So how is thunderbolt 3 usb-c doing? I like how it will work for graphics card, fast charging and fast data transfer

So how is thunderbolt 3 usb-c doing? I like how it will work for graphics card, fast charging and fast data transfer.

Will it be the future or is it a meme like direct port?

Seems good so far but really lacking in the amount of available adapters.
Couldn't find any PCI-E - Thunderbolt 3 interface/connector last I checked. Also the amount of USB-C hubs/adapters are all still quite overpriced for now.

USB-C is still in growing pains, but android has seem to taken a liking to it, and Gopro just announced a new camera that uses USBC. (Thank god, they were still on USB *mini*, not micro)

Lots of motherboards and PCs have TB3 now. Still nothing on the Mac side of things.

Usb-c is fucking shit. Usb-b is perfectly fine and it's retarded to have to keep 2 different types of cables.

>So how is thunderbolt 3 usb-c doing?
USB-C saved Thunderbolt from becoming a meme like firewire.

Type-B is fucking retarded, senpai

Works fine with my printer faggot.

Your printer is retarded, senpai

Usb-a is fucking shit. Serial port is perfectly fine and it's retarder to have to keep 2 different types of cables.

what is even the purpose of type B

It's like

>"we need to make a different shape for printers and scanners because reasons"

>Usb-c is fucking shit

Type C is GOAT
You can run displays off it, charge laptops and do thunderbolt over it

When I get my own house, I'm going to copy LinusTechTip's meme setup of storing my computer in an separate room and just running a single Thunderbolt cable to my battlestation for the monitor and peripherals.

I think it was to differentiate between the "upstream" and "downstream" device

idk tho

nothing tops the monstrosity that is MicroUSB 3.0 though

It's USB type C. There is no USB C.

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How the living fuck is it 100W?
20w 5A?
Shit is supposed to get fucking hot.

Nah, he probably has autism.

>Thunderbolt 3 was developed by Intel Israel
Reminder that TB3 is a jewish invention and should be avoided

yeah, 20V 5A

pic related, USB Power Deliver table (TB3 uses UPD)

So is VoIP and a ton of other networking technologies you're using to access this very website

I try to avoid as many as I can

And how not do the connectars get like that?

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He meant how hot do the connectors get

It's my favorite

Werks on my machine

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Electrician here, that means it's 20 amps through 5 volts.

Have fun with your 8mm^2 x 2 cables lel.

Better get a second mortgage then, that hub he used was worth $700 and the PCIE card is around $900

Thunderbolt cables cost dozens of dollars a foot as well.

or 20 volts 5 amps


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