Why are you still using compressed air to clean out your electronics Cred Forums?

Why are you still using compressed air to clean out your electronics Cred Forums?

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Good question, that looks like a sweet deal. Certainly beats being jewed 20€ for a can of air.

I have that. The only thing I don't like is that it heats up

>not just using a vacuum set to blow

I've always used the drapery attachment of the hoover upright.
>blowing dust into the same air you breathe.

I bought mine on Cred Forumss urging about 5 years ago. Still runs like a champ. Don't get on eBay, rip off prices. I saw on Newegg for $30 cheaper.

I've never seen a vacuum that did that. Other than a blower port on a shop vac.

>Not having a PC case with wheels.
I just roll mine out the front door and let the dust free into the wild.

Who /vacuum cleaner/ master race here?

because i have an air comrpesser you faggot

>He doesn't have the strength to lift his PC

hair dryer just werks


Googled image of pretty much my PC. You lift the fucking thing mang.

Also mine is water cooled so extra water weight.

>still being jewed and not using pump for the mattress which everybody who does camping has

This, I have one as well and you really shouldn't use it for more than 2-3 minutes at a time.

holy shit, i have this thing at work and its fucking loud as shit and almost broke my wrist the first time i turned it on.

Anything wrong with using a normal air compressor?

oil, water, mositure

>an air blower almost broke my wrist
You know how I know you're gay?

breh, the thing has more torque than like 2 vaccuum cleaners and I wasnt expecting it. Ive been powerlifting for 5 years too. Shit was crazy mane.

I have a four foot tall air compressor tank in my garage. The air blast can rip wires and components out if you're not careful. I do have to carry my equipment to the front of the garage to clean it, that's the only downside.

Even a small air compressor is worth the investment if you have a garage. So handy.

There's no way a little hand vacuum is going to clean anything as well as a powerful air compressor

How much does this thing cost? Might not use it often but it is still a good thing to own.

Also how much strength does one of these have?

Yea but doesn't it blow As well?
That is what I normally use and nothing bad has ever happen but I wouldn't want to break anything because of moisture or water.
Idk might be able to pass through the filter.

>>There's no way a little hand vacuum is going to clean anything as well as a powerful air compressor
I have the blower in OP's pic, it is basically industrial strength. I also have a 10 gallon air compressor, and unless I set it on like 150psi there would be no reason to use it over the electric blower. When you initially see the electric blower it looks like a piece of shit, which I get. My mom got me one a long time ago that was battery powered and it was awful, but yeah the one in the OP is legit.

I've never had any problem with that. Maybe some compressors have this problem but mine doesn't

air compressors pull moisture from the air and it builds up in the tank. You are supposed to drain the air compressor after every other use. Not only that but you are supposed to have a water/oil separator in line to protect your air tools.

Mm so I guess it's up to the person whether they maintain it how they should.
Still I think something electric is better.

Didn't think about that, but would the cool setting on a blow dryer blow hard enough?

How much does one of these things cost?

>Yea but doesn't it blow As well?
Yes, the typical person's air compressor will blow that. But if you actually use it for anything then it won't because you'll have filters inline. Now why someone would bring their computer out to the garage every time they need to dust it is beyond me.

Yea true, a little thing like pic related is better.

what that case

DESU the thing has crazy torque when you turn it on. CRAZY.


christ that price

$80 to $130. Depending on seller. Cheapest I've seen for new is Newegg. Cheaper used on ebay.

They go for like $50 on amazon

This, I just bought it for 50 bucks. Definitely would not pay 80-130 for it.

I'm using rakija. Works as a charm

>I have that. The only thing I don't like is that it heats up

But canned air
>can gets cold

Can't win, why try.

Maybe I should spray upside canned air at it to balance it out.

Back 5 years ago when I still used compressed air, 2 cans cost $25. Don't know price any more. But it cost me $25 to clean my PC. Jesus, even at $200 the Datavac would be worth it to me.
Not a sponsored message.

I think you should feed cold can air into the hot duster to get the best of both worlds.

are the canless hurricane things any good

Not sure. I have the one in the OP and it works very well. Though I dusted my computer like two weeks ago and it is all dusty again outside. Inside looks a lot better now.

I agree the compressed air is really a ripoff (and it seems a lot of the bitterant free brands have gone), but there's really nothing to the DataVac. Any remotely non-retarded person could assemble an approximation out of an old shop vac.

I have one too, but I've never felt remotely threatened by it. This has to be bait.

Because it's 220v euro version cost is inadequate and it would cost even more to ship it in my shithole

Don't need to. I just set up the positive pressure in my case correctly.

because i couldnt find one of those pc cleaning compressors that didnt suck.
also my local chink store started selling canned air for 2,50 so i got a little backup.