So i got a new raspberry pi and plan to run linux kali on it...

So i got a new raspberry pi and plan to run linux kali on it , aslo planning to get a battery pack to make it portable for reasons needed , what do you think someone LIKE me would need ? oh and raspberry pi discussion thread

neat stuff

a gf

what are you going to do with it? wait, don't tell me you still don't know
I may get one for retropie but not really sure if worth it

what do you think kali is used for -_- *cough* offensive security *cough*

Plus if i make it portable then i can get close to a lot more networks than usual , which may or may not be used to penetrate their networks ....

are you planning to make games ?

A self powered pineapple might not be a bad buy if you're using it for what I think you are.

If you're going discreet, you may be interested in building a knock off from a patent spec.
A little patience and a lot of solder goes a long way.

Building a knock off ? , why is that ?


>how to spot a script kiddie 101

Pi is slow, for that stuff get a beaglebone

In his defense it's a good learning tool for writing and debug also. I say kudos for getting the ball rolling, just overzealous shelling for pi before having an application.

>makes fun of kali >Triggered im guessing you are the sort of guy who would use windows and try and hack using the command prompt -_- , kali is superior at penetration testing against most os

not if its the new one , its actually quite fast desu

Depending on if you want to add a remote dump/repeater or what have you. Good for opsec, but clearly not a factor here.

>i fucked up with the greentext
>and i am sorry
>How does one even fail with greentext :(

actually yes, been using love for a while. Would be interesting If i can make something run on lutro if it ever gets finshed.

but I was planning to hook it up to an old CRT and play some snes/fba games


Nice , you should also try make a game using Urho3D , heard that isn't bad

surprisingly windows isn't all that bad

Some people are squeaky, or at least paranoid.

paranoid , no shit

Have to second, at the very least it's a good launch platform if you're hardened for out of a dmz.

Continue , i'm listening


There's a thick line between professionalism and dicking around way too long because you think the nsa wants to know what you buy for mother's day.

>these made me kek *WHEEZE*

Search the catalog next time fucktard

Isn't about KALI linux you fucktard

Is that arch i see , *cringing intensifies*

Do you need a new thread to discuss every single possible application for a Pi? You could easily have asked in there

Do you need to criticize every thread you come across , if you don't like it then get out !

Are you Finnish
you remind me of a Finn I know


You might need a better network adapter , a long range one

any other suggestions ?

If it's to be an appleseed, maybe add a piconet adapter and open an ssh port for smartphone console.

appleseed ?

stash and dash

>what do you think someone LIKE me would need ?

you need moses

*kek'ing intensifies*


Does anyone have a banana pi? Is it better for samba than the RPi?

yeah , but its way more expensive than the raspberry pi

Still superior

I wish the new RPi had gigabit and USB didn't share the chip.

Why is that ?

For faster samba performance. The nic and USB controller are the same chip on the pi.

to be honest , it doesn't need to be super fast remember its a budget mini pc

Obvs. For most uses cases, that isn't an issue. I use mine for personal cloud storage but the banana pi would have been a better purchase for me.

yeah , but its more expensive sadly and if you are wanting more bang for your buck (so to say) then the raspberry pie is amazing

>*laughing intensifies*

Could be a good idea , but id rather keep it close , if someone found it , it would trace back to me


What version of linux is the best when it comes to hacking , i know tails and kali are good

it's like $40 for the M1

Probably whatever one is the best at searching Stack Exchange, copy-pasting scripts from there, and setting smug h4ck3r wallpapers


kali is the most complete

Kali is not a tool
It's a mishmash of different security-related programs combined into one distro. There are two groups of people who would need something like that.

First is security specialists when they need it fast, e.g. save time spent on installing and/or trimming a mainstream distro and installing software they need.
Second is script kiddie retards who don't know what exactly they're doing so they're downloading the 1337 haxxx from the internets instead of actual tools.

The fuck are you quoting?

it is a tool, its great if you need a portable pentesting OS

i failed with greentext , so i put greentext about the greentext

tool ? , not a tool ? ISN'T EVERYTHING A TOOL !

That's dark

kill yourself back to /s4s/

>look in the archive opening threads with raspberry + idea
>570 results

Couldn't have said it better myself

Scroll up you fuck , you can clearly see why i posted this , THIS IS ALSO A KALI LINUX THREAD NOT JUST RASPBERRY PI also a semi - ethical hacking thread i guess

You'll need an other WiFi adapter since the raspberry one can't be put into monitoring mode.

do you know any which are relatively small yet powerful ?

il take that as a no

ok so i have kali linux on my raspberry pi , anyone know any good bits of hardware i might need along side it ?

>Ethical hacking
Sure , whatever you say kiddo

Get a PiTop to turn it into a laptop

TV is super rubbish, and my pi is was a super cheap way to watch the internet on my tv. I'm super happy I did that. Everyone should have some kind of HTPC instead of watching normal TV, even if it's a cheapo pi. You see stuff like tiny laptops or game boys which look neat, but I think the appeal is mostly in the cases, and look, rather than how useful they'd actually be.

I literally packed the box it came in with paper and cut some holes in it instead of buying a case. It looks great.

What the hell is a pitop ? also i already have a laptop , but it cant dual boot and im not getting rid of the currently installed OS

You can get cheap cases off amazon or ebay , for like $3

Where ?

>amazon or ebay
Fucking idiot

isn't there a hacking tool kit you can get for like $100 ? comes with a bunch of shit

Rip thread

Its a laptop you build that uses a raspberry pi

Oh hey i was waiting for a question like this.

I wanted to get a pi to use for MPD, seed box, and general other personal server shit. However, I'd like to easily share the external in question with my desktop AND the pi. Since I access it regularly, using ssh would be a tad inconvenient especially if I need to do it over WiFi.

Is it possible to directly access my external? Or would I just need a second drive?

I suppose if it isn't, I'll just grab a spare I have laying around, and just use it as a backup drive or whatever and regularly send filed to it via ssh. Two birds with one stone, I suppose.

Why does everyone get a pi to use as a portable computer? It's shit for that. Get a laptop or something. It's better to use a pi for embedded systems stuff. For example, we're using one on our FSAE car to log all of the CAN bus data and send it over wifi for telemetry. VW group wrote some nice CAN utilities and there's a kernel driver for the mcp2515. Embedded is where it's at.
You're trying to use a boot as a drinking glass because you don't have anywhere to walk.


pitop is overpriced shit

Pi-top is cool and all, but 300 bucks? Fuck no

I bought a raspberry pi with the intention of installing vdr and using it to watch live tv with kodi. Anyone have any experience with this? I was wondering what the best os to use.

Use NOOBS to install multi boot. I use three partitions on mine. One for kodi specifically (libre elec), retro pie, and raspbian. Performance is better with kodi running on its own.