Apple fans BTFO

Apple fans BTFO

what the fuck is Apple doing? they're making their carrot-and-stick strategy a little too obvious.

lol only plebs listen to music on phones. This is a non-issue.

if it's inactive, what are you pausing or changing the volume of?

>listening music anywhere else than your pc or your car
off you are self

Unpausing or changing volume in anticipation of loud bullshit?

>tfw too lazy to manage 14 different devices
that's why apple ecosystem just works

>icucks will still defend this like the turd eating homosexual monkeys they are

It's not just about music

people talk on the headphones while browsing ect

>crossing road
>wind gust
>apple earring falls to the ground
>oh shit that's half my car payment
>oh no the other one dropped
>full car payment
>leap to the pavement
>get run over by bus

If only they had a tether or something

>run into someone on the street
>pause music to talk
>conversation lasts 6 minutes

> going anywhere on foot

> talking to people

>he doesn't leave the basement
>the only person he talks to is his mom when she brings more pizza rolls or changes out his piss bottles

You just described 90% of g and all of the lonix users

>iFag gets BTFO
>o-oh no! my damage control isn't working!
>i know! i'll just pretend to be retarded and attempt to derail with absurdity



I've never met anyone who "needs" a smartphone with headphones that wasn't a faggot

if you do most of your computing on a mobile device, literally don't even come near me. you are not authorized to talk about shit ever.

How's that mental illness going Mr. Autismo?

What in the everliving fuck are you on about?

can an image get anymore strawman?


strawman is an argumentative fallacy. A comic is not an argument.

It's amazing how many Apple zealots didn't feel the need to hate the 3.5mm audio jack until Apple done away with it. Now they just love telling people they didn't need it anyway.

>An autist who never leave his basement calling others a pleb

Lmaoing @ your life