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How do I use systemd to update the system in a regular interval?

I just want to make an update daemon that executes "$sudo apt update -y" once in every 3 hours"


Or just use cron.

What distros are commonly used as servers? Is it just CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu?

retard, thread is already up here:

That thread is at 322 posts


Not him but actually look harder, that link takes you here: I appreciate your effort though.

He's not only a retard, but also a troll, just look at the OP.

>MOM? I'm trolling Cred Forums!
>I removed ALL THE GNU

Let it be, mods won't delete this thread unless there's a shitstorm and this thread will come alive when the actual one reaches the bump limit

I'm planning to move to Linux on my desktop and laptop computers.
Is Antergos a good distro?
Can a system update really break an Arch installation, or is that just a meme?
Do kernel upgrades break the proprietary nvidia driver?


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That's pretty accurate. Obviously RHEL too. SLES is semi common as well. Some people probably use arch on their personal servers, but not common in enterprise.

How do you search the filesystem for a file or directory in the terminal? I've tried find, which and search but none of them really work like a stupid millennial like me would expect.


Obvious samefig

If I'm running two separate instances of the same OS on two different partitions, and did all of my work with accounts that have my identity attached to them with one and everything else on the other, would that be sufficient to maintain good privacy?

Off topic

I just got a new wireless card but it's not working. If it doesn't autodetect I should just be able to find the driver based on the card's model number and add the driver using insmod or modprobe, right? Anything I could be missing?

>he doesn't know the difference between a kernel and a operating system

> install grsecurity kernel
> NetworkManager now bitches about 'insufficient privleges' to connect to wifi
> Have to open a fucking X Session as root and do it that way
> lose internet as soon as I close said session
> at least autoconnect to know networks seems fine

Does anyone who understands anything know what to do? It's either something with grsec (kernel configuration) or it's a permissions issue (probably polkit).

Can someone point me in the right direction? I really do not feel like process-of-elimination configuring my kernel right now.

why does it say all jews 2050?

I was considering Debian recently, for my fathers PC as second boot for banking and such
and recently came new v8.6 stable branch
so I checked kernel version - 3.16

I checked release page and even the future stable will only be 4.10
so no skylake support for example, and that will be like 2 years after the hardware is out...

this seems utterly crazy to me
especially when considered that theres testing and stable and no middle ground

so I guess Ubuntu LTS is the way to go

Asking again from previous thread

How do I fix screen tearing in online videos on ubuntu gnome 16.04? Just about every online player has screen tearing particularly when I play videos at 1080p or higher

>needing X to set up your network connection
Just go back to Windows.

>debian + MATE

Pick one & only one to be banished from existence forevermore.

Those are the main ones.

which flash player do you have installed?
what video card do you have?
which driver are you using?

hello friends

new to linux here. (2 months of home daily driver - windows at work)

What else to put in my .bashrc file?

if you want it to be your /home (i assume thats what you would do with the lion's share of your storage) create a partition in it (ext4 ot whatever, i use xfs for /home) and mount it at /home

"free space" is not used in the partition table, and therefore not usable by filesystems.

>flash player
>video card
Gtx 980
Nvidia Binary driver 370.28 from nvidia-370 (open source)

try nouveau.

not saying it'll surely work better, but try it & report results.

equivalent of these in arch(antergos) iso?

What is the second device in your pic?
>Unknown: Unknown
Is that Intel Management Engine?

CAPTCHA: directions security


>fathers PC as second boot

>opensuse + KDE
>fedora + GNOME

>trolling outside If you're going to post at least be constructive

nouveau was worse, i'm trying 364 now, haven't tried 367 though,
I'd assume it's my integrated graphics

hint is in looking for debian and talking about ubuntu LTS
he has now mint, probably 4 years old installation on the old PC
but sometime next month a new PC will be build.. so I am planning for that
and I am not putting there 6month life circle fedora lol
will go with ubuntu, simple and supported for long time

please help me i can't handle windows anymore

see , but replace "banished from existence" with "installed"
and will keep a third option for you:
>opensuse LEAP + KDE

