What color is your tech, Cred Forums?

What color is your tech, Cred Forums?

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gold iphone 6
gold ipad mini 3
silver macbook air (13 in)
that's about it desu


wtf. why the fuck even asking? black is the best

black asus notebook
black samsung notebook
black fire phone
black blackberry bold
black watches
black backpack
black notebook
black external drives

all black everything!

even most of my clothes are black

>black backpack
>even most of my clothes are black
confirmed neckbeard

>black trench coat

black as my soul everywhere, the sole exception is my keyboard, white and grey.




Black with aluminum accent



Its a Cred Forums gets triggered by colors episode

What the fuck does this have to do with Cred Forums?




Black with green leds

Black cock up your ass?

>that one guy that still wore his trench coat to school after Columbine

>black Nexus 5
>black X1 Carbon
>black Moto 360 watch
>space gray MemeBook

Black because they run faster

I see what you did there, user

Black iPhone 3G
White iPhone 3GS
Black iPhone 4
White iPhone 4S
Black iPhone 5
Space Gray iPhone 5s
Space Gray iPhone 6 Plus
Space Gray iPhone 6s Plus
Black (matte) iPhone 7 Plus

Gray iPad and iPhone.

Green Desktop.

>black fire phone

all black, like johnny cash

its both the best and most humble color

best phone I've ever had

I had the sex once

matte black :^)

>he doesn't paint his devices


>0.8 mpixels
>asking what year it is

White, black, or aluminum

I don't know whether to be slightly impressed or mildly appalled.

>current year
>not using a 0.8 mp camera to take pics of ants on a 1:1 scale