Tell me why I shouldn't buy a 1080 on my lunch break

Tell me why I shouldn't buy a 1080 on my lunch break.

You should buy it at your 3PM piss break instead.

If you have the money to blow and it makes you happy go ahead.

If $600+ is a lot of money to you, I suggest waiting for Vega so you get a genuine DX12 card that does 4K.

You should, if you can find them in a B&M store as cheaply as you can get them online. I installed mine this weekend, fast as fuck.

Tell me why I shouldn't do a 1080 and break my lung

Because if you have money to waste why not buy 2 just in case.

do you like having money? if you don't then get one sure?


Isn't that AMD, though?

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>genuine DX12 card
well meme'd

Yes, Nvidia has to use software to emulate DX12 hardware features but AMD actually has genuine DX12.

I'm sure Nvidias next gen will be truly DX12 but that's very far away, Vega is in the foreseeable future.

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I won't. It's the best choice for 4k gaming as of now. A better Geforce will take a good whole, and AMD is a meme. Leave the low-res peasantry and join us in the paradise where pixel density is so high that anti aliasing barely even does anything.

I agree with this user

>genuine DX12

4k gaming is shit right now, enjoy your laggy blurry mess

What the hell are you talking about, games in 4k aren't "blurry mess" and they're certainly not laggy on good hardware.

>tfw waiting for 1080ti.

Wanna see how good it'll be.

Is your cpu ever a bottleneck in games? 2600k is quite old

enjoy your giant pixels, 1440p memester

>games in 4k aren't "blurry mess"

I guess you've never used a 144hz TN panel with good gtg, 4k is like molasses in comparison, especially if you're using IPS

>Le 60hz is too slow GOTTA GO FAST meme

>Is your cpu ever a bottleneck in games? 2600k is quite old
Not that I'm aware of, it's clocked at 4.9Ghz, the clock speed listed in windows and speccy is not the OC'd value. I've only just got my 1080 though so not had time to test everything in comparison to my 980.

Actually I have a 120hz BenQ 1080p TN monitor with 1ms gtg (it's not connected right now). The problem is that TN panels larger than about 24" look rubbish at normal seating distance because the viewing angles give them an uneven surface, the colours are also really washed out compared to IPS.

The BenQ 32" 4k panel I have now has much higher pixel denisty, much bigger size and good colours, this model has 4ms gtg which is the fastest I've seen an IPS go at this size, so it's actually not that bad.

Owning both is obvious the best for when you want the best of both worlds, it means I can play competitive FPS @ 120hz if I need to and also play 3D stereoscopic games, but I find myself using the 4k panel more, especially now I have a 1080 and I'm getting really smooth frame rates.

>this model has 4ms gtg which is the fastest I've seen an IPS

which Benq 4k is that? the advertised gtg is almost always never true, especially for IPS

32" BenQ BL3201PT

Sure g2g is often exaggerated, the same way that my 1ms g2g TN isn't really 1ms exactly (these are averages) but it's damn fast, I cannot see ghosting on this IPS, and I've owned other IPS's, I own an 8ms Dell 30" 2560x1600 which i used as my main before this and I could tell ghosting there, this monitor is a lot faster, you can't see ghosting in anything but the extreme black on white circumstances and even then it's extremely minor.

Certainly not a "blurry mess".

The problem is that there is no standard for how a GtG test should be conducted, so they can basically say whatever they want as long as it is consistent between their models. BenQ is a serious offender, with GtGs comparable to an Asus that's 4ms slower by their count.

>always never

Mmm no. BenQ bought out an IPS panel manufacturer which had their own unique implementation of IPS only BenQ can use in their own panels, it's legitimately a faster panel I've used both high quality TNs and IPS panels side by side for over a decade and know how they look/feel, the BenQ is easily the best gaming IPS panel out, whatever small speed benefit TNs have over this panel is nothing compared to the loss of colour accuracy and viewing angles. But it is 60hz so if you want super fast then you're out of luck.

But there's no 4k 120hz panels anyway we don't even have cable connectivity that could handle the bandwidth of that and certainly no GPUs that can produce the kind of rendering power you'd need to run modern games in that setting.

Everything in tech is a trade of and this is a pretty good one for 4k, especially when you see games run maxed out, GTAV looks absolutely incredible.

tell me why i shouldnt but chicken tendies during my Nvidia break