That's a problem with your monitor not windows bruv

I'm not even fucking joking. Why are you dicking around with kernel patches if you need X to change network settings?

it was a result of rage when windows fucked up

Unplug your computer.
Put it in a box.
Take it to the place that sold it to you.
Tell them you are too retarded to own it.
Go and drink cheap beer in a supermarket parking lot.
Finally, go play in traffic.

i undestand i can run shell scripts from xprofile. Can I use the relative path to the script (~/...) or do I need to write the whole path?

go fuck yourself nigger, i'm smart enough, just some anger issues. can you please help me with my question tho?

I think my drivers just didn't install properly cause it seems to work now, thanks a lot I guess sorry to bother you

>i'm smart enough, just some anger issues
You deserve Windows 10, nigger.

>"Did you try turning it off and on again?"

Every time.



>tried doing that a few weeks back and it didn't work that time

There's a mexican saying that goes like 'those that get mad, lose'

>i'm smart enough
That's not something you evaluate; if you were smart enough you probably would be smart enough to find proper documentation and...

>just some anger issues
if you were really smart enough as you claim, you would've learn how to control your emotions, be grateful for any good intended help you receive and apologise for your behaviour since by the act of acknowledging your anger issues you're being conscious and selfaware of it, thus no longer being un(or sub)conscious.

With that said, we the GNU/Linux community, are a welcoming community. Assuming you didn't meant to post on the /sqt/, either ask for tech support or just go for Linux Mint, it is fairly compatible with probably most hardware and similar to Windows in its UI design, so if your problem is not really hardware related GNU/Linux could be a solution for it.

Never happended to me, but i guess it can, in more unstable distros.

reminder that this is a troll tread, don't get trolled buddies, use this thread:

Because there are many ways to do stuff and maybe simply because user was interested on doing something even if user didn't have the proper background. Probably user doesn't know about nm-cli, /etc/network/interfaces, or networkd, and if that is the case it is our moral obligation to teach others anons the ways of doing stuff so that they don't fuck up and inderectly fucks up something affecting us. Anyways if you're going to post, be sure to point in a good direction and be constructive.

i would like to install xubuntu as the main os on a laptop because i think i want to start toying around with linux
if i were to mess it up somehow, would there be any way for me to go back to windows?
sorry for the baby question

>There's a mexican saying that goes like 'those that get mad, lose'
There's a canadian saying that goes 'when you kill your enemies, they win'

fuck off with your gnusade

>would there be any way for me to go back to windows?
No unless you kept a back up flash drive of windows installer

time to learn how to do that, i guess

>'those that get mad, lose'
i mean i get this one, seems legit

>'when you kill your enemies, they win'
what is that supposed to mean?

>Use arch
>Really like the modularity, and how easy it is to update the whole system at once
>Been on it for just over a year, so far it's Justworks.jpg
>Constantly worried something's going to break my system
Are there any comparably bare-bones LTS distros with a package manager as simple as arch's? Bonus points if it works well for server use, as I'm looking at setting up a home server and I'd prefer to run the same OS on both that machine and my daily use.


>Been on it for just over a year, so far it's Justworks.jpg
>Constantly worried something's going to break my system

>Did it break?
>Are you falling for memes

Arch is very stable if you know what you are doing.

is debian really barebones?
what does ubuntu do that debian doesnt?
excuse my ignorance

>Arch is very stable if you know what you are doing.
Kind of don't desu. It actually breaks a lot, but every time it's been clearly my fault rather than the fault of the package maintainers or the system.

>every time it's been clearly my fault rather than the fault of the package maintainers or the system.

