Why are Intel so bad at making GPUs?

Why are Intel so bad at making GPUs?

Because they don't make GPUs.

not like it matters because both AMD's APU and intel iGPUs are shit

An integrated GPU is still a GPU, you tech-illiterate filth.

But it's it its own unit, or a subset of the central processing unit?


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The iGPUs are for watching movies and casual gaming, not AAA games. If you want to play shit like TW3 why wouldn't you buy a discrete GPU?

bc intel didnt buy a GPU company?

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You have to actually make a GPU to make bad GPU(s).

It's very clear that you created this thread to instigate legitimate discussion.

Intel makes both though

I haven't seen a PCI-E based graphics card made by Intel, mind posting one?

There is no requirement for a GPU to have a separate PCB.

Oh... you didn't manage to find one...


is PowerVR GT7600 a GPU? lol

I'm the OP and none of those posts involved me. Thanks for the bump though, friend!

So back to the original question: Why can't Intel into graphics?

For a very long time Intel only cared about making their 2D drivers work during the GMA era.
Now post sandy-bridge they tried real hard to get their 3D drivers up to snuff but that's simply impossible since AMD and Nvidia both have over 20 years of driver hacks for Intel to catch up.

Dude, 28 fps is not playable, AMD integrated graphics sucks too.

>there's still games that won't even run
Holy fuck will Intel ever fix their drivers? This is completely ridiculous
But they did, 20 years ago they bought Real3D
And their CPU's where used as the basis for what was back then the best
workstation GPU on the market
Kinghts Landing was supposed to be a GPU back in 2006, a PCIe GPU, but it was so bad the only way to save the project was to remake it into a coprocessor
They did make the Intel 740 AGP GPU back in 1997

>28fps is not playable
says you!