6600K
>maybe will OC
>lol no, get the worse 6500
>also OC is bad, get the worse 6500 anyways
What is wrong with you?

Ditch the AIO for a good air cooler - it'll cool the chip better and won't be as loud as those shitty 120mm units are (hint: never, ever use anything less than a 240mm rad when watercooling in an ATX case).

Also: that case is pig disgusting - Cred Forums only approves the fractal design R5 and its chibi versions.

oh no sir you don't understand this case is absolute fire.

That mobo is too much, save money and get a cheaper one.

Fine if you want a bigger toolbox because your 1st fix nailgun doesn't fit into your current one - for that its outstanding. As a computer case its ap iece of shit.

Fractal really needs to make a metal front panel. The Define R5 is 10/10 but that plastic front panel is the cheapest fucking thing. Corsair doesn't seem interested in making any more Obsidian cases so there's an opportunity there.

Suggestions? The ASUS Hero's ram, ethernet, and audio features are what sold me first

also buying case fans and adding HDD soon after
Noctua NF-F12 PWM 120mm

thanks mang

Noctua coolers are good, but their fans are overpriced. Fractal Venturis are very good fans, as well as Cougar Vortexes. What are you looking for out of your motherboard by the way?

i got a 120mm noctua hsf for $20 shipped on ebay...


Just the fan or the cooler too? Because $20 for a fan is crazy.

What is my biggest bottleneck right now?


Looking for quality what it's worth, a gem comparable to the hero 7's features that you may know of


How's this look for a media / home theater build? Will probably include some very light gaming as well (emulators mostly). I'd like the case to be as compact as reasonably possible.

Looking to keep it under $300, don't need to worry about monitor, peripherals, etc. I have an extra HDD as well for storage.

The only thing I'm really iffy on is the case, I've never dealt with an HTPC/small form factor case before. I'm finding a lot that also come with PSUs installed, but I think it'd be smarter to get my own PSU.

Any tips?

Look at the post above you.

Eh kay? Im not the kind of person who thinks newest is best especially knowing that Sandy bridge Xeons can still handle everything I do without breaking a sweat On the other side Nvidia doomed 9x0 cards with legacy while amd cards get more and more optimised.
Best value now: Nvidia
Best value over years: AMD
I'm the kind of person who uses hardware five years.
>your PC will suddendly turn off or reboot in the middle of your gayming session.
That's okay.

hsf = heat sink + fan

I really like the cooler and fan added thank you very much

what can you say about the Gigabyte GA-Z170?

Get 3000MHz RAM for kicks
Ask yourself if you're really going to bother to OC

Temperature throttling CPU

Go mini-ITX

It has all the connections you'll ever need and then some.

where can i get a cheap motherboard to oc my 3570k?


Any particular reason why?

What's the deal with 120v 20amp outlets only supplying hundreds of watts at 12v?

Does this website look like fucking Ebay to you?

6 billion people got a 120mm cooler master 212 for $20
And it's not just brand, some configurations of heatsink (usually the space-efficient ones) are just poo

Yeah decade old CPUs are still fine so just get a decade old GPU it'll be fine senpai

It'll be qtp2t

You use a fury X for five years, pay your own power bill and tell me it's a better value
Don't forget to independently research and back up any memes you take as fact, it's dangerous to get advice from here

>Sandy Bridge
>decade old

Technology is still growing at a less than exponential rate nowadays, it's still safe to assume that the newest technology/architecture/manufacturing is better unless you hit a plateau years ago (like the CPU you're relating to any other legacy hardware) or the company pulls some money grabbing shit (like Microsoft, but OS's just can't really get better at all if they're already good, just future compatible)
The fury X vs 1070 is still a valid argument and a valid rivalry, but the new mini-mini pascal tech shits all over the fury's performance per watt
At max it's a nearly 250w card vs a 150w card with the biggest advantages being specific optimization

Oh my bad, here's what you want then

How is this gaming PC build?

This is my current build
I plan to buy:
500gb samsung ssd
2 * WD 4 TB HDD
Another 1440p monitor
Pair of JBL 305
V-moda mic and Philips SHP9500

Any other recommendations? any feedback? any meme missing?

>Google sandy bridge
>design originally started a decade ago
Fuck, why can't all decade old tech be any good as sandy bridge?

>le power draw meme
kys already who gives a fuck if you pay an extra 10 dollars over the course of a year

I would swap the proc for an i3 6100 setup if you are gaming. The single thread performance is better, and you're on a newer platform with ddr4

>Nvidias 250w card on suicide watch
Oh wait


Ddr4 is confirmed worse than ddr3 for gay men

The Noctua cooler I got for $20 on eBay is better in everyway than the 212.

Bad, if you're getting a 470, get an i3. The 470 will be held back by that Athlon X4. You want a modern DDR4 platform.

