What cursors do you cucks use?

What cursors do you cucks use?

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gnome-look.org/content/show.php/OSX El Capitan?content=175749

whatever is the default because im not a ricefag


>using a mouse

Mac ones.

I can't stand default Win10 and Ubuntu cursors. Ubuntu cursors are total shit BTW.

Nice ones, OP. Name of the set?


this tbqh fambam

Three answers to this questions here on Cred Forums

>The default one because I am not retarded
>The one that makes me look like an edgy hacker!!
>The one with the most naive aesthetic (OP).



Default KDE plasma one.



Link? Looks pretty good

Default one


no preview because fuck u


Great, thanks. I hope I'll be smart enough to apply them in GNOME.


with simple animations

DMZ White


Changing your cursor is so 2005

DMZ White is the most sensible choice.

default black

that game was fun

best cursors

this theme has the best looking cursor I could find. It's truly the most esthetically pleasing.

gnome-look.org/content/show.php/OSX El Capitan?content=175749

>DMZ White is the most sensible choice.
it's white (too distracting and invisible on most webpages) plus the hand/pointer is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. A kindergarten kid could draw something nicer.

That scheme is one of the reasons why Ubuntu's so fucking ugly OOTB.

Left handed master race.

That looks comfy as shit
What DE/WM are you running?


Holy shit I remember that one

nah m8. This one was where it was @. With the silver theme and the longest cursor trail setting.

There was this folder that has a few animated cursors in the older windows. That was my time.

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Breeze Snow

XC_Gumby from xlib

>it's white (too distracting and invisible on most webpages)
How is white more distracting than black on a white webpage?

It looks like it's rotated 45° instead of mirrored.