Once you go 144hz you never go back

Once you've seen it, you can't un-see it...

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Can confirm. I picked mine up on Saturday .
I do like the button on these to switch though if need be between 60-120-and 144hz.

Nice screen dude, I picked up the z35, console gaming will be hard :(

I replaced one of my monitors a while ago with a 144hz panel, just the one I used for playing vidya on.

But everything was so much smoother that I ended up buying a second one because I couldn't cope with how disgusting 60hz looked even just on the desktop.

144hz is the greatest.

I agree.
I can't go back to 60hz. It feels so choppy and laggy. It's interesting because I had been using 60hz for so long and never realized anything was wrong.

oops wrong pic, thats the old one I think.
I have the newer

Thinking about getting the ViewSonic XG2401 over the Asus VG248QE. I really want freesync and i deiced to go 144fps instead of 1440p 60.

ViewSonic XG2401 will soon be mine.

>Live in Europe
>144hz is priced the same as UHD monitors
>Can't decide

Seriously get one. Im thinking now of getting another and ridding my 60hz ones.

Nice, waiting for the day of 4k 100+frames

You can always get 144hz 1080p and upscale to 1440p it wont look as good but it will improve edge sharpening.

>get 144hz monitor
>it's amazing for first 10 mins
>get used to it
>it's literally the same shit as 60hz

try going back to 60hz

eufag here
my awesome benq xl2411z cost like 280 euro
meanwhile UHD monitors are 400+ euro

>friend A buys a Benq 27" 1440p, 144hz, Freesync monitor for $550
>friend B buys a Asus 27" 1080p, 144hz monitor for $400
did B fuck up? personally, I think anything more than $300 for 1080p, 144hz or not, is just too much, but then again, I've never used 144hz for any extended period

$300 for 1080p 144hz is very entry level low end

I had 144hz/1080p about one year, now i own a 3440x1440 monitor.
It is a huge improvement.
144hz is just amazing the first 30mins then it is just the same as 60hz.

Yeah, same shit happens with game graphics, makes me wonder why do I even keep changing GPUs.

>buy something new
>it gets old

ok..so do you want to never buy anything new because you'll eventually get used to it?

i dont get it

>comes with shit colors
>needs 2x stronger graphic card
>pay double the price
>hardly any difference
Why would anyone do that.

Anyway I bought a 1080 gtx in June/july. Realised it is overkill 60hz so thats why I went 2560x1440 144hz

>shit colors
then get IPS 144hz

>needs 2x stronger graphic card
2x in comparison to what? you're saying if I already had a GTX titan, then I'd need 2 GTX titans just to run 144hz refresh rate? what.

>pay double the price
it's a major improvement

>hardly any difference
Not sure why I wasted my time with someone this dumb. you are really dumb user.

>2x in comparison to what?
In comparison to 60hz, i know 2,4.
>then get IPS 144hz
I own a 3440x1440 60hz monitor so i think i will pass.
Owned a 144hz 1080p monitor before.

OLED will be the real game changer.

Anyone know how far OLED panels are from production? I'm hoping against hope that a 24 inch 1440 / 144 is among the early lineup.

oh for fuck sakes, i was about to buy a 144hz asus monitor and then i see this thread. now i have to do more research cause i can afford to buy it but it would be a strain on my wallet for a little while. thanks guys... fuck

>In comparison to 60hz
that still makes no fucking sense.
just stop

im not quite sure you really know what the fuck you are on about user.

Are you fucking dumb?
>get about 60 frames in some shitty game on your 60hz monitor
>buy 144hz monitor
>now you need to get 144fps
Therefore you either buy a stronger graphics card or you play on medium settings.
If you just buy 144hz for desktop use you are most likely mentally challenged.

Dell demoed a 120hz 4K oled panel not long ago


i have the money but is it worth it? i never seen 144hz in person!

I genuinely feel I'm infinitely more competitive in shooters with 144hz and g-sync.

No need to use v-sync so I haven't gotta deal with the input delay introduced by it, that plus I have more than twice the information being fed into my eyes.

Outside of gaming everything is smooth, just moving the cursor around feels much more responsive and looks far better.