I'm not sure if it does anything more per se, but I thought it fit your description better, since it seems like you already know your way around linux, and I'm pretty sure debian's netinst is pretty barebones. Maybe not as much as arch, but still pretty slim

>Are there any comparably bare-bones LTS distros with a package manager as simple as arch's?
If you're a areally advanced Linux user, try NixOS (something a la chef or puppet), Alpine (something inbetween Gentoo and Debian) or Stali (literally plain git)

Or just install
into your distro

Q Qc Qi Ql Qm Qo Qp Qs Qu R Rn Rns Rs S Sc Scc Sccc Si Sii Sl Ss Su Suy Sw Sy U
apk y . y y . y . y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y
cave y . y y . y y y y y y y y y y y y y . . y y y . y y
dnf y y y y y y y y y y . . . y y y y y . y y y y y y y
dpkg y . y y . y y y y y y y y y y y y y y . y y y . y y
homebrew y y y y . y . y y y . . y y y y y y . . y y y . y .
macports . y . y . y . . y y . . y y y y . y . . y y y . y .
pkgng y . y y . y y . y y . . y y y y . y . . y y y . y .
pkg_tools y . y y . y y . y y y y y y y y . y . y y y y . y .
portage y y y y . y . . y y . . y y y y y y . . y y y . y .
sun_tools y . y y . y . y . y . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . y
tazpkg y . y y . y . . . y . . . y y y . . . . y y y . y y
yum y y y y y y y y y y . . y y y y y y y . y y y . y y
zypper y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y y

opensuse netinstall, or a cusotm opensuse iso built with susestudio

Thank you for taking the G out

Stall man fanatics are a cancer on the community

indeed debian netinstall is even better performing ootb than fresh arch
there was some archlinux mailing list screencap posted that proved how arch devs don't really care about performance

>made me reply

concurrent non-anonymous posters are the cancer of any anonymous community
thus tripfags being the cancer of chans

Sorry buddy, but you're the cancer. Once for tripfagging, twice for trying to turn a culture of freedom into a culture of convenience.

>it is our moral obligation to teach others
It really isn't. If my job extended to teaching retards to manage their computer properly I'd never get any useful work done.

To each its own, but do expect a reduced willingness to help you should you really need it, by being careless and arrogant.

>adhom because I don't want to waste my life spoonfeeding people

No I mean it's not about spoonfedding it is about making others capable of doing more or at least what you can, in order to have a better society. We've seen many times where being cooperative and searching for win-win (or ad infinity win-win-...-win) scenarios are better for innovation and scope, thus generally being better in the long run. The open source software model being a clear example which requires an openness to involve and provide the resources so that more people can be able to make changes towards the community. And by failing to be constructive, you lose the purpose on the /flt/.

>notice the "Friendly" in every Friendly linux Thread...

More or less you're saying
>adhom because I don't want to waste my life spoonfeeding people
When it you should be
>I should care about those people that can't do what I can, in order to ultimately prevent technocracy or abuses like those within our government privacy scandals, because paradoxically those people that can't do shit are the ones that makes us unable to battle against abusive parties (or get even)

>stupid millennial
say you're shit, you'll be shit

Been there, done that.

It's just a bunch of aliases.

Can't even do #pacman -Syu package_name


pic related is you

What is a good paint.net equivalent? I've been using pinta but it's so fucking annoying to just resize a part of an image. Can't be bothered to learn gimp. I remember hearing of one which started with a K

Thank you :^)

Krita or Pinta

Krita was what I was thinking of, thanks, will try it out

if you're trying to make an installation usb flash drive, just write the antergos iso to the drive with win32diskimager
they're already hybrid images, you don't need to fuck around with tools like isolinux, rufus, etc

what a bullshit infographic
the guy who made it should get shot

TLDR, is Krita able to vectorize images?

KDE fags too stupid to GIMP.jpg

wow thanks, another cancer thread, mommy surly is proud of you

why is it /ftl/ not /fglt/ fucking retard

OP, why is everyone talking about linux in your Faster-than-light thread?


How does the network interface function on VMs? Does it touch metal or is there a layer between the host and the guest?

Just wondering if there's any point running a hardened guest on an insecure host

you could passthrough a usb/pci ethernet device solely for use in the VM

but the host will be capable of accessing the memory of the VM, so hardened vm on an insecure host just doesn't make sense

>so hardened vm on an insecure host just doesn't make sense
Thought as much, user. Darn. Thanks anyway

if you have small screen is it comfy using wm like i3?

