Why are the iOS typing sound effects such so satisfying? makes me want to type all day

why are the iOS typing sound effects such so satisfying? makes me want to type all day.

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New lock screen sound is delicious too, and I normally never keep my sounds on.

Sound like the Windows on-screen keyboard.


What does it sound like? I've never owned an iPhone or an iPad before.

I'm referring to iOS 10 btw

It sounds like a neckbeard fapping to the sounds of an apple device

Gingers aren't human

they're super human

They're satisfying to me depending on my mood. But hearing someone else use them is annoying as fuck, and the last time I willingly used an apple product was 2012.

The pre-iOS 7 lock screen sound was GOAT, and if you say anything else you are objectively wrong.

I agree but the lack of haptic feedback is a boner kill beyond any boner kills. Like when you're watching lesbian porn and then suddenly it turns out that one of the girls is a trap and you get turned on even more but then you realise that she just has a strapless dildo and you lose all your wank momentum and stop fapping.

Settle down, you butthurt dumb boys.

I prefer the sound of my phone's actual keyboard.


I must be weird, I disable the typing sounds on all my mobile devices because it's annoying as fuck.

I started running MusicalKeyboard, you should try it out user, if you're jailbroken.

>mfw ASMR is taking over the world right now

What the hell is ASMR?

>plain sound
>dull sound
>boring sound
>annoying sound
>repetitive sound

>ugly UI


Have you ever focused on someone performing a task and you've felt this nice, euphoric, relaxing, fuzzy, tingly feeling in your head?


>watch with headphones

terrible, sounds like somebody squirting cum

Sounds exactly like the Swype keyboard sound I had back in 2011.

>custom keyboard
Is this a Cred Forums tab from 2007?

>yfw icucks will never be able to open this static webm


Failed memes general?


>why are the iOS typing sound effects such so satisfying? makes me want to type all day.
I FUCKING HATE people who enable sounds for typing


>noticeable quality loss
>hurr durr muh webm


>4K photo
>Only 88 KB

Why is WebM so top tier?

Look at the file size.

tfw bob ross scratches in those twigs with his pallet knife

I desire to ejaculate inside of that woman.


>implying a trap could ever pass this well

>what is makeup and photoshop
Wake up and smell the coffee son.


Nope, that wasn't it.

Ok then it was photoshop. Usually both are used to maximize the false femininity in traps but one alone can work if someone is skilled enough.

I.. I'm in love