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Now that Firefox is dying, which addons should I be using with Opera?



Opera is literally chrome.
= use chrome

ublock, ghostery, dark for google and pushbullet

Opera is an objectively better Chrome, why would you use Chrome?

>using Ghostery when you already have uBlock

>objectively better
Please elaborate.

your argument is invalid, google makes best software out there. so now use chrome instead of chinese opera

>use botnet instead of botnet

chrome is slower for me than on opera tbhhhh

>>objectively better
>Please elaborate.

It's owned by Chinese, not Americans.

Chinese botnet >>>> American botnet

SimpleProxy, if you want to use I2P

Is it any better than tampermonkey?
"Download Chrome extension"

Opera uses "Opera Turbo" that compresses images to save bandwidth and allow for faster loading times.

Already use violentmonkey scripts.

>Opera is literally chrome
same retarded shitposting in every single thread

stop lying, turn off your computer, go out and do something useful

we log some information: your IP address and user agent, the address of the pages you visit and timestamps. For secure websites, we only log the site's hostname and port number, instead of the full address. We may keep this info for up to six months.

They don't even deny that they are botnet

better UI, better speed dial, built-in ad-block, video pop-out, a battery saver, turbo compression scheme, VPN etc.


>We are also a major contributor to the Blink rendering engine, second only to Google.

it's a far better chrome. the best browser on the market. FACT.

I use Opera over chrome because it's easier and works just like I want it to work.
But chrome is fine too

Why is Firefox dying?

Bought by the chinese made into spyware

Same question as the other user, why use Violentmonkey over Tampermonkey?

They're both free and they work fine.
I just got used to using Violentmonkey.

dont forget you can have youtube video pop out into their own video which is very useful for tutorials

> what is youtube-dl
> what is mpv

Chinese >>> American

why the fuck would anybody use firefox over chrome

do you know which board you're on

I would never touch a Google product

the thing is, it never got bought by a chinese company. The chinese consortium buyout failed twice and it was always going to be that the consortium technically owned it but Opera Software still completely controlled the codebase, anyway.

so use opera.

oh shit fuck
I obviously meant CHROME over FIREFOX.
weakest bait

>all this embarrassment in one post

Opera desktop advantages over Chrome desktop
>uses a lot less RAM
>actually faster
>slightly better interface
>removes the Google botnet (perhaps adds a Chinese one though)
>built-in adblocker
>built-in compression service
>built-in VPN

Opera android advantages over Chrome android
>text reflow on zoom
>better interface, easy tab changing, can use one-handed
>uses less RAM
>scroll to top/bottom arrows

Opera is srsly the current GOAT

I agree.

All I've ever needed

you dont have to use it
it actually felt slower when I turned that on

> what is youtube-dl
that means you have to have a browser and a media player sucking up resources AND download the video you want to watch. I'll take the pop out video

That screenshot is a bit outdated, mate. This is what Opera looks like now.

Opera already fucking killed itself like four years ago.

Vivaldi is trying to rebuild what was lost.

Three and Vivaldi will always be shit until they decide to make an actual browser instead of a Chromium web app.

Vivaldi needs config syncing and the ability to drag a tab to create a new window with it. Until then, it's really not worth it.

All browsers are shit nowadays because everyone's moving toward Chrome.