I'm curios what kind of USB shit you guys have connected. Type lsub, paste the output. Show us what kind of crap you're rockin'!

$ lsusb
Bus 002 Device 122: ID 0a5c:21e8 Broadcom Corp. BCM20702A0 Bluetooth 4.0
Bus 002 Device 123: ID 148f:7601 Ralink Technology, Corp. MT7601U Wireless Adapter
Bus 002 Device 025: ID 045e:07b2 Microsoft Corp.
Bus 002 Device 024: ID 05ac:024f Apple, Inc.
Bus 002 Device 023: ID 05ac:1006 Apple, Inc. Hub in Aluminum Keyboard
Bus 002 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

tiling is ideal on small screens, as it ensures you're using as much of it as possible

% lsusb | grep -v "root hub"
Bus 002 Device 003: ID 03f0:5611 Hewlett-Packard PhotoSmart C3180
Bus 006 Device 002: ID 045e:0039 Microsoft Corp. IntelliMouse Optical
Bus 005 Device 002: ID 046d:c625 Logitech, Inc. 3Dconnexion Space Pilot 3D Mouse

(i doubt people care how many root hubs i have)

PS/2 keyboard?

yep, good old 2001 DELL keyboard
just werks, why replace it?

can't stand those keys anymore. my thumbs hate those raised edges.

another annoyance is that PS/2 keyboards can't register many keys pressed.. which makes them unusable for work with Cisco products.

how do I fix this?

either use a better gtk theme or update that one

it's Arc. it's the best. but when I pick dark theme, Firefox fucks up new tab.

Hey /flt/

I'm thinking about switching to Linux. I have a 6 year old laptop and I hear Ubuntu is better for older models, it's a u400 lenovo ideapad if that makes a difference. From my understanding there is different Ubuntu builds. I am a student and wondering which would be best for browsing the web, research, writing papers, presentations and general school stuff. I found that Ubuntu has an OS just for students, but I don't want to over look any other options.

What should look into? Is it super hard to switch over to Linux, getting used to it I mean? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

if this is your first time go with ubuntu MATE as it is the best ubuntu flavor

look into xubuntu or lubuntu for older laptops... they come with preset DMs that use much less RAM than Unity that comes with regular Ubuntu. if you don't have much ram, go with Lubuntu.

both of them are suitable for students.

to add, see this comparison:


Thank you both very much. You have been very helpful. I've just read somewhere that Linux Mint is also good for ex Windows users. Thoughts ?

this is /ftl/ please use the correct thread

>Linux Mint is also good for ex Windows users
yeah, it's great. that's actually what I use. I prefer its DM over all other ones. But it does use a bit more RAM. if you have 4GB+, try it.

>using the worst distro
retard, don't give advice if you don't know what you're talking about

oh I forgot, this is the satire thread, nevermind

you're a fucking autist. and that article was written by a fucking retard.

How do I put my core temps on the taskbar on KDE?

enjoy your broken and insecure pile of shit newfag

kek. it's not broken and it's not insecure... any less than any other linux distro.

thanks for using the oxford comma user!

> Thirdly, while they import packages from Ubuntu or Debian, they hi-jack package and binary names by re-using existing names. For example, they called their fork of gdm2 "mdm" which supposedly means "Mint Display Manager". However, the problem is that there already is a package "mdm" in Debian which are "Utilities for single-host parallel shell scripting". Thus, on Mint, the original "mdm" package cannot be installed.
minttards will actually defend this

Have a list of packages, it's Mint's famous blacklist. Have a look especially at [4] and [5], these packages never get updates, which means: no security for new vunerabilities. You're literally naked to skript kiddies.

There's a user style for arc user.

you're a fucking idiot. quit getting information from trolls.

Hey guys here.

