My keys turned white

I found this old IBM keyboard and decided to clean it and disinfect the keys.
I put the keys in a bucket of hot water mixed with ethanol and detergent.
Apparently I made some chemical reaction happen and all the keys turned white (they were black).
I put them back for now, but is there anything I can do about this?

Looks fine to me

Well, you could paint them black again. There's probably no way of "reversing the chemical reaction" if that's what you're wondering.

Some key labels are kind of hard to see.

Hi, Žižek.

What kind of paint should I use?

Id put them back in the bucket and finish the job desu, you can touchtype right?

How should I know? Go ask

do the case user it looks cool

Keep it like this it looks really good actually

I can almost type without looking, it might be a good idea to learn touch typing now.

I think it would look better without white letters on the keys, and a blank keyboard might help me learn touch typing.

Any suggestions for how should I remove the letters? Sand paper?

It's not even a mechanical keyboard, OP. Those IBM keyboards were all rubber dome.

But those keys are pretty fucking lit, I'd keep them like that.

Just keep it the same it looks cool

Someone else made this mistake (it's the alcohol causing the reaction by the way), and they decided to play along and make it a "borderlands-themed" keyboard.

It's not just alcohol, I smeared the whole keyboard with alcohol and it stayed the same.

>I smeared the whole keyboard with alcohol

Just go Full white or Full gray, it'll look better

Looks nasty. Just replace the keys. If you paint them, you are just going to rub off the paint eventually with constant use.

Not if you give it a good spray of clearcoat

Clearcoat rubs off also, you know

Sell them as """custom""" keycaps and make a quick 300 dollaroos

it adds character