Speak my mother about buying insurance for my car

>speak my mother about buying insurance for my car
>immediately get car insurance ads in Youtube

The fuck is going on. Do they really do this now???

>using youtube
>engaging in botnet
>no adblocker
wow buddy

No adblocker in consoles

>go on /o/
>start getting car video suggestions
the botnet scares me in its efficiency

>using a console
get the fuck out of here you Cred Forumsaggot

Whatever nerd

Use Priv3+ (extension)

How about you move out you pathetic FUCK

>having a car
>wanting insurance
>still living with mommy

Around here we only move out after finishing university since property is too expensive

I've had shit like this happen so many times now, that I'm 120% convinced that our phones and computers are constantly listening and analyzing our words.

>tfw the botnet probably tracks your every move but you're not aware of it because you hide ads
Ignorance is bliss

Now compare that to the thousands of times you spoke about some shit without any related ads showing up.

>t. completed a google captcha to post this

t. bought a Cred Forums pass to escape the botnet

nah i'd rather not give $700 shekels a month just for a fucking place to sleep

The Facebook app listens to you speak unless you remove the permission for the microphone

source ?

Right because everybody comes out of university able to afford living in that too expensive area, right? Move somewhere cheaper you pussy.


Even Cred Forums cringes at consoletards

I don't nor pretend to give a shit about the botnet, fuckwit.

>repost this same thread slightly reworded over and over to fan the flames of Cred Forums's freetard paranoia
>works flawlessly


welcome to general knowledge

This is literally pasta

Cool shit though, it's all computers so a person never even heard ur words

It was just blindly passed as data and matched up with data that matched, blind deaf and dumb computers never knew what data it was matching

Bitnet is for the good. Google would not harm us.

Only applel would.

Your mother has been absorbed, I'm sorry user but there is only one solution


America is optimized for car travel not bike or walking. If you get a vehicle you also have to get insurance for it.

>still living with mommy

I my love mum.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to live with mom. They may have a relationship he cherishes dearly.

How can he move somewhere cheaper and also go to university? How could he physically get to the campus?

>Ads on YouTube

>mention to a girl on tinder that I do physics
>keep seeing ads for physics-themed hoodies on facebook from then on

>Loli thread
>YouTube recommends 16 and Pregnant clips

Chaotic neutral

You really think they don't run their voice recognition software on your phone calls?
It's literally listening all the time for 'OK Google'

you will be assimilated

Just saying that would be impossible over here.
Wages are really fucking low, rent and taxes uis sky high. Only Internet is fast and cheap.

I haven't seen an ad in a decade

>search for pornstar
>next day xhamster has her in the top new videos


Privacy is a complete meme thanks to journalists who turned it into clickbait.

>oh no I am getting what I want oh no

Fucking die you worthless entitled piece of shit, faggots like you are constantly stuck in a quantum bullshit state wherein you either whine about not having it and then whine about it being given to you.

> having a car
> wanting insurance
You need one in the USA. 'tis not like civilization in Europe.

> still living with mommy
Also a problem in the USA - the country is rich, but you're probably poor.

You can at least be middle class if you don't need to take care of too many credit and mortgage etc. payments, eh.

>get life and health insurance telemarketers
>this happened 3 times in 3 months
>be perfectly healthy 21 year old

s-should I be scared?

>believing to be heathy

No? You're doing fine.

Crummy sellers prefer to sell you insurances they probably won't have to pay out.

(Plus in many places but especially the USA, they may have lots of exclusion rules so it doesn't happen easily either way. Fucking scamshit.)

It's probably because Google knows from your browsing habits that your a 14 year old boy who's about to get his permit.

The fuck does this even mean?
He's going to uni, so he's probably about 19, living with his mother. "Move somewhere cheaper." ??????? Where? With what money? How? Why would he do that when he's living with his parents and getting a degree? Is he meant to drop out of university to get a minimum wage job to move into some shithole purely so he can claim he doesn't live with his parents? Is that what you did at 19? Is that why you're so bitter? Did you give up your opportunity at a better life for some temporary vanity of renting some small flat in a ghetto for £100?

I too cut all contact with my parents after moving out

Keep justifying your laziness

You can't even get an apartment on minimum wage. If you wanted to get an apartment to yourself, you'd need to be making atleast around $14/hr, assuming you have no student debt/loans.

Your mother probably searched for insurance

A lot of uni students have part time jobs, and room up with +2 people.

Of course I'd much rather live with my parents than deal with 2 roommates

>Android literally allows you to deny permissions for apps with a single tap
Disable microphone permissions for the Google and Facebook apps.

How much do you guys pay monthly on your car insurance?

$40-50/m here, depending on how much I drive.

Your smartphone or xbone's microphone

>having a car
is that supposed to be a bad thing?
>having insurance
enjoy a visit from the bolice :D
>still lving with mommy
if you're still a teen there's nothing wrong with this

Retard, walk out of your rapefugee circle for once