It's really hard to describe how luxurious 144hz feels, but it's worth the money. I value it far more than higher resolution right now.

>I'm infinitely more competitive in shooters with 144hz and g-sync

>now you need to get 144fps
If you had a modern GPU then it should be able to do 144fps regardless. You don't somehow need a fucking 2x better GPU if you had a good one to begin with dumbfuck.

They're just stupid.

>I value it far more than higher resolution right now
Higher res @ 60hz is absolutely pants on head retarded.

Dells 32" 4k 120hz+ OLED Monitor costs $5k

>Lol the demonstrable fact that higher framerates allow for far quicker reactions is such a dank memeeeee XD
>OMG lol g-sync lol what a shitty brand meme, v-sync doesn't inherently create any input lag or anything lol :DDD

Greentexting something and posting a funny reaction image when you're wrong just makes you seem like more of a moron.

It's very simple to reason logically that higher framerate and the removal of v-sync induced input lag (and screen tearing being a non-issue) would improve reaction times and by extension ability in a genre of game which relies heavily upon it.

so ips 120hz when?

>implying you need g-sync at high framerates

you are fucking retarded and don't know how the tech mommy bought you actually works.

What does g-sync have to do with framerates you moron?

It's purely the act of syncing the display to the gpu instead of the gpu to the display.

You don't have to use v-sync to negate screen tearing anymore, v-sync being the thing that introduces input lag.

The framerate of your panel is irrelevant, screen tearing still happens.

Failing to refute any of the actual argument and simply saying "lol ur mummy bought ur hardware :DD" doesn't make you an intelligent free thinking and enlightened individual, it just makes you a moron who thinks anything with a brand name is a meme.

You should kys.

you're the one that claimed that g-sync made you more competitive. you're beyond retarded.

EUfag here

my monitor is from like 2008 or something
need a 144hz IPS monitor, preferably with gsync
doesn't need to be 1440p, 1080p should be enough
btu something bigger than 24" would be nice

budget is like 400 bucks max i guess

>I don't have to enable v-sync to counter screen tearing
>I therefore don't suffer any input lag introduced by v-sync
>I am therefore measurably more competitive

Literally kill yourself.

there is no screen tearing at 144hz if you limit your framerate to 144fps.
therefor g-sync does nothing.
fucking troglodyte

>limit your framerate to 144fps.

It's as if you don't even know what you're saying.

what are you on about retard?


27inch with 2560x1440 300€
27inch with 1920x1080 @ 144hz 350€
27inch with 2560x1440 @ 144hz 400€

which guys

Listen, retard. If you get a stable framerate (for example 144fps on a 144hz monitor) there is no need for V-Sync or G-Sync/Freesync as there is no screentearing. You paid 200 dollars more for technology that helps with lower, variable frames per second, not 144fps@144Hz. Claiming that G-sync makes you more 'competitive' when you get a stable framerate of 144fps just shows that you know nothing about the technology you're talking about. You are retarded.


Up your budget to $500

>27inch with 1920x1080 @ 144hz 350€
>27inch with 2560x1440 300€
pls post those two choices user

>I genuinely feel I'm infinitely more competitive in shooters with 144hz and g-sync.

G-Sync introduces input lag as well nd is not needed if you get a stable framerate. You are talking out of your ass.

>tfw no 1440p 144Hz IPS with good quality control or at a reasonable price

>everyone that isn't a hardcore gaymur is retarded

>I genuinely feel I'm infinitely more competitive in shooters with 144hz and g-sync.

>more competitive


if you had said ULMB instead of g-sync, you would have been right. enjoy your g-snc input lag

>Wait a year for the release of PG2749Q
>Buy a 770 for 2K gaming
>Finally IPS at 144hz
>£800 on release ($1050)
>800 pounds sterling
>Literally double the price of 60Hz 2K IPS monitors
>Put off buying because who the fuck wants to spend 800 on a monitor
Until they reconsider their pricing strategy Asus can fuck off, I've noticed there's a few contenders being released now but fuck man the feels.