Also you might consider the 4GB 470 and x2 4GB RAM to save a little money

If you're looking at actual raw performance, perf/watt isn't a totally bad comparison, but perf/dollar is WAY more important
How much cheaper is the fury X? I'm curious now as I remember seeing it very close to the 1070 in a lot of benchmark


gtx 1060
evga vs msi


I know, it's a good deal, just not significant to most people buying whatever meme PC parts then adding a mild overclock, if they even do that
Oh god for your sake lets hope it is, make sure they ain't no gooks selling that

fwiw, mine is cooling a 3.17GHz Xeon at 3.8GHz

>looks like it should be in a rocketship
>not red
>would look out of place in a rocketship

any known differences in heat/cooling?

It's doesn't matter
It barely mattered last year even with the highest of overclocks on the highest-tier cards
it definitely won't matter for the weakest, least power-hungry card of this year, using the newest most power-efficient GPU tech nshittya has

MSI generally has their shit together on coolers, good cooling and whatnot
Evga does too
Look at the reviews for anyone bitching about faulty fans or noise, odds are there won't be anything significantly worse or better about either

I'm building a pc for modeling and CAD for work, preferably

selling my gpu, will use money to get a new one
should i drop 300 on a fury non x? or go ahead and spend a bit more (no more than 350) on a 980 ti?
i know the 980 ti is ahead in most games, but in dx12 the fury does start to pull ahead. I dont reall play that many demanding games, and I only play at 1080p
I think the fury should be fine, and honestly with the rest of my system being old (8350 until zen) it doesnt matter to me to have a top notch gpu
wat do

Looks solid overall.
are you sure you benefit from the Quadro?

quadro is the modeling/cad workstation card. vidya cards are useless.
Haven't decided on a mobo yet, need to figure it out/

What 650w'ish PSU would you recommend to power a 6700k, gtx 1070, 1-2 ssds and hdds each, and 2-3 USB devices and fans?

I know that 650w is more than enough and then some, but I usually upgrade my GPU some time down the road.

I'd prefer it to be as silent as possible, which includes not having high-frequency noise coming from it under load.


The i7 6950x is the modeling/cad workstation CPU, xeons are useless.

Depends what you're trying to spend. My build is very similar to yours, using an EVGA SuperNOVA 650 GS.


No complaints


Also, in general I'd rather spend some extra bucks and make sure I'm not pestered by noise in the next 5 years.

Can you recommend a low profile cooler for a Xeon E5-162-v3?

Power is 50-350Watts, with headroom to crossfire another GPU when the time comes, total cost $950

What do you think? suggestions? concerns? I appreciate any input

vidya cards use directx, modeling cards use opengl. the methods for rendering is way different. I think the quadro k620 is equivalent to a gtx 730 or something

>$1600 for cpu
>Budget max of $1500
Also, if you weren't aware, CAD programs like SolidWorks can't actually use 10 cores. Literally no benefit to getting it if you don't do a lot of post-production rendering

Could you get something better for that price with extra vram? The newer quadro cards are nuts prices though

I wish workstation cards were as cheap as vidya cards. I heard someone say that you need something like 16gb vidya card to do anything decent for modeling because of how different the architecture is

i'm upgrading from an ROG laptop that is 5 years old and never built a PC before so i don't know what i'm doing

Budget: $4-5K

Use: 3DS max/maya, photoshop, FL Studio, visual studio, gaymen. may get a VR headset if anything good comes out plus pornhub has vr videos now and I want to try them out. not going to SLI right away, but will probably sometime next year


SLI is dumb and with growing lack of support it seems to be getting more of an issue than a beefy single

Where are you seeing that ebay coupon?

i could get 85% of your specs at about a quarter of the price, you wealthy clowns just have to over-kill everything

Instead of brag about it, do it.

you pocket the difference

Gonna buy a MSI Rx 470. Should I buy a new PSU (current is EVGA 430w)?

Is this thread still alive?
Budget is $2.5k. I might wait for the 1080 Ti if that's ever coming out.

If anyone is interested in a great entry level card, you can get the GTX 950 for $110.


>founders edition
good goyim

RX 460 is
>same price
>more efficient
than the 950, the 950 is useless

Is a 1080 a good enough upgrade from a 390 for the price to be worth it? I could run witcher 3 at high/ulta with a stable 70+ with screen tearing, but as soon as I put vsync on it hovered around 50-55. I just want to play with vsync on and have a stable 60 fps.

The cheapest 460 on newegg does not have free shipping and it does not come with a free game. I would only consider the 460 if I had need for full HEVC support.

Is it possible to have two graphics cards of different types in the same system? I want to use one for rendering and one for gaming.

Which 1080 is the best?

Reporting in just to say how badass that picture looks

According to jonnyguru, the 650w versions of the EVGA G2 and Corsair RMi did not need to turn on their fans until loads got into the mid-300 watt range.

Given how nice your system is, it's worth it to pay a little more for a G2 or RMi. Don't settle for an EVGA GS (not terrible, but the fan on the first 550 GS I bought was so noisy I RMA'd it).

