This is the coolest laptop ever

This is the coolest laptop ever.

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No, the Lenovo X1 Carbon, Razer Blade Stealth, and MacBook Air are the coolest laptops ever.

What is that weird logo on caps lock?
Also why are ctrl and fn are in wrong places?

What quantitative model of evaluation did you use when you made this conclusion?

Why that particular model? You know NEC still makes laptops.

That's not a 12" PowerBook G4

>Include MacBook Air
Go back to /lgbt/ m8

>Razer & Macbook

True that, love this machine


>not a Titanium Powerbook
What a fucking pleb, meanwhile I can enjoy my MoMa inducted laptop with broken hinges
The Let's Note are definitively the GOAT small laptops, they somehow still fitted a OD in there

TiBooks are neat and all but I like the aluminium ones more. Besides, the 12" can have up to a 1.5GHz G4 stock and upgraded ones with 1.92GHz CPUs exist too. Plus the screen can be upgraded from 1024x768 to a 1400x1050 IPS panel.

it's blue
blue = cool

That isn't the Toughbook

wheres the track point

Macbook Air is understandable but Razer?

>broken hinges
I must have the only damn TiBook on Cred Forums with good hinges
If it wasnt for the low res i would get one. I'm probably going to get a 17" though. I have a thing for oversized laptops and there is one on ebay that isnt too fucked around the ODD slot up rn.

Owned one, literally threw it around, never broke on me.

Yeah, I can't wait to upgrade mine to 1400x1050. It's well needed too, the current panel's starting to bleed in one of the corners. Going to pop in a 240GB SSD and a 1.5TB HDD while I'm at it.

>MacBook Air

Nice. Im now considering buying a set of 4 ibook g4s... I have no use for them, but they are $30. No idea what i would do with them. I was looking at getting a MDD last month, but im not spending as much as i got my T420 for one. Even PPC shit is expensive still.

IIRC someone here actually daily drives a late 17" PB.

If I could use my browser on PowerPC I'd probably still be using a PowerBook G4 and a PowerMac G5. Once I decide to switch I'm probably going back to my 12" G4 and upgrading to a PowerMac G5 quad

I don't care how much shit I get on Cred Forums, the old apple macbooks were comfy as fuck. pic related

can you even buy one of these anymore and swap out parts/operating systems? I'm in love with the case

PPC has a good firefox fork.

woops, forgot pic

the later ones (6,1 and onwards IIRC) will be able to run Sierra. Good luck finding a non beat to shit plastic macbook though.

searching ebay right now

I know, that's what I use when I do use my PowerBook