I am dling Linux Mint at the moment. I have 6 gbs of ram so I decided to go with it, it only needs 4. I will switch again if it doesn't work out. Thanks for all the info guys. I will keep you updated. Also if you can think of anything I will need to install after I have Mint installed lemme know. I believe I will need Flash and some codecs from what I have read.

you can install all that stuff from a Software Manager... it has a nice GUI and you can search for what you want. If you install Chrome, it comes with Flash. You should probably just use Chrome when you need Flash and not install it system-wide.

Thanks user!

Which file manager should I use. I'm really not that fussy except for today where I found out that you can't sort different folders differently in Thunar

>you can't sort different folders differently in Thunar
for some retarded reason, Linux file managers follow idiotic Winshit conventions. Try Nautilus. It's the least retarded.

how do I allocate more space to a partition, as I ran out of space on my root partition

tried google?

I tried to yaourt steam controller I do not know which one to use

How to fix blank screen when waking from suspend?
Installed Antergos with GNOME on my X220 the other day and most things work as they should however, waking up from suspend does not.
When waking up 'wakes up' when opening the lid but the screen just turns blank (white with the mouse pointer showing usually - sometimes black).

Any ideas?

>tfw just installed KDE
>tfw convinced by infographic to try Krita

I- I should l-l-leave, sh-shouldn't I?

So I'm a retarded fag and I extracted an SD card while it was being hard formatted. Now every time I try to mount it I get this shit:

>mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/mmcblk0, missing codepage or helper program, or other error

parted shows it has no file system. I've tried to format it with fdisk but I cannot fix it

Any advice? I obviously don't care about what was in the sd, I just want it to work.

With fdisk i delete all partitions, create a new one (default linux type) and write it, and it seems to work fine.
But then I try to mount it and same error

is there such a thing as a Sharepoint replacement on linux.

What I need is a document library/network drive with
-ability to email users when documents get updated or changed.
-to lock other users out when a document is being edited.

Nvm I fixed it with parted & mkfs..

Are there any good full themes for kde plasma 5? You can't even install the full themes from the Look and Feel settings page so you end up with loads of inconsistency.

I am lost in the abstractions...
I want to set a static IP for my NIC (eth0).
And I want to have a dhcp server running, so I can get other people to get an IP within a specific range.

Why is that so hard on Ubuntu 16.04?

plasma is a mess

Restart Firefox.

What did you do? Looks like your gtk3 theme might be out of date or just not very good.

>I want to set a static IP for my NIC (eth0).
ip addr add ndev eth0
>And I want to have a dhcp server running, so I can get other people to get an IP within a specific range.
Install, configure and enable dnsmasq.

if i want to learn about wm should i install arch and mess around with stuff there or just use vm?

Why would you need to install arch to learn anything?

Is it just me or is Ubuntu software center/ package management system broken? I cannot download, update or delete anything even in terminal. Should I just give up and clean install another distribution?

i was going to write distro but i want to try arch while im doing it, arch has the best logo

It's just you. Why exactly can't you do those things? Errors?

Some of you guys are okay.

Going to install KDE NEON tomorrow

just u mate

How often does Debian testing break?
I'm happily using stable aside packages from the stone age.

Rarely, I migrated to Debian testing myself 2 years ago after a decade of using Fedora. It's been only a positive experience thus far, it took me a little while to get used to apt since I'm so used to DNF/Pacman on occasion but it's been a solid experience for me, no breakages (other than human error) to report.

Care to explain how you fixed this? I am having the same problem with an old HDD

every updates break something you just dont notice it

what should I use to monitor my server
CPU, disk, net etc.???

>currently using munin and splunk

whats a good program to view djvu files
in ubuntu 16


>write new partition table
>partition drive
>create filesystem

Problem solved.

And what's why you idiots don't need a root partition or all of those useless, elaborate partitioning schemes with a separate /var, /usr, /run or whatever partition. Not even a separate /home is of much use.

What's a cheap second GPU to get if I want to try GPU bypassing and don't have integrated graphics? Looking either a GeForce 210 or GT 710 right now.

New properly named thread

Wrong. Tiling is horrible on small screens, because you'll have 4 tiny windows open. Tiling is ideal for large screens which have a lot of real estate, so you can have nicely sized windows, instead of one oversized window.

