Closed source software sucks and this proves it

Closed source software sucks and this proves it.

You're a moron if you use anything else. Also Microsoft developers are really bad.

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>Closed source software sucks
Wow, when did you figure that out?

what about nginx?

Microsoft are pretty hardcore about backwards compatibility and not breaking old functionality.

The Excel file format is also extremely messy and complicated for performance reasons on older computers, and a lot of it has remained to this day, but it works great and is very stable and fast even when it contains millions of rows.

Messy system calls are only a nightmare for the developer, not the end user...

>Also Microsoft developers are really bad.
Wew, thanks for the wake up call OP, never would have guessed

When I first used Windows.

>Messy system calls are only a nightmare for the developer, not the end user...

And hackers love them too.

> Microsoft developers are really bad
Someone post those Microsoft windows dev horror stories

the dropdown one?

The one where he talks about why windows vista was shit and how windows 8 was designed in PowerPoint
That one unless there are others

yes that one.

>November 9, 2008
lincucks on suicide watch

When did MS re-write IIS?

Oh that's right: NEVER

This was 15 years ago:
Microsoft has only started to pivot to saas recently

>being this assflustered
When was apache last rewritten? Oh that's right, nobody uses apache anymore lol

>nobody uses apache

This is a board for tech enthusiasts. Please go back to the neopets forum you cucklefuck.

>tfw using lighttpd
Maybe I should switch to nginx for HTTP/2

I bet you think mp3 players are still popular too since there are still millions of them around that people haven't tossed yet

By that logic nodejs is the most used server.

To be seriously honest with you, this guy who supposedly sounds like a top engineer at Microsoft sounds more like a junior dev who doesn't understand anything at all even if it's not actually that complicated, so he consistently needs the help of his coworkers. Bet he ultimately got fired because he's a bad dev.

"you need to have .net4 installed duh".. Seriously why do people listen to this idiot.

I'm not even a microshill but goddammit this is too much. If anyone worked on bit larger projects, he knows that it's not just "hurr copy paste that stack overflow javafx shit"

>nginx still hasn't overtaked Apache
Why do people need so much bloat?

To be fair Apache works, so the people that are already using it are not very likely to change to something else. Same thing happens with MySQL, I recently migrated a small DB to PostgreSQL and it wasn't exactly what I'd call fun.

>you are not allowed to just randomly fix lower tier bugs

Holy fuck that is common sense

/thread dismissed

yep, invested, huge apache setups might take a long time to change to another platform, both in configuration and testing, and so any advantage would need to be big enough to warrant doing so

i hear it's common to put nginx at the 'front', handling basic caching and load-balancing, while handing off requests to the existing apache setups, which is a cheap way to get some benefit