You wont get anything half decent for that amount.
For anything half decent you are looking at £450 upwards. Especially with g sync & IPS

fuckin hell

then i'll go TN panel and non gsync i guess
got a 970 meme card, wanna upgrade to 1070 soon-ish

>tfw ULMB is far superior to Freesync and G-Sync, but still rapes the brightness




I paid £529 for a gsync, 2560x1440 27" . It is a tn but I decided against going for the £729 one
Bonus is I have a 3 year waranty on it

nice m8, germanfag here too
also, don't buy from mindfactory, buy from amazon better prices

that's why most ips panels are 75hz nowadays

Give me one reason to have 144hz monitor thats not muh vidyagames

there is none.

1440p 144hz for games
4k for everything else

at least for now

amazon.de currently 10% more expensive ?on the 3rd model. Buying from finland


Name one game released in the last 10 or so years that's worth playing.

You can't.

all time favorite Fable - The Lost chapter

then grand theft auto series, battlefield series, Dying Light, Warcraft 3, Zelda series

you reminded me to play some more fable again, thank you

>yfw 144Hz 1440p freesync IPS for less than 400 american shekels from Pixio

2008 was the golden year of gaming so there are plenty.
>World of Goo
>Fallout 3
>WoW: Lich King
>Burnout Paradise
>The Witcher
>Dead Space
>Far Cry 2
>Saints Row 2
>GTR Evolution
>Midnight Club LA
>STALKER Clear Sky

Not to mention the golden year leaking to the years before and after:
>CoD 4: MW
>IL-2 Sturmvoik
>STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl
>Test Drive Unlimited
>Assassins Creed 2
>Dragon Age Origins
>Empire Total War
>Demons Souls
>League of Legends
>ArmA II
>The Saboteur

Not that other user, but there's a whole lost of things I definitely wouldn't recommend to everyone.

human eye can't see past 60 FPS
enjoy ur placebo retard

I had the same thoughts but wrong, it's so much smoother

It's just a meme to get you to buy new gpu every year.

Just like how new games like Deus Ex runs awful on pascal, but works out in nvidia's favor because they get to sell new cards next year to tryhards.

>one 4k 60hz
>one 1080p 144hz
A man can dream...

I love watching youtube videos and twitch and animes and movies in 144hz its so glorious

Personally I'll take super color accuracy over refresh rate or 1440p any day.

I don't anticipate having hardware capable of over 60fps anyways, and greater than 1080p is a diminishing return for me at 24 inches.

But I'll be damned if the U2415 isn't the most beautiful monitor I've ever seen. The colors are amazing, and the picture is better than a lot of higher res monitors. Only complaint is that it has no 16:9 mode.

I have this monitor too, and it converted me as well. I even prefer playing console games on it as opposed to my 60" tv.

Considering buying another one, but I might just wait until 4K 144~hz becomes a thing.

That needs to be a thing

Gonna have a budget of about 400€ in December and I'm gonna spend it on a monitor. I've been thinking of getting the U2515H to go with the soon-to-arrive GTX 1070 I ordered. I don't play a lot of twitch shooters like CSGO anymore, I do tend to play a lot of FPS games though. On top of that I do some wanking about in Photoshop, maybe a bit of video editing if someone needs some simple shit done and I am also studying in university right now so got to do some coding as well (in which more screen real estate helps). These have led me to think that 1440p 60Hz is the way to go - the input lag / display lag on is apparently a-ok for gaming (according to TFTCentral), I've never tried 144hz so don't know what I'll miss, and although I can imagine a bit how it would help in tracking in FPS games, I am just looking for more graphical fidelity, better color accuracy and more screen real estate.
Now, the only question on my mind is - is it worth it to pay extra for the 27"? Is the 25" too small for 1440p? Right now I got an old and shitty 21.5", 1680x1050 LCD monitor, and I think the 25" is gonna be quite a bit bigger (not TV size of course but bigger nonetheless), but some people say that the text is too small and they need to use scaling.
Any U2515H/U2715H users able to pitch in here? What do you do with your computer, is the monitor good for it and are you content with it?

You can't be this dumb. Holy shit.