Good job perpetuating myths and misinformation. Do you feel smart now? Why don't you inform yourself or think about the things before you parrot other people's stupid comments?

I love that picture. So many nice little details.

what wm should i use then?

Use whatever you want after deciding for yourself instead of being a gullible idiot who does the first thing he reads on here.

You fucking retard, there are three threads now. Fuck off.

>friendly linux thread

Friendly doesn't mean "be """""polite""""" but give him horrible advice".

install gentoo

>gnome 3.22 and gtk 3.22 coming out tomorrow
>still no icon view in the file dialog

Nice, thanks for posting proof.

I have icons in my file dialog

Should I install infinality for better fonts? I don't know if it's just a meme or not.

It is a meme, don't bother with it. With a sane and simple fontconfig and a few good fonts installed you can get great rendering with stock freetype.

How to I make i3bar transparent/partially transparent?

Bonus question: My i3config %speed doesn't work with wifi, but works just fine with lan. How can I fix it?

Your file dialog isn't GTK's. Your reply is totally irrelevant to the topic.

Use something that serves your needs. If gtk doesn't have a feature that you want then use something that does have it.

Please stop bumping this thread, use this thread instead: to prevent thread spanning and flamewars, thanks!

Actual thread:
Actual thread:
Actual thread:



This thread was created first retard.

no it wasn't check the previously on links
/fglt/ is already 2 threads faster than this one for obvious reasons

When I install packages in Debian, most ask "y/n?" Sometimes, it installs without prompt.

>can't into time


I've seen that as well, isn't it if there are more packages than you specified, such as dependencies?

Anyone use the liquorix kernel? Been thinking about trying it but was looking for some opinions first.

If some developers don't share the same vision as you then you should use something else, it's pretty simple and in linux we have that power.

I cant change label of my usb. Usb is fat32 type and i use debian.

Why not? You don't know how to or you have a problem doing it?

I want to install arch but it looks a bit challenging and I'm scared of fucking up. What's the best way to do that's a bit easier? Evolution?

label option in gparted is unavaliable
mlabel gives some output that it cant initalize drive
dosfslabel gives error too
I dont know what can be done

Don't fall for the arch or debian meme, use something good.

What's wrong with debian?

full of gnu sjw

whats good? why they are bad?

gentoo, ubuntu


ubuntu = debian


Manjaro is pretty solid

Consider suicide proprietary microsoft friendly canonical shill.

manjaro is the shittiest distro ever invented

its like arch

Perfect response for a troll thread, but don't take any memes here for serious guys.

can someone actually help?


>Good job perpetuating myths and misinformation. Do you feel smart now? Why don't you inform yourself or think about the things before you parrot other people's stupid comments?
wut, i'm saying this because i used a tiling wm on two different 800x480 display netbooks
most of the time it was either 2-3 windows that didn't need much space each, or one window on its own workspace

Exactly this happened to the internet.

Are you able to wipe it and create a fresh partition table?
Are you opening gparted as root?

Is there a way to Ctrl+F a thread to instantly find out when someone is using tags?



so I want to delete all subfolders and files of a directory, how do I do it from the command line


What are the alternative programs to Guvcview?

Fresh Manjaro install.
Why am I getting this output?
Help me out here

Whelp. Wrong image.

quit spamming you fucking mongoloid.


sudo pacman -Syy
sudo pacman -Syu

Trying to install Arch in VirtualBox, following this video youtu.be/yLb1X_cxkPg

He never get's this screen in the video, what did I do wrong?

You're not even booting into arch. Take a gander at your VM settings. Change the chipset.

There are only 2 chipset options, changing it changed nothing.

Hey guys!

I posted last night about Linux Mint and switching over etc. I have dled Mint to a USB and the guide I am using just says to reboot the computer and it will work itself out from there. It just keeps booting in Windows though. I am sure I am missing something trivial , can you guys five me some advice?

Thanks again for all the help last night and continuing with my noob questions.

