Is this good enough to wear for an I.T interview?

Is this good enough to wear for an I.T interview?

It depends on the company and where its located.
In san francisco for example you can dress like this.

I would wear another tie. That's a tie for going to a party

Should be, as long as you and the clothes are clean, good smelling, and have a kempt appearance.

Most important thing when it comes to clothing is fit. If you have to come here for advice then your clothes don't fit and you look like shit no matter what you wear.

What position you apply to and what company the position is at will dictate if a white shirt and a tie is appropriate.

The tie in the picture does not work without a jacket with matching proportions.

A shirt with a turndown collar would also be too formal for most IT positions, so keep that in mind if you're just applying for a bottom level slave position.

Unless you're trying to become the new host of America's Got Talent, I'd suggest a different tie.

That's obviously not San Francisco or even America.

then why are the sign boards american?

This, thin ties are not for your workplace, get a normal one

Depends on the culture.
I usually wears jeans and a polo.

What should one wear for a help desk entry level interview?

No, unless you don't want to get the job, it looks like that hipster simplistic bullshit that tries WAY too hard to be "simple"

thin ties are for thin people. because a fat tie will make you look even thinner.

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Not OP but i wanna ask something similar, what about beards?
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Wear a suit. Trust me, it makes a difference. But if your suit looks cheap and shitty, or you don't have one, go for business casual.

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Not him, the purple to let sign in the background starts with 020 which is a London district number

Wondering the same, going for a junior dev position, was thinking just going with shirt and jeans.

It's fine if you keep it neat and especially goes well with a suit. Put some beard oil or some kind of treatment in it so it looks tidier and so you don't itch at it when you're nervous.

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When beard is size as that one on pic, i never have itch. Only when is like 2-3-4 weeks old.

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I'm CTO of a small company and I've held quite a few job interviews.
Wear something confy, you'll probably get programming related questions and tasks. If you wear too much clothes you can get unconfortable and sweat, that may or may not indicate to someone that you are not 100% sure in your own knoweledge. And you should concentrate on answering those questinos, not thinking about whether you sweat under your armpit when you write on whiteboard or are those trosuers still ironed and so on and so on.
Ask someone about dress code in that company, most of IT companies have really casual dress code, and you shouldn't overdress, expecially if you are not confortable in suit.
Good luck :)

>most of IT companies have really casual dress code
where are you based, user?

>he's never been to Little London in San Fran

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Even when you're sweating?

I can't imagine wearing a full suit for some poverty entry level job

Is this really a thing?

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Suits are out of style in any modernish company except for lawyers and executives. Ties without suits are a toss up, some people like that some don't. I usually wear a tucked in dress shirt, dress pants and a good matching belt.

For beard, they are coming back into style, most important thing is to keep them tidy

Looks like London to me.

Can you post a similar picture to the outfit you usually wear?

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You look like a homeless person. Shave it off if you actually want to be hired.

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No. Its basically business casual except with a dress shirt instead of a polo.

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Would never employ someone with this sort of beard unless the job was for a fucking call center in a basement.

>Hello, I'm LeShean. I'm here for the IT job interview.

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