Post your downloads!

Post your downloads!

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nice try NSA

Its time to clean up your computer and organize your files

Are you Indian?

N-No (。>﹏

please kill yourself.

fucking wincucks never learn.

That would take a while.

N-No bully...

B-But all the programs I downloaded and use are recommended by Cred Forums!




would u mind sharing the second image, please

i i-s this where i post my screenshot of my downloads

too big to post here

can u make the thumbnails bigger so i can see the qts



nice ty


post that yui



noice quads

Also imagine how clean your downloads folder would be if you just opened magnet links instead of downloading .torrent files.

I do use magnets when possible but I don't think Nyaa has magnet links.

pro tip
for torrent ifles if you use 'save link as' then whenever you ever save torrents they go into torrent folder and then your torrent client can automatically start them
pro tip






hi isac i saw your thread on /qa/ that's really lame


dont judge

that's a microaggression.



>cant crop images
>windows 10
Jesus christ this is sad. Why are you even on Cred Forums?

Not judging but geez, what a perv!

I'm on windows server 2012 r2, nigger face, running on x42bdp monitors [of course they render points - thus needing image croping].
What is wrong with VLC? give me some alternatives then!

I'd post mine but it's nothing but porn


I keep two folders in there, one of important images (for quick acces), and another for recently downloaded images that I have yet to sort through. Recently downloaded porn images stay in the Downloads folder because I sort them first.

>free newgrounds music I downloaded 2 years ago and a zip file

Please use shana project.


can i have wallpaper plz?



I'd post mine screenshot, but I'm pretty sure pics of partially clothed to naked traps is nsfw

Who's at work?

am i supposed to paste the content of /var/cache/pacman/pkg/ here?
all these windoze fags in this thread... disgusting

like it or not, 70% of Cred Forums uses windows.

whether it be dual-booting or full-time, windows is still the most popular OS on here. the only reason you don't see a ton of windows desktops is because all the attention whores use ganoo

Sorry user, my hardware has issues on Linux.

for what nigga

also sorted by date

Just because 70% of Cred Forums posts are paid MS shills sameposting doesn't mean 70% of Cred Forums uses Windows.

Windows is a VAST minority on Cred Forums.

right-clic copy link
open torrent paste link

post the feet

Here you go familia

Why so mad?

I can assure there is no relation between the tentacles and the girl

Shaggy's expression says otherwise.

>still downloading gimp

>Forest of Faggots

Judge me

*Used to be a minority

>all those browsers

Just pick one you indecisive cunt.

feet masterrace

somebody has mommy issues

Is this the new data mining thread?

hav fun getting v&