Nevermind, I think there was something wrong with the iso,. it was about 100mb smaller than it should be

you need to tell your machine to attempt to boot from the usb drive

this varies from motherboard to motherboard, and a definitive answer will be found in your motherboard's manual

however, there are common buttons, as it starts (between pressing the power button and the windows logo starting), try tapping (not just pressing once, as you won't be familiar with when is the right time) F8, F9, F11, or F12
one of these might bring up a boot menu, where you can select another drive to boot from just once, select the usb drive from here (most likely the only "USB" option in the list)

pic related, what a boot menu looks like

quit spamming useless duplicate troll threads

Awesome man. Thanks so much, will report back with results.

disable EFI

Sweet, worked. Thanks.
Can't seem to update my kernel via terminal. Any help, please?

did you try sudo mhwd-kernel -h?


Trying to get Foreman to provision KVM guests for like 6 hours, and I finally got everything working except the actual PXEboot on the guests. They'll run and then just get stuck here, not sure why.

Are you not able to read? I'm not sure you should be using a computer of any kind.

Underlooked it and it helped. Thanks

Chill, user. I'm still new to pacman and Linux. Still learning the ropes as I go

It told you what the problem for both of your problems.

I am trying to use makepkg to build and install a package. However, while I build the package my RAM gets completely full until my computer crashes.

Is there a way to get makepkg to not use any RAM?

Inspect the makefile and install scripts that sounds fishy af

No it doesn't, it sounds like makepkg is using ramfs or tmpfs by default, which is not an unusual thing to do when compiling. Unless you have less than 4gb ram though it would be surprising for it to fail, perhaps if it is gcc or libreoffice you are compiling.

I'm using cmake to install a different version of the package, building the package within my home directory. It's slow, but it seems to be working. I'm pretty sure it wasn't working because the package was too large.

Which package? And how much ram? There is nothing suspicious about that happening, but it would normally only rarely happen.

6 gigs of ram, package is aur.archlinux.org/packages/lmms-qt5-git/

That is unusual then, I've done it before on 4gb. Even if you were compiling entirely in ramfs or tmpfs that would be strange for it to fail. Are you sure if failed for that reason?

That said, I've done it in funtoo and not arch so I don't know what defaults it uses for aur/makepkg, maybe check if there is a setting in the default configs for how it is compiled.


I've got Linux booted and running like a champ. Is there a way to take Windows off my computer now? Is there a point in doing that? I think I'd like to either way. Also I don't need the USB anymore right ?

Thanks guys. I really appreciate it.

>Is there a way to take Windows off my computer now?
just delete its partition(s)
>Is there a point in doing that?
will you ever used it again?
probably a good idea to leave it there until you're sure, unless you need the space it's using
>Also I don't need the USB anymore right ?
that's right

Just setup a swap file.

I've always used Firefox(switched to Palemoon when Firefox changed too much, but the point stands)

After making the transition from only using Linux at work to having Linux distros at home as well, I've had a lot of the usual media playing problems.

For example, I had to do a workaround tonight for Netflix. No big deal, but here's my question -

Should I switch to another, more mainstream browser to have in-browser support for things like Netflix? I'm over the Netflix hump, but this certainly isn't the first time I've had a problem trying to use my at-home computer browser like I would a Windows PC.

TL;DR should I switch from Pale Moon to Chrome/Opera/whatever for the sake of media? I'm using Elementary(for fun, probably switching) on one PC and Debian on the main PC I'm mostly trying to figure out what to do for.

As much as I love FF, it's total shit. It's slow, renders like shit, always has problems on tons of sites and it's not sandboxed. 2016... still not sandboxes and processes are not separated. FUcking sad.

FF, btw, is still vulnerable to a known vulnerability. Unless your'e on 49, you can be easily powned.

Just switch to "ungoogled Chromium" and be done with it.

There's literally no point to palemoon, any performance improvements are placebo.

not using it for performance, I just liked old firefox and firefox is not good any more. modified pale moon feels good and like what I have been using for most of my adult life.

>Just switch to "ungoogled Chromium" and be done with it.

Will consider. Thank you.

Currently installing arch, which DE is best DE?

alias firefox to /usr/bin/firejail so the whole application is sandboxed

no joke, I've been running tests and their new multi-process dev edition and it blows out every single other browser for energy efficiency (saving your battery) by lowering RAM usage. It's currently the best browser you can use.

Of course plugins make the difference. With vimperator you configure Firefox using a dotfile, and setup :

1. A ssh proxy mode that also routes DNS queries
set! network.proxy.socks=localhost
set! network.proxy.socks_port=8888
set! network.proxy.socks_remote_dns=true
command -nargs=1 proxy set! network.proxy.type=

2. Site-specific Google searches, with autocomplete for the site URL
command -nargs=+ -complete=url site open google site:
map s :site

FF has completely changed in the last 6 months to switch from feature bloat to performance. Building your own version, with stripped down features you will see it fly with new dev version I suggest you try it.

Per-tab sandboxing is eventually coming, plus there is Servo coming down the pipe in a year or so.

none, use a wm

>and it blows out every single other browser for energy efficiency (
I doubt it beats Safari but it's good to know thye've improved things.

When this thread is over, please re-use to avoid more duplicates. Thanks!

what is this function?
: () { : | : & } ; :

Prints all the files on your computer, it takes a while though.

thanks. Can you explain it a little bit? The code, I mean, it doesn't make much sense to me.

hey /flt/, i accidentally removed my windows partition at some point last month, when i want to reinstall i got this, can i convert my disk somehow to gpt without losing all my data and my linux partition? i googled and it said something about booting to uefi or legacy mode or secure boot but i cant find any of this in my bios

i miss my games

: is a "nothing" function
() stards the definition of it
{ starts the content
: is a "nothing" function, calling itself
| is a pipe
: is a "nothing" function, calling itself, because piped from previous :
& sets a command into the background, so the system will not wait until : is finished
} ends the content
; indicates the end of a command in one-line mode
: calls the "nothin" function.

faggot() {
faggot | faggot &

You see, the faggot faggot calls 2 other faggots and himself. Ever time the faggot does that, he multiplicates himself twice.

But why is that bad? Imagine a macfag gangbang at starbucks and they are banging and banging and reproding themselves as fast as they can. After a while there are too many faggots and the house explodes. That's basically what happens to your machine.


Dont listen to that other user, when i was new to linux the answer was right in my face but i didnt really understand it.

You'll get used to it


yup systemD is a terrorist's init system,

I was trying out xfdashboard but somehow, it is really buggy for me.
Could anyone tell me how to get pic related to its original look, like in goodies.xfce.org/projects/applications/xfdashboard/manual#windows_view ?

thanks for removing gnu, fuck freedom
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>Want to know how to use a Linux-only daemon

What's wrong with testing ?
Also Ubuntu is just an Amazon wrapper for Debian.

Cinnamon or KDE 5.8

You can't customize windows deployement unless it's server

how do i sort my library by year in cmus?

I've seen this home page in 2-3 different ricers, is there somewhere I can get it?

startpage thread, OP has a bunch of links to startpage collections

Make sure to the source fist tho.

>thread's up since 2 days

You should be able to use relative paths.

Bus 004 Device 005: ID 058f:9540 Alcor Micro Corp. AU9540 Smartcard Reader
Bus 004 Device 004: ID 03f0:231d Hewlett-Packard Broadcom 2070 Bluetooth Combo
Bus 004 Device 003: ID 04f2:b230 Chicony Electronics Co., Ltd Integrated HP HD Webcam
Bus 004 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub
Bus 004 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 002 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0003 Linux Foundation 3.0 root hub
Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub
Bus 003 Device 004: ID 03f0:3a1d Hewlett-Packard
Bus 003 Device 003: ID 138a:003c Validity Sensors, Inc. VFS471 Fingerprint Reader
Bus 003 Device 002: ID 8087:0024 Intel Corp. Integrated Rate Matching Hub
Bus 003 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

Elitebook 8560P