>free game
if its a nvidia bundle i would be willing to bet its some poorly optimized ubishit game

>no free shipping
every one of them has free shipping, maybe you should have thought about that before living in a 3rd world country

the AMD one

Can also go with the hd3p for usb type c

>every one of them has free shipping, maybe you should have thought about that before living in a 3rd world country

Let me see a screenshot. The only cards I see that have free shipping are over $110.

No thanks


It uses 110W, and they recommend 450. Depends on how much power your whole setup is using but you should be fine only being 20 W off from their recommended.

Here now stop lying on the internet

>being a fanboy

What's a good case with a lot of open intake vents at the front and bottom (dust filters are a must, not gonna use pantyhose), room for a full 240mm rad at the top, for an ATX mobo? Also has to be fully metal with decent clearance between the feet and the ground.

Don't accuse me of lying. We're seeing different things.

If I have 2 SATA connections occupied, does cause any trouble?

>windows user detected

You live in a shithole then

Why are you so rude? :(

What do you mean exactly? If you're talking about powering it then it will be the PCI-E connection from your PSU, not SATA.

Because I have a tiny penis.

nice samefag dude



I found out that by buying the CPU, GPU, and motherboard at my local Microcenter, I could save a considerable amount of money (~$50).
I now have roughly $100 extra in my $1000 budget (~$45 of sales taxes).
Should I expand on anything in my build, or call it a day?
I was thinking of a 2TB HDD for mass storage, but I don't know which models are considered "safe."
People bash Seagate and WD drives, but they seem to have better review ratios on Amazon, where I'll be buying the drive unless Microcenter has it at a better price; whereas the Hitachi/HGST drives have remarkably lower ratings.


Just get a 3tb seagate barracuda and don't look back

HDDs are almost always the first component expected to break. It's true that a single HDD has the potential to run perfectly fine for 20 years, but at the same time that is only a potential. It's a gamble.

what should i upgrade

Get 64GB RAM and a 2TB SSD.

sell the 1060 for a 480 and then thank us when nvidia decides to cuck the 1060 users a year from now


With a 1080p 60hz monitor you will not notice much if any difference between a 980ti and a Fury.

I was just asking if there's no problem with other stuff connected on the PSU.

It all looks good to me except that PSU. Look into something gold instead.

No you'll be fine.

Thank familia

Sure thing. Have fun with new card.

Should I sell my 980 Ti and get a 1070, keep the card I have and go with this?

>buying nvidia
how about you sell the 980ti buy a shotgun, put the barrel in your mouth and pull the trigger

>buying low end amd cards
Lmaoing @ it lyfe

you don't belong here

there's not a single good amd card

>implying it's not just a shitty knockoff of /r/buildapc

that case wont accept an atx psu

use itx, for $300 you could use an a8-7600, 3.3-3.8 ghz in 65w mode, great igpu that can be clocked to 1000+ mhz in bios, can xfire a 250 for gayman. basicially a locked 7650k.

here's the smallest build I could do with an atx psu if that's what you wanted. right at your budget. The ram is lame looking but it was the cheapest 2400 and the case has no window. You really want the fastest ram you can get for apu builds.

a8-7600, 8gb ram, 275gb ssd

clock the gpu as high as you can and it will be great little media and emulation rig.

If you're hardcore into retro gaming is the only reason to get an a6 as the 6400k can xfire a 6450 and the hd 6450 can be flashed with atom 15 and use crt_emudriver for pixel perfect 15khz 240p RGB output.

You sure convinced me of these hot opinions, pajeet.

>liking Nvidia makes you a shill
>forcing the shitty amd meme

finished my gtx 1060/i5 6500 build
it runs pretty well, no mans sky is freezing for me though

>he bought nms

who said I bought it?

it's a shitty port. get a refund before it's too late.

I have upgraded my GPU roughly every two to three years for the last two upgrades.
Do you think that the rx480's DX12/Vulkan performance will be relevant before then?
Or will it not matter until I already want to replace it for the next upper-mid tier card in a couple years?

Solid build overall. Like the Noctua cooler, worthwhile upgrade over an Evo if you have the cash. Attractive and popular case.

Are you sure about the motherboard? This one seems to have better reviews. pcpartpicker.com/product/C4s8TW/asus-motherboard-sabertoothz170s

I went ahead and got that one since I liked the look more, should I replace the fans in the case or stick with the included ones? pcpartpicker.com/list/jcywgL

I'd stick with included ones and that cooler and see how it goes. If you need more/better ones you can always do that later on as needed, right?

Which one, Cred Forums?

I think I have an issue with making decisions.

Definitely either the 8GB 480 or the 6GB 1060, don't buy into the lower RAM cards. I'd personally go for the 1060, but for the price you might get better performance out of the 480. I'm not up to date with my benchmarks.

A Fury could beat both (assuming you have a good enough PSU). It's on sale for less than those two cards once you add the usual Jet coupons.