Router firmware

What do you use for your router's firmware? DD-WRT hasn't been updated in years.

i just use the stock firmware because there is no reason to use ddwrt unless you just want to fuck with the TX power and burn out your radio faster.



OpenWRT. It is easier to flash than their tutorials make it seem.

Lots of routers have shitty firmware that can't get most out of the hardware. Now mine is more stable, supports more devices at once and the internet connection speed is the same as connecting directly through the bridged modem.

OpenWRT and luci is the best family, although most the developers left to develop the LEDE fork

Are you sure about that? You might want to check their ftp.

>DD-WRT hasn't been updated in years.
>he doesn't know about the FTP

Just download the beta versions. It's on a rolling release system now.

I am using stock firmware. It's more or less perfect and the only issue I had from time to time is slow loading of admin panel.

Oops, I meant

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>GUI based router firmware

ddwrt is fucking garbage, just use whatever you got on your garbage gaymer router/switch/ap combo piece of shit

either build a setup that uses individual components for each thing or dont act like a fucking tryhard


Now that we are talking about DDwrt. Can someone help me setup QoS ?

I'm on my way home. Will post in about 15 mins.

Basically I want my computer's internet speed to halt/slow down went another device ( any device) is also using the internet . Google fu is failing me

For my APs, I run Toastman's Tomato builds. I have an E3000 and an E4200. I use a Ubiquity ERL as my router, which essentially runs ViOS.

I provided a lot of support to DD-WRT users over the years, "hacked" so many routers with it. Then BrainSlayer started being a dick and everything went to hell. Tomato and TomatoUSB has a way better community these days, and the devs for the different build branches all work together and are accessible. It's way better, and frequently updated.


pic related is my setup .

BC:5F:F4:4E:8F:26 is my desktop.

my internet connection is 2 mpbs down 1 up or 2048 kbps down 1024 up.

What I want to achieve is to have my router throttle my desktop's internet connection when any other device is trying for example to watch a YT video.

My desktop basically torrents 24/7 (due to my slow internet speed). and when i get home i want to pull my phone and watch cat videos on youtube .

things i have checked:
>MAC addresses for devices are correct.
>DD wrt is expecting kilobits per second.
>HTB is recommended when throttling internet connection vs HFSC (LAN).

I try with no avail to throttle via MAC or via services. none work.

So, any idea?

as i've explained already. google fu failed me.

it just werks

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Good luck trying to get that shit to work.

Xiaomi routers have great firmware.

You mean chink botnet.
No one in their right mind wouldn't flash openwrt. Except chinks because they already lost.

$25 for a router that does AC wasn't really expecting the firmware to be so good.

And no GigE

>What do you use for your router's firmware?

>DD-WRT hasn't been updated in years.
Do I look like I give a fuck? It works fine and doesn't limit my speed or security. Why should I care?

Yeah its pretty useless unless you have all wireless devices and your internet connection is below 100mbps.