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She's right, though.

Windows 10 is ok

epic xd


for that much money I'd be pissed too

It is a fucking dinosaur


>he doesn't turn on file extensions

Twitter people are so smart XD

they should boycott the school until they buy all new macbooks for every lab : D

#SystemWorksForMe #Grils4Tech #HarambeWouldn'tWantThinkPad

All me

>Cred Forums still can't get out of the hole that is the ebin thinkpad meme
sad desu

Pretty neat, just need some organizing.

Anything but the abomination that chiclet keyboards are.

>5 years old

i am 14 y o . jaypagg

wtf i hate women now

>tfw my 2010 dell xps 14 still looks cool

>Not installing El Cap on a ThinkPad

Is this the jungle fever thread?

No, but you may go on.

Absolutely degenerate

did you mean to post on Cred Forums?


3 4


I'm building a new PC, what's the best sound card I can get? Also what's the best audiophile grade RAM?

These are valid questions. "audiophile grade RAM" can mean RAM with the least EM emissions.

How well did that turn out dude?

>i5 that has enough power for most peoples needs and more


Debian was right to go with systemd

Actually that looks like a T410 but that's just pulling hairs.

no real issues. Still prefer Xubuntu though.

Best thing I could ask is the battery life, really.

Is it super long?

>Nobody cares about your shitty fotm anime


Slightly less then it is on Xubuntu.

I have a decent TLP config and thinkfan though. New 9 cell so it didnt bother me much.

Fake and gay


>paying that much for education that it's brely useful in the real world
>complaining about the laptop because she didn't got a mac

She is doing minimal wage or better yet a dead end job in some office.


>Mac Minis can be had for a couple hundred bucks
>there are some pretty awesome guides to hackintosh your Thinkpad
>those laptops are pretty cheap now on ebay

Makes me want to do it, but I really want the MBA's battery life.


I went and had a look at her twitter and it seems her women's studies degree landed her exactly where she was supposed to.

Just do it. Scam the recall for a free 9 cell while you can too.



>1st gen iphone

Looks like this is the dinosaur tech thread.

Why wouldn't you be able to use your own?

But the t410 is a dinosaur
The IT department should have bought t430's and replaced the keyboards on all of them

>have T420
>no mac to make OS X install usb with
How'd you do it? Just the generic "make the install USB from a real mac" process? Or did you somehow do it all from the thinkpad alone?

>back on windows
it's an improvement from eos at least

Not him but just pick up a PowerBook or Mac Mini G4. $50 and you get OS X on your ThinkPad and a neat non-x86 machine to play with. Pretty sure you can do it with OS X in a VM if you just want it done though.

are they all permanent laptops sitting on a desktop? why not just use desktops?

You need to do it from a x64 machine, don't you? Afaik the El Captain image won't even begin to download from the Mac App Store unless your system supports it. But I mean, honestly I don't know shit about any of this.

This, you may love chinkpads and whatever you want, but that particular model seems old as fuck

vmware player
run this

download this

change this in the .vmx
virtualHW.version = "9"

follow the instructions on the rutracker page fro running it, but ignore the securable.exe shit (use chrome/chromium for the google page translate shit)

Change the language to english, make new account for yourself, reboot, make butner apple id, download el cap installer

Follow this.

you need to have 10.6 to get the installer because of the app store. PPC only supports 10.5 max.

No, I've used PowerPC Mac OS X to do it multiple times. And there is no App Store in PowerPC OS X, you obtain the image elsewhere.

Never trust the Russians.

Get a chromebook if you're into long battery life.

See >there is no App Store in PowerPC OS X, you obtain the image elsewhere

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>old means broken and obsolete

How do you like OSX? i tried El Capitan on a virtual machine and i didnt like it at all.
Im not a freetard but the system is WAY too closed for me.

Why is she paying $25,000 a year?

Fuck you

I never said it was broken and obsolete
But for 25k that shit is a joke.

you got me

I liked Tiger and Leopard. El Cap is basically a shittier version of Leopard with shitty dumbed down shit. It either works, or you dont use it. Fuck wasting time to get it to work if it doesnt.

I like to so some UI customization. You cant even change app icons because of gatekeeper now.

Okay Cred Forums don't castrate me for this but what causes this to happen, just the sheer size?


I don't get it. That laptop looks like it was made in the 90s. How does this trigger anyone?

I wish I had started organizing my shit earlier.


Castrate All Men

you got me


She isn't. Her parents are.

Where does it cost that much?

Never go full retarded, dude.

too lazy to find the copypasta. Ask for the recall info.


That's all I would give that dick sheath anyway.

into the trash it goes

>3 4

i hate you

you made me look. She was working at Target?

HAHAHAHHAHA fuck, my sides.

You can disable gatekeeper in recovery.

What does this even mean?

>When her skin isn't pure like snow :^)


I was talking about dock icons. You apparently have to disable SIP (because not even root has the ability to modify some stuff) and even then it might not work.

xD |c xD |c 100 100

>You cant even change app icons because of gatekeeper now
Icons are just files within the .app directory, you do not need root to modify them unless they're system applications.

Shiny metal butthurt

I need the trash icon to be a giant horsedick though.

>being a racist sexist bigot

No, I won't apologize because I said nothing wrong.

>winrar, not 7z
>openoffice, not libreoffice
>that wallpaper with text
Other than these, MusicBee, Tor Browser, Handbrake, Chromium are pretty good choices.
This doesn't seem recent though, the win10 advertisement is there.

it means like a lot of asians, she wishes she was white and has a white superiority complex

what the fuck

Fuck all 3DPD
30 and I wish I'd never seen a vagina.

that's ok, not everyone has genetics worthy of passing on

in fact, more people should be like you. just not me

Looks like you need a better browser.

All this sperging has to stop sometime.
If I had a kid he would absolutely be the next supreme gentleman, not that that's a bad thing.

makes us weaker as a species, stick to defiling a sock and things will work out

What is it?



Not so much for myself, my sex addiction is ruining my grades.

I used to drink and now I just fap.
Swore off whores and now see no point.
I need to increase my smug cozy while "beating off" these compulsive behaviors

lol, all the power to ya bud




bump, I want some real answers


We nigger Cred Forums you say?

Nice try but my browser didn't crash.


die in a fire

>open on phone
>not a single stutter
>open on desktop
If this is not the proof we should start everything from the ground up instead of trying to maintain compatibility with 20 years old software stacks, I don't know what is.

What ancient shit are you using?


Why do you need a PowerPC Mac then to begin with if you just get it elsewhere?

Haswell i5.

You use it to make the installer, not to obtain the image.

I'm building a new PC. Which version of Windows should I install?


I use a good browser
you failed faggot

10, after all Cred Forums loves AMD and you need Windows 10 to get the most out of AMD hardware.


That's what I mean. Same shit different name.

>Trigger Cred Forums
women are better coders than men

>1 KB

>women are better coders than men

Research has shown that women are better leaders because they're more empathetic and they're not part of the old boys club. We all know that the best coding is done by large groups in enterprise companies - that's why they're so rich after all! And so if women get along better and are empathetic, I think it stands to reason that they're the best group members for programming.

Therefore, I think you're right, women are the best coders :)


>hit alt + ←
>big ass mem allocation stops

why not use a loop?

kek. computers are only a portion of that 25000


Actually I wish I still had a link to the article as it was hilarious.

95 with Bob, since this is the design direction Microsoft and Apple is going.

I don't get it.
Using firefox dev edition by the way, if that has anything to do with it.

You'd give her weed?

I'm using a debian DVD as a